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Anton Chase
Topic Started: Apr 1 2014, 12:37 PM (496 Views)
Anton Chase
No Avatar

Age: 28
Location: Birmingham, England
Any form of Messenger:(AIM, Yahoo, etc.)

Character Information: (In Character)
Wrestler Name:Anton Chase
Wrestler Age:31
Weight: 210 LBS
Wrestler's Nickname:"The Wrestling God" "The Master Of The Suplex"
Alignment: Heel
Pic Base: AJ Styles (With long hair) [/center]

Posted Image

Wrestler's Entrance:As "How We Roll" By Hollywood Undead blasts over the pa system, white smoke fills the entrance way as a person is seen behind the white smoke, as the person steps forward in front of the white smoke Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp way, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side, he climbs in the ring and climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air.

Wrestler's Theme Music: "How We Roll" By Hollywood Undead
Primary Wrestling Style: High-Flyer/Dare Devil
Secondary Wrestling Style: Technician


Starmaker (Vertabreaker)
The Chase Factor (swinging inverted neckbreaker/ Cross Rhodes)


Chaos Theory (Belly-To-Back Inverted Mat Slam/Styles Clash)
DeadEnd (Piledriver)

1) Suplex Variations
- Overhead Belly To Belly
- Brainbuster
- Vertical
- Stalling
- Snap
- Northern Lights
- Double Underhook
- Fisherman
- Twisting Fisherman
- T-Bone/Exploder
- Capture Suplex
- Inside Cradle
- Head & Arm Suplex
- Belly To Back
- German
- Regal Plex
- Half Nelson
- Full Nelson
- Saito Suplex
2) Hurricanrana
- Standing
- Reverse
- Diving
- Frankensteiner
- Springboard
- Dragonrana
3) Fireman's Carry into a Neckbreaker
4) Fireman's Carry into a Double Knee Gutbuster
5) Various neckbreakers (Fireman's, Fisherman's, Hangman's, Pumphandle, Half Nelson, etc.)
6) Russian Leg Sweep
7) Jumping Arm breaker
8) Enzuigiri
9) DDT Variants
- Implant
- Inverted
- Jumping
- Tornado
10) Inverted Atomic Drop
11) Springboard Variants
- Missile Dropkick
- Shooting Star Press (Also to The Outside - Reserved for PPV)
- Inverted Reverse DDT (Stylin' DDT)
- Asai Moonsault
- Hurricanrana
- Forearm Smash
- Tornado DDT
- Senton Splash
12) Spinning Wheel Kick
13) Heel Hook
14) Boston Crab
15) Shining Wizard
16) Shoot Kicks
17) Sharpshooter
18) European Uppercut
19) Suicide Dives
20) 450 Splash



Anton Chase grew up in Los Angeles California; he started training at the age of eight with his two brothers, Damian, Johnny and sister Alicia in ECWA (Extreme Championship Wrestling Alliance) the training school of TW (Twisted Wrestling).

After he graduated to become a pro wrestler 5 and a half year of training. Anton Chase won three ECWA Tournaments and three trophies to prove it. After being entered in those tournaments he was contacted by TW owner Twister, for a full 4 year contract, and Anton accepted. Being bought in the TW/APWF merge Anton was put in a unification Battle Royal to combine the TW Television Championship and the APWF International Championship (All Pro Wrestling Federation).

He became the first ever Unification Champion of both titles and federations. Whilst that having a major feud with "The Hardcore Guru" Matt Storm took Anton straight to the TW World championship picture. After all his achievements in TW/APW.

Headstrong Wrestling/Fight-Zone

he decided to leave for an offer to work for HSW (Headstrong Wrestling), while working for HSW and being overshadowed by Kiss Asser’s he heard of a new federation an extreme all out hardcore federation called Fight-Zone, being noticed in fight-Zone he was able to receive a tag team championship match as he debut match his tag team partner was Jonny Odel there were able to bring the tag team championship home and being the first ever tag team champion with Jonny Odel. Anton competed in Total J Cup Tournaments.

Only after being open for nearly a month Fight-Zone failed to compete with other companies and was bankrupt in their first PPV.

