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[ROTT] From The Deepest Depths...; Closed; Selene, Seth, Liam, Sophia
Topic Started: Aug 12 2015, 08:44 AM (1,333 Views)
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"...So, this is the whelp who thought to usurp me... or one of them, at least."

The form was new, but the voice was familiar, and so Jonny kept a cautious respect before the King of Olympus, however questionable it was that he deserved it. Despite the blue hair and a lack of shirt, the form seemed to carry subtlety - or at least, the god had an indoor speaking voice he had previously kept to himself - as despite his presence, the rest of the world scarcely seemed to realise that he was here. In some ways, it was frightening, to think that one of the most powerful beings in the world could so casually walk among men...
But then, he was bound to do so, in agreement with certain peers.
Zeus was gazing down at a young man in chains, though they themselves stood fairly tall. Albert, who claimed to be a grandchild of Nazi Germany's Fuhrer, and was one half of the scheme to try and free the Titans from their imprisonment.

"I consider it... returning rightful rulers to their thrones, knowing that we shall be rewarded the greatest of all kingdoms, as shall be our right." The boy was defiant as he spoke to Zeus, whose expression did not flicker in even the slightest.
"Our blood is superior to mortal men - superior than that of my grandfather! And the superior should rule over the inferior!" The lack of reaction seemed to infuriate Albert, who yelled even louder, but his voice merely echoed in the empty warehouse. It was where they had taken him for the supposed 'trade' that Herbert had arranged, but so far, the other, young Nazi leader had yet to appear.

"...Kronos was as much a tyrant as I was - or do you not know of how he castrated Ouranos?" When Zeus' expression finally broke, it was to laugh, and this as otherwise subtle as he had been, the olympian's cackling was loud.
"...Beyond that, your kind truly is foolish. Yes, there is a basic truth in the idea of the superior ruling above the inferior, whether it is held to be inherent in blood, demonstrated by capability, or by their sway with the masses. But by your reasoning... you shall be inferior to the Titans. And why should they, whose era was 'the Golden Age', lease any power to the likes of you?" Zeus' words rang through the air, before he turned away from an enraged Albert. He looked down to Jonny, a single glance, before he simply kept on walking.

This was not his fight, and nor could it be - it was up to Desmond, and those who had chosen to join him.

"Everybody ready?" He asked with a quick glance over his shoulder. Jonny had, for once knowing what was coming, dug out the armour he had once returned from Tartarus with, and worn it anew. It wasn't the best, covering over his upper torso and his legs, but it felt better than nothing. The rest of his attire was typical of him - a red shirt, jeans, and so forth.
"Its time to end this." He clenched his fist, determined for the possible fight to come... but then he eased the tension in his hand, as he caught sight of Selene.
This was but one fight for the future that they would have to make, but for the world they could have together, he would fight however much was needed.

A light began to fill the warehouse, coming from a widening spell circle, and with it, came a series of figures. At their head, was Herbert, who had evidently given himself a 'fitting' makeover, a stylised dress uniform of white coming with odd, yellow streaks in his otherwise red hair. At his back, were soldiers, perhaps a dozen in number, but there was little need to guess to whom they owed their allegiances.
They, were Nazis.
"Oh look, you brought the lesser breeds. Fae filth, a walking abomination, and why, a ginger!" Herbert spouted his nonsense with a cheery noise, though he gave a wink to Sophia. Clapping his hands, he looked across the warehouse towards Albert, and put his hands to his hips.

"How are you holding up, cousin?" The young man called across to Albert, who gave a grunt of discontent.
"Right then... I suppose we really shouldn't waste any time then. We all know why we're here." Herbert held his chin between finger and thumb, whilst Jonny gave him a disgusted glance.
"Yes... which makes it all the weirder that my parents aren't with you. Kind of hard to 'trade' without half the offer, isn't it?" And yet, the Brit tried to keep his voice from yelling too loudly; restraining himself to see what came to pass.
"That is true... but you don't need all that for a rescue, right?" Albert snapped his fingers, and suddenly, the magic circle widened even further, encompassing every living thing in the warehouse - leaving the warehouse itself to fade away...

And instead be replaced by the hall of some ageing castle, with high walls of stone - some having fallen rather out of place - and various, strange trophies upon the wall. A dais without a throne sat at the end of the room, whilst long tables and benches were pushed up against the sides, making room for another spell circle - also of great size, but solid in form, and with many more runes in its linings.
"Now then..." Herbert snapped his fingers again, and this time, one of the soldiers behind him - who were far greater in number now, comprising the garrison that actually manned the castle - raised and fired their gun, shattering Albert's chains, and the boy leapt backwards. Discarding his clothes with the speed and grace that came with divinity - and revealing the effect such had on his manhood - he flipped and landed into a costume held aloft by a couple of the soldiers. He quickly secured the two sides together with a chain, it was... a flamboyant piece to say the least, and one had to wonder if perhaps the boys had gotten ahead of themselves.

