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Hi everyone, I just want to let you know that this forum isn't really what I wanted, and I have no regrets about closing it. I'm not upset about inactivity or lack of members and posts because the forum was great but it just wasn't what I want, which obviously I don't know yet what that is.

I want to thank a few people.
-Alphabeat (you're awesome. thanks for being so awesome)
-Income Tax (you're friggin hilarious hahaha)
-Hotspot (great guy, fun to talk to)
-Insanitysorrow (you're awesome man)
-Anyone else (I love you all)

You ladies may find me on Outline or hit me up on msn @ icwatudidther@live.com. Thanks guys, twas great.

You may insult me (I'm looking at you, driver) for closing the forum or being a noob or whatever you'd like, but this forum was a success. I made new friends and I had fun, which is what my goal was all along, and to insult someone for that is rather pathetic. Oh well, I know who the better man is :wink: goodbye guys <3