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Gun control and mass shootings
Topic Started: Feb 20 2018, 09:36 PM (84 Views)

So I know most of you are from UK and don't deal with this problem. What's your guys opinion on USA gun control laws ? Children are being murdered and our president isn't doing anything about it
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What would you like the president to do?
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Hey sizzle. For starters return that bill Obama had where mentally ill people were restricted from owning a firearm during background check process. Second better gun control. Raise age to 21 for rifles of any kind. Three stricter background checks. Also feel fbi etc should take warning signs more seriously next time like this Florida kid was already investigated for making threats just weeks before and they were like ah it's nothing .

And no arming teachers like President plans . Teacher shot herself in foot other day and it would take funding better suited elsewhere. Firearms and training ? Cops d idnt even go in and take the guy head on how much better would a teacher have done other than also hit students in crossfire ? Also opens up molesting teachers to having more power or gang banger wannabe kids grabbing teachers gun. It's idiotic .
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Your gun laws are fucking nuts.
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I don't think it's a gun problem, it's a people problem.

I had a little look into it beyond all the mindless 'save the children and ban guns!' stuff and when you dig into the facts it's a tiny %, like 0.0000something of gun owners that do shit like this, it's usually in a gun free zone etc. & the most obvious thing - you have to be fucking mental to shoot up a school obviously, so the one thing that's common in every case is mental illness.

Switzerland has similar gun laws and ownership as the US but fuck all in the way of mass shootings and gun violence. The problem is mental health.

So yeah, basically I think gun control doesn't help stuff like this. Which is weird 'cos I was always a 'look at those dumb Americans and their guns shooting each other all the time' thinker but the more I looked into it the more I changed my view.
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