High-Risk Wrestling

So Anton was left on the shelf once again, three weeks later Anton receives a phone call from a Mr. Max Billion owner of the new HRW (High-Risk Wrestling). The word Hype was spread around the HRW for the first PPV and it was a glorious PPV as Anton Chase debut in a fatal-four way match in a prove it to Max Cage-Match against Assassin, Freemo, and another punk. Being Anton's first match for the Company he went on and to become Max Billions number one guy for the next World Heavyweight Championship and the top man in the company but, was unable to compete as the very same happened to this company it got Bankrupt.

Empire Pro Wrestling/Gazinya Family Wrestling

At the start of 2004, Anton heard of a new company that would be starting with the owner being Ryan Lawson, he called it EPW Empire Pro Wrestling.

Anton arrived in EPW at its beginning as one of the many young unknown rookies and quickly made an impact! It didn't take Anton long to settle down and he very nearly won the EPW TV title in the first title match. Anton then made friends with another young star in XTC and the two gelled quickly and captured the EPW Tag Team titles. With an Open contract with EPW that means that Anton was allowed to work elsewhere. In mid 2004 there were a few other companies that were after Anton, he had an open contract with GFW (Gazinya Family Wrestling), when he entered GFW he had the chance to become the X-Division Champion. And he wrestled Shane Madison fought the title on a number of occasions at the final Pay-Per-View of GFW the Rod Gazinya Memorial Show.

Anton was in a triple threat Ladder-match to unify the TV Championship and the X-Division Champion, his opponents were Shane Madison who were the X-Division Champion and Psychotic X who were the X Champion, after a tremendous match Anton unified the X-Division championship and TV Championship and become the last ever X-TV Champion. After GFW's final PPV Anton heard that one of his former promotions were having a 32 junior heavyweight tournament and that it was an open tournament. Being unsuccessful in the 32 junior heavyweight tournament Anton hopes that he will be successful in the 2005 of the Total J Cup tournament and become the 2nd winner of the tournament.

WOW/WuW/HCW/Revenge Rebirth

While still wrestling for WOW (World Of Wrestling) in October of 2004 Anton Main Evented in the first ever Pay-Per-View of WOW against Mase Williams in a cage match for the Undisputed championship, also being unsuccessful at winning the undisputed championship of WOW Anton has been on some sort of losing streak, now getting to mid 2005 and he hopes to have success in WuW, Revenge-Rebirth, and HCW. Now getting to mid 2005 and he hopes to have success in WuW, Revenge-Rebirth, and HCW.

Anton took a hiatus during 2006 and returned to the business in 2010.

Pryde Wrestling Federation-2010

He has signed with Pryde Wrestling Federation and will debut at their next Pay-Per-View Fatal Fools Day 3rd April 2011 against Joe Barone. Since beating Joe Barone at Pryde Wrestling Federation's Pay-Per-View Fatal Fools Day. Having major feuds with Alexander StarrZoe is classic ladder matches.

BWF/True Glory Wrestling (Alliance of Wrestling Federations)

Over in BWF a lot has changed mainly new management with Gabe Shelley running the show and has renamed the company from Blazenwing Wrestling Federation to True Glory Wrestling. Anton who while in True Glory Wrestling has somewhat been on a losing streak with his recent lost to Zach Marshall for the number one contender ship for the volitionary championship in just a few weeks TGW will present live on pay-per-view Happenstance.

Internet Championship Wrestling

Anton has a signed with a company called Internet Championship Wrestling and has two matches both with a one win and one loss record. In Internet Championship Wrestling things are going well with Anton being in a world heavyweight championship tournament and have advanced to the next round by beating Tyler Jacobs. Next match with Corporate Raven. Anton has been with Internet Championship Wrestling for a few months now and things are mixed at the moment with the huge amount of talent on the roster. Anton has been in the mix of the world heavyweight championship contender. After several matches with ICW Anton left the company.

Warped Wrestling

Anton debuted on the 22nd edition of Warped
Anton has again caught the eye of every wrestling promotion in the world. During his time with Warped Wrestling has led him to compete in a Gauntlet Match at the one year anniversary show Warped 25 against five other members including, Grendel, Cameron MacNichol, Seth Owens, Seth Owens, Rough Ryder and the current reigning and defending champion PKA. Anton finally gets some revenge against his rival PKA throughout the years they both have crossed paths. On the 27th Episode of Warped Anton became the new Evolution Champion. Since the merger of Pryde Wrestling Federation and Asylum Wrestling Alliance, Anton bought out his contract and now with warped wrestling and BWF. On the 27th Episode of Warped Anton became the new Evolution Champion.

