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Hugo walks in to the screen looks around he a scared look on his face. The look of terror slowly slides to a giant smile and then laughter.

Hugo: Treats my brother congrats and welcome to the triple crown club it is nice. Now there is a maggot crawling around here and from this point on I shall only refer to him by his new public title which will be Mary Sprinkles. Now Mary Sprinkles you can run your mouth all you want I don't care, you can say all you want I don't care because Mary you don't matter to me. You had your chance to stop me and shut me up, but you dropped the ball you failed. You let down the whole Jr heavy weight division you where there saving grace but you where not up to the challenge. Now Mary you come back and think you can make veiled threats to Mr. Rottentreats and wiggle you way into the world title picture now that is funny. Look you have been dodging Johnny Raike because you know he can beat you. So Mary why don't you stop worrying about me and defend your title like a champ is suppose to do, oh I forgot Mary Sprinkles is a bitch and only wants to face me because when I beat he doesn't lose his title. I got you figured out Mary Sprinkles not that hard, but got you figured out. Look girl there is nothing I want or need from you I am done with you so there is no need to have another match with you. My pride is fine knowing I have already beat you, and trust I love watching this eat at you. But I tell you what Mary keep your focus on me worry about me because that is the fastest way for you to lose that title.

Hugo smiles at the camera.

Hugo: I started a joke and I started laughing and the whole world started crying. The punch line is coming and when it hits it will be the biggest bomb to hit Japan and the wrestling world. I warned you all just nobody listened to me.

Hugo laughs then stops looks at the camera and walks off.
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