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"Can I have your attention please."

He speaks into the megaphone, with a crowd of fans surrounding him, not quite sure what he's saying due to the language barrier, but they're there for the free t-shirts that are being thrown out. And everybody wants free t-shirts.

"Hugo Strange, is a pussy."

They know what that means, as laughs begin to ensue around the crowded area with Mark Storm taking a pause, shuffling his championship belt up his shoulder. It had been a while since Storm had been present over at WARPED, injury had kept him sidelined, with his main focus turning to his primary promotion - but he hadn't forgotten about WARPED. Whilst others in the locker room believed he ran away from the trials and tribulations stacked against him, in actual fact; he had become fatigue, the constant battles, the lethargic morning that would follow. It had all become too much.

"I repeat. Hugo Strange is a pussy! That is all"

Dropping the megaphone, he charges away from the crowd and the scene fades to black.
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