On Warped 29 Anton defended the Warped Evolution championship in a ladder-match against Sean Edmunds and was defeated by Sean Edmunds, after several weeks of defending the championship it finally changed hands. While in Warped wrestling Anton has become a onetime Evolution champion and at their next Pay-Per-View Live from Death’s Door on 30th October 2011 Anton will get his rematch for the Evolution Championship against Sean Edmunds

In Warped Wrestling Anton suffered a major leg injury at the hands of Sean Edmunds in a rematch for the Evolution Championship at Warped 35 and has been continually wrestling for three companies while injured. At Warped 37 “The Not So Silent Night” show Anton Chase faced Sean Edmunds in a pure wrestling rules match for the Evolution championship but still suffering from a leg injury Anton failed to capture the Evolution championship. It’s 2012 and Anton Chase has recovered from his leg injury and on a roll in Warped Wrestling.

and is only with Warped Wrestling and not only has he had a chance to become the world heavyweight champion against the then former champion Alexander StarrZoe, Anton has become the number one contender to the Evolution champion currently owned by William Wallace. With Warped Wrestling having a joint show with New Era Wrestling Anton has beaten Crowbar in an FxN match at their NEWTV 44 show.

Anton will have the chance to become the second time Evolution champion at Warped 58 where he will face Switchblade for the Evolution championship. Anton becomes the number one contender at Warped 50 for the Evolution championship but due to The Elite Duos Tournament it has been on hold. Since Anton has been challenging for the Evolution championship, Leon Stone won the Evolution championship at Warped 60 “Live from Death’s Door” show now Anton has another chance at Warped 63 to become the number one contender for the evolution championship in a four corner survival match against Bushido versus Blake Blomberg versus Damien Baine.

Warped 64 Live from Death’s Door saw Anton Chase get his Evolution championship shot against Leon Stone in where Leon Stone defeated Anton Chase. With Warped being controlled now by Crowbar Anton has another chance at becoming the number one contender for the Evolution championship in Crowbar’s clusterfuck of death match at Warped 67.

Anton became a number one contender in a Simultaneous win with Blake Bloomberg also getting a victory at Warped 67 in the clusterfuck of death match in a result At Warped 69 “Not So Silent Night” Anton Chase will face Blake Bloomberg for the number one contender ship for the evolution championship. Anton defeated Blake Bloomberg at Warped 69 “Not So Silent Night” to become the number one contender to the evolution championship who will face the new evolution champion Cameron MacNichol.

Anton Chase defeated Cameron MacNichol at Warped 70 to become a two time evolution champion and get a shot at the world heavyweight title. At Warped 73 Anton lost the Evolution Championship to Leon Stone. Since Warped 73 the Evolution Championship has maneuvered itself into the hands of Hugo Strange and at Warped 76 Anton will get his rematch from Warped 73 and face Hugo Strange for the first time. Anton failed to recapture the Evolution championship because of Kandi Washington who is co-owner of the championship with Hugo Strange, Anton now is in a tag team with Cameron MacNichol and is going to face Warped Tag Team champions UK Dragons at the next show. At Warped 78 Anton teamed with Cameron MacNichol and defeated the UK Dragon’s for the Warped Tag Team championships.

Warped 79 saw Anton team with Cameron again in a non title match against Taurus Capone and Rashawn Titan in which Anton and Cameron won the match. Warped is on a Hiatus and with Joey Matthews currently hospitalized any future shows are unknown; however Abominations held a sideshow spectacular show in which the tag team titles was not on the line. With Warped returning Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol with face Dragons Unleashed at Warped 81. With Warped 81 kicked off the air, the team of Anton Chase and Cameron MacNichol faced Dragon’s Unleashed and up until Anton Chase decided to use his tag team title to use as a weapon over Evangelista head to retain the tag team titles. Anton will face Evangelista in the main event of Warped 82.

