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Johnny Vachon; "Gutter Trash"
Topic Started: Feb 3 2018, 02:09 AM (32 Views)
Gutter Trash
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Ring Name: Johnny Vachon
Real Name: Johnny Vachon
Nicknames: "Gutter Trash"
Birthdate: February 22nd, 1992
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hometown: The Gutter
Pro Debut: 2017
Gimmick: Johnny Vachon is a Punk Rock Kid who is out to get drunk and fight. He loves to stir the pot, but won't start trouble unless there is something to gain out of it.
Alignment: Heel
Entrance Music: "America" By Deuce
Ring Entrance: “America” By Deuce hits the airwaves as the lights begin to flash to a darkened green. Johnny comes walking out from the back with his custom Punk leather jacket, the words “Gutter Trash” written in green spray paint across the back. A half smoked cigarette hangs from his mouth as he stops at the top of the ramp and takes a deep drag before extending his two middle fingers towards the crowd. He pops the cancer stick back in his mouth before beginning down the ramp, shrugging off the shouts of the fans.

Johnny comes to the ring as he takes another drag from the smoke and drops it on the ground before stomping it out with his boot. He slides into the ring and pops to his feet before walking to the farthest turnbuckle and hoping up. He eyes the crowd for a few seconds before flashing a single middle finger towards the fans. He hops down and ditches his jacket before propping himself down in a seated position in the corner, waiting for the bell.


Wrestling Style: Technical/Deathmatch

Finishing Move: Demonomania
Finishing Move Description: Snap Single Underhook Front Facelock Drop

Alternate Finish: The 138
Alternate Finish Description: Knee Trembler

Set Up Move(s): Spit Take (Superkick to Kneeling Opponent), Descending Angel (Standing Shiranui)

5-10 Trademark Moves:
1. Fameasser
2. Reverse DDT
3. Tilt-A-Whirl DDT
4. Springboard Forearm
5. Chop/Punch Combo
6. Hatch Suplex
7. Hurricanrana/Frankensteiner
8. Corner Elbow Followed By Enzuigiri
9. Spin Headlock Elbow Drop
10. Low Dropkick

Specialty Match: Any kind of Deathmatch

Preferred Weapon: Whiskey Bottle

Johnny Vachon, born on the streets to a crack whore hooker who used him as a meal ticket. Johnny’s life has been tricky, learning the ways of the street at a very early age. Johnny’s mother taught him how to survive with nothing. She taught him to steal, lie, cheat, and use people to his advantage to get what he needed/wanted. His home has and always will be the Gutter.

Flash forward to now, Johnny spends most of his time on a old ragged tour bus with his band Radioactive Zombie Muck or in a bar. When he’s not touring he’s drinking. When he’s not drinking or touring you can usually find him sleazeballing his way towards some fast and easy cash.

Johnny’s now found his way to Union Battleground. Johnny likes to scrap and he figures it’s a good way to earn some cash doing what he does best.

Past Fed Awards: 1x CWC Trios Champion, 3x DTW Eternal Warfare Champion
Recent Fed History: Slaughterhouse Wrestling, Death Trip Wrestling, Union Battleground
Twitter: @GutterTrashSCUM

Pic Base: Jake Kolatis/Casualty of The Casualties
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