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Mr. Rottentreats
Topic Started: Feb 25 2014, 05:20 PM (673 Views)
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Evo. Champeen!
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Ring Name: Mr. Rottentreats
Real Name: James B. Ronie
Nicknames: The Whole F’N Sideshow, Pagliacci Of Professional Wrestling, The Wicked Clown Of WARPED, Clown Prince Of The Cravate, Harlequin of The Headlock
Birthdate: Halloween ‘88
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: Carnival Grounds
Pro Debut: 2006
Gimmick: Clown
Alignment: Resetting with WARPED. I’ll go with however you write him during shows.
Entrance Music: “In Yo Face” by Insane Clown Posse
Ring Entrance: “In Yo Face” By Insane Clown Posse blasts over the PA! Mr. Rottentreats bursts through the curtain riding a custom comically over-sized tricycle. The Pagliacci of Professional Wrestling honks the horn multiple times as he hauls ass down the aisle way. He ghost rides the tricycle upon reaching ringside and launches himself to the ring apron with help from the ringside mats.

Treats wipes his boots off on the apron, then uses a ring post to swing around to the perpendicular apron to be visible on the hard cam. The clown spins down the apron, then comes to a stop in the center; spreading his arms out wide and leaning back against the ropes.

The Whole F’N Side show swings his left leg over the middle rope and enters the ring.


Wrestling Style: Comedic Technical, Sideshow “Strong Style”, No-Look Aerial(he’s afraid of heights)

Finishing Move: Got Your Nose!!!
Finishing Move Description: Honks(clamps down) then fishhooks opponent’s nose from behind, yells “GOT YOUR NOSE!!”; Cradled Belly To Back Brain Buster
Set Up Move(s): Rotten Stomp

Alternate Finish: Human Twisting Baloon I
Alternate Finish Description: Indian Deathlock W/Abdominal Stretch
Set Up Move(s): Double Knee Buster Drop

5-10 Trademark Moves:
1. Rotten Stomp – Garvin Stomp ending with spinning boot scrape to the face
2. I’m The Foot, BITCH!!! – Irish whip, crisscross ring with opponent 3x, Big Boot; yelling “I’M THE FOOT, BITCH!!!”
3. 2 For Flinching(Heel Only) – Suicide Dive Feint, eye poke from ring apron to flinching opponent; yells “TWO FOR FLINCHING!”
4. Rotten Rana – Huricanran Variations, usually out of nowhere
5. Red Pop Drop – Corkscrew Blockbuster
6. Rottensault - Grabs opponent’s legs, feints a stomp to the nuts, jumps through legs with Double Stomp; standing moonsault off opponent’s mid-section.
7. Tight Rope Elbow Drop – Rope Walk Elbow(if heel, he teases it for the boos)
8. Sideshow DDT – Outside-In Springboard Moonsault, Inverted DDT
9. The Clown Shoe – Feint Shining Wizard into a Reverse Round House(Low-Ki’s Black Magic)
10. Sideshow Senton - Middle Rope Springboard Corkscrew Senton to the outside(Think Aero Star of Lucha Underground)

Other Moves:
Headlock or Cravate
Arm Wring/Spinning Wristlock
Top Wristlock
Body Scissors
Delayed Knee Drop
Slingshot Suplex
Scoop Slam
T-Bone Suplex
Swinging Fisherman Suplex
Swinging Neckbreaker
Fishook(if heel)
Eye Gouge(if heel)
Never Ending Handkerchief Choke(if heel)
Loaded Boot(if heel)
Sliding Lariat
Flying Forearm
Triangle Dropkick
Left Forearm Shiver
Running Shooting Star Press of Apron(Rare)
Hammerlock Body Slam
Fireman’s Carry Neck Breaker
Stalling Fisherman Gut Buster
Double Knee Buster Drop
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex

Specialty Match: Dog Collar

Preferred Weapon: Never-Ending Handkerchief, or Loaded Boot

The poorly painted face synonymous with WARPED Wrestling. This kooky one-eyed clown and WARPED original is a third generation professional wrestler and first generation clown. The only person in WARPED history to become a two-time Evolution champion and never lose it, being stripped of the title both times. As well as holding the WARPED Tag Team titles with Cameron MacNichol, he’s also the first WARPED Employee of the month.

With the complete reset of WARPED, comes the complete reset of Mr. Rottentreats. Looking for one last year of success as Mr. Rottentreats. Will this Ringling Bros. and Barnumn & Bailey Clown College graduate sink or swim, after his high dive into the glass of Faygo that awaits him below?

Past Fed Awards:
  • 1st WARPED Employee Of The Month(2010)
  • 2x WARPED Tag Team Champion(once in name only, wasn't actually him, darn gimmick thief)
  • 2x WARPED Evolution Champion(never lost/longest reigning)
  • 1st Concurrent Evo & Tag Champion
  • 2nd Concurrent WARPED World and Evo Champion
  • 2nd Triple Crown Champion(World, Tag, Evo)
  • Most Valuable Payaso
Recent Fed History: RRS, FGA
Twitter: @ClownRot
Manager: Vaughn Ronie Jr.(more of a behind the scenes deal)

Pic Base: Cokie The Clown
Sample Roleplay: “Got Your Nose!”
Edited by Rottentreats, May 26 2016, 03:16 PM.
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@ClownRot - @VRowKnee
Mr. Rottentreats - Wiki

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