Anton lost to Evangelista. Warped 83 will see Anton Chase & Cameron MacNichol face the Dragon’s unleashed in a tag team title shot where it could be the end of Warped. Warped 83 the return show saw Anton Chase face off against Cameron MacNichol for the rightful ownership of both tag team championship, Cameron won and is now the sole owner of both tag team championships. Warped 85 saw Anton Chase take on new guy Cameron Breslin in which saw Anton Chase take the victory. Warped 86 saw Anton Chase in a triple triangle elimination match against Cameron McNichol and Jason Richards the last two opponents will get world title and Evolution championship opportunities.

In a thrilling match Anton Chase eliminated Jason Richards, as Anton and Cameron was battling Crowbar interfered by distracting Anton Chase and getting payback for the attack Anton Chase did on Crowbar a few weeks prior costing Anton his rightful world title opportunity, now Anton has a chance for the Evolution title.

Frontier Grappling Arts

Anton Chase debuted in Frontier Grappling Arts on the 12/1/2013 against Tigre Oro and lost. Anton has been feuding with Kevin Hardaway in FGA after it was found out Anton was “paid off” by someone to attack Kevin, recently Kevin Hardaway faced off with Anton Chase for the recently new FGA Pride Championship in which Kevin Hardaway retained. The next big pay-per-view FGA will hold is “Only the Strong Survive” where Anton will be in the gold rush rumble with twenty plus other wrestlers for a chance to become the number one contender to the world heavyweight title.

Anton didn’t win the Gold Rush Rumble and will face Jason Richards in the next PPV. At All-Star Extravaganza II Jason beat Anton, afterwards Anton was placed in the Frontier Lions Cup in the first round where he faced Sean Sands and lost. On the DVD Taping (3.8.13) Anton faced Chris Jenkins in a bout where Anton got the victory, with FGA having a joint show with Pro Wrestling Frontier called FGA Vs Frontier 2; there have been three shows from FGA this week, one of which was a web exclusive show where Anton lost to Camellia D. Magna.

Anton’s next match is against Serena Reigne. Anton successfully defeated Serena Raine but more importantly during the show had a confrontation with Craig Jacobs in which Craig Jacobs mouthing off about being the future of the business, this lead to a match for the next show. Anton successfully defeated Craig Jacobs in the first match of the best of three series on the DVD Taping Chicago Ridge (9.28.13). Anton’s next match is against Hunter Werth. Anton Chase has left FGA by mutual consent.

Pro Wrestling X

Anton debuted for PWX at their Adrenaline 45 show which was titled “Uprising Fallout” where he faced Donovan Cross, a match Anton won with ease. Anton’s next match is against another newcomer to PWX Dave Wilson. Anton defeated Dave Wilson at Adrenaline 46, in Anton’s third match with PWX Anton faced off with PWX icon John Pariah at Adrenaline 47 in a pure wrestling match dream in which Anton won and kept his unbeaten record alive. At Adrenaline 48 Anton defeated Jessica Harmony in a non-title match as she is the current hybrid champion.

Anton will get a title shot for the Hybrid championship against David Wilson and the current hybrid champion Jessica Harmony at Doe or Die IV. At Do or Die IV on several occasions Anton Chase had the chance to become the Hybrid champion until David Wilson took the ring-bell and smashed it over the head of Jessica Harmony to steal the championship and become the hybrid champion. At Adrenaline 49 World Grand Prix kicked off with Anton Chase faced off for the first time against James Silkk in a great match that saw Anton Chase win and qualify for round two of the tournament, while Anton Chase was celebrating in the ring with James Silkk out of respect, David Wilson attacked both men in the ring with the hybrid title. At Adrenaline 50 Anton Chase will team with Ryan Kidd to face David Wilson and Troy Stone.

The bout between Anton Chase and Ryan Kidd versus Troy Stone and Dave Wilson saw Anton Chase and Ryan Kidd beat the two members of the house of stone. Anton’s next match is at Adrenaline 51 where he will return to the World Grand Prix tournament to face Pat Gordon Jnr and Gabriella Austin. Adrenaline 51 saw Anton Chase take part in a second round match in the WGP tournament against Troy Stone, Gabriella Austin, and Pat Gordon Jr. Troy Stone won the match and qualified for the WGP. Adrenaline 52 saw Anton Chase team with Ryan Kidd for the second time to face two members of the House of Stone David Wilson and Bruce Bowen in a no disqualification match in which saw Anton Chase and Ryan Kidd win.

