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Malcolm Dred-King; Looking to guest on next tour
Topic Started: Jan 10 2016, 06:34 PM (396 Views)
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Ring Name: Malcolm Dred-King

Nicknames: "The Question Beyond X"
Birthdate: September 4th, 1971
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 249lbs.
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Pro Debut: long ago
Gimmick: The Next Generation Classic
Alignment: Neutral
Ring Entrance:[in detail, and remember we have no budget for pyro]


BORN BETTER (End of Days into a crippler crossface)

* Heartpunch; various submission techniques
* Submission Wrestler with some lucha and puroseau moves added
* Jumping Reverse STO
* T–Bone Suplex(Exploder lift into a powerslam pin or a release exploder)
* Northern Lights Suplex
* German Suplex
* 450° splash
* Roundhouse kick
* Stinger splash
* Dragon whip
* Turnbuckle powerbomb
* Samoan drop
* Springboard somersault neckbreaker
* Falling gutwrench powerbomb
* Falling neckbreaker
* Inverted facelock backbreaker
* Somersault plancha
* Diving clothesline
* Jumping DDT
* Spinebuster
* Swinging DDT
* Running exposed double high knee strike to the back / chest of a cornered opponent
* Anaconda Vice
* Turnbuckle handstand twisted into a low angle diving elbow drop onto an opponent lying under the turnbuckle
* Running flying shoulder tackle
* Abdominal/Octopus stretch
* Dropkick
* Sharpshooter
* Dragon Sleeper
* Heartpunch
* Figure four leglock
* Crippler Crossface
* Enzuigiri
* Shining Wizard
* Various Submission Holds
* Backstabber
* Flip Bottom
* Vertabreaker
* Complete Shot

Wrestling Style: Submission/ Technical; Tag team specialist

Finishing Move: BORN BETTER
Finishing Move Description: (End of Days into a crippler crossface)

Set Up Move(s): Heartpunch

Specialty Match: ALL (humble brag lol)

Preferred Weapon: His mind and experience and if those doesn't work a chair


Manager: Echo Blackwhisper (wife)

OOC Initially signing on as a guest for this tour but open for more dates ala Brock Lesnar lol
Pic Base: Ron Simmons/ Faarooq (any Wwe era pic )
Edited by Dred-King/Blackwhisper, Jan 13 2016, 03:18 PM.
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