Anton has become the new Hybrid champion at the recent pay-per-view show Full Throttle which saw Anton beat David Wilson for the Hybrid championship. Anton Chase faced off against a former tag partner in Ryan Kidd on the Adrenaline 53 edition and the match ended in a No Contest. On Adrenaline 54 Anton Chase successfully defeated Jason Aries and continued his winning streak. Adrenaline 55 David Wilson cashed in his rematch clause for the hybrid championship, where David Wilson won back the title, it was also announced by the PWX board of Directors that either the Hybrid title or Evolution championship will remain active; Anton Chase will take on Troy Stone at Adrenaline 56.

At Adrenaline 56 Anton Chase suffered a defeat against Troy Stone in a none-title singles match. At the Devil’s Night pay-per-view Anton Chase competed in a fatal four way TLC match to unify the Evolution Championship and the Hybrid championship, at the end of the night Adam Stryker won the TLC match to unify the belts Dave Wilson and Ryan Kidd also competed in the TLC match. On Adrenaline 57: Fallout Anton Chase defeated Bushido. Adrenaline 58 saw Anton Chase face off in a triple threat match with Jason Richards and newcomer Jordan Caliban, in which saw Jordan Caliban pick up the shock win by pinning Jason Richards.

At Never Say Die 5 Anton Chase teamed with Jordan Caliban and Ricky Valero to take on the members of The Shooter’s Gallery David Wilson, Bruce Bowen and Willow Wilkes in which The Shooter’s Gallery won with the help of a masked figure attacking Anton Chase from behind who revealed to be Nikki Walton. At the Never Say Die 5 fallout show Adrenaline 61, Anton Chase faced off with fierce rival David Wilson, in a match Anton Won. Anton wasn’t booked for a number of shows over the Christmas period, but was booked on the pay-per-view No Limit at the start of the new year, against new member of the house of stone and The Shooter’s Gallery, Nikki Walton, in which Anton defeated.

But after the match The Shooter’s Gallery hit the ring, and attacked Anton. At the No Limit pay-per-view Anton Chase finally got the chance to face Nikki Walton in singles action, in which Anton got his revenge and beat her. Adrenaline 66 saw Anton Chase go head-to-head with the PWX Hybrid champion John Pariah in sequel to their first match, after another thrilling match between two technicians John Pariah got the victory and retained the Hybrid championship.

Adrenaline 68 saw Anton Chase take on Jordan Caliban in another exciting back and forth high flying match Jordan Caliban beat Anton. Hostile Takeover IV saw John Pariah defend his PWX Hybrid championship against Nikki Walton and Anton Chase, in which at the end of the night saw Nikki Walton win the Hybrid championship. Adrenaline 69 Anton Chase faced off against a founding father of PWX in Jason Aries and Jason Aries picked up a win. Adrenaline 72 saw Anton Chase face off against Cash Money, in an easy bout that saw Anton Chase pick up a win. High Stakes 2014 saw the chance that could change PWX when Anton Chase faced off against David Wilson, Leo Banks and Jayson Logan in a fatal four way Main Event Lottery match, in which saw David Wilson win.

Career Highlights:
EPW Tag Team (x1 w/XTC)
GFW X-Title (x1)
Fight-Zone Tag Team (x1 w/Jonny Odel)
TW Lightweight (x3)
APWF International (x2)
APWF TV (x2)
R.A.W Hardcore (x1)
EWO Gutz and Glory Championship (1x)
Warped Evolution Champion (2x)
Warped Tag Team Champion (1x w/ Cameron MacNichol)
PWX Hybrid Champion (1x)

Edited by Anton Chase, Nov 16 2016, 10:50 PM.
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Anton Chase
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Updated profile, New Theme and new Finisher.
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Wow! Faint has been his theme foreeeeeeeeeeeever. Well, ya picked the right time to make the change as we debut on TV. Good stuff. I like that additional finisher too.
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Anton Chase
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Yeah I thought it was time for a change.
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Evo. Champeen!
How dare you! lol
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@ClownRot - @VRowKnee
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