I mean, peacock feathers, really.

"If you surrender, we might at least allow you to serve. Perhaps, protect you, from what is to come..." Herbert mused, assured of his victory - and the number of guns on his side didn't hurt, though he might well have underestimated what someone - particularly five certain someones - could do in such a situation.
"So, how about it?"
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What is this thing?
So that was Zeus......

For once, Liam actually kept his smartass comments to himself. He had already encountered one of the Greek gods. And while he would not call it an unpleasant experience. He did not wish to repeat it.

So it was in his best interest that he avoid gaining the ire of someone who is reputed to have a much more fiery temper.

Clad in his favorite green jacket and jeans. Liam simply yawned and nodded an affirmative to Jonny asking if he was ready. He had been preparing for a rematch with Herbert for quite some time now. His pride simply not standing the idea of an opponent running away from him while boasting about how superior he was.

If you believed yourself to be strong. If you believed yourself to be superior to others. Then you had to prove it. That was part of Liam's ideology. He was there for two reasons. One was to help Desmond save his parents. Liam, for all his apparent coldness to others, would never wish the loss of family on someone.

His second reason was to prove that he, someone who was one hundred percent mortal, could defeat another who had the blood of a god flowing through their veins.

At Herbert's appearance and comment on Liam's hair, the Irish teen couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. "You sure you can make a comment with hair like that mate? And while I know Desmond is a bit fruity, calling him a fairy is just mean." Similar to Herbert, Liam's tone was light and conversational. As if they were simply two classmates that had bumped into each other on the street.

He spared a glance at the soldiers who had accompanied Herbert. They were not important. Simply cannon fodder. Liam doubted they were really a threat to anyone present. Not unless they happened to have a small bit of divine blood in them as well.

He somewhat saw the forced teleportation coming. Herbert at his core was a coward. He would never be willing to have any form of conflict unless he had the advantage.

However it Albert's escape and subsequent.... wardrobe change, that completely caught Liam off guard. A look of confusion came over his face. "What?" His response was simple and flat. As if he expected his companions to come up with a decent answer for him. "I mean with Helios and Hitler somehow having a kid I suppose I should have seen something like this coming....

Shaking himself out of his stupor in time to hear the offer given to him. Liam couldn't help but smirk. "'By your own ideology, we shouldn't really be taking orders from inferior beings. So my answer is no." He began walking towards the pair, unafraid of the guns pointed his way.


With a casual snap of his fingers, he snuffed the heat from the room. Cooling it to slightly above freezing. Not much of an incontinence to others provided they had wrapped up. Perhaps Albert would be a little chilly. But his divine blood would probably save him from catching a cold.

However it was the guards that would have the most trouble with the sudden cold snap. While they could certainly try to open fire on Liam for approaching their masters so brazenly. They would have a slight bit of trouble doing so.

It was rather hard to shoot a gun that was completely frozen after all.

"So." Liam began, stopping a short distance from the pair, his Stand manifesting behind him. Cracking its' knuckles as two sets of eyes were fully focused on Herbert.

"You going to hand over Desmond's parents? Or are you going to run away again?"
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Sophia Antistita
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( / A \ )
Having seen Zeus once before, Sophia was prepared for the god of thunder’s imposing presence, even if it was still a bit humbling. It was nice to know that he was on their side, even if he can’t actually do much here. Then again maybe his armour-piercing question directed at Albert was enough help, it seemed to give the boy some pause after all.

Alas things aren’t that simple, it can’t be. People like Albert and Herbert, and the people following them, aren’t so easily dissuaded. If force was the only thing they understand, then so be it. It was the expected outcome of this “negotiation” anyways, which was why Sophia had come fully armed and armoured. “And it looks like you brought a bunch of fanatics from an obsolete age. Your grandfather would cry if he could see how far you’ve fallen.”

Though she may have spoken too soon, considering how they were suddenly transported into the grand hall of some abandoned castle. They really should have seen such an ambush coming, but even if they were surrounded, the Nazis sorely underestimated who they were up against.

A sudden drop in temperature signalled the start of the battle, or at least answered Herbert’s call for their surrender. As impressive as Liam’s feat was, Sophia suspected it wasn’t enough and she drew the rune of Eir in preparation for her magic. She doesn’t know much about guns, but she’s seen them work in cold of winter and during heavy snow fall, so she was pretty sure this drop in temperature wasn’t enough to hinder their use by much if at all.

“Thanks, but no thanks. If I were to surrender to you I would disgrace the name of every single Valkyrie in Valhalla. Besides, I doubt one such as myself would fare too well in your ideal society.” Her wings flared out behind her and she took hovered just a bit above the group with her weapon at the ready. “Why don’t you surrender instead? The Olympians may be barred from interfering, but the Æsir are not.” She drew various Nordic runes, letting them hover around her. They were more for show than anything, but these Nazis didn’t know that. “So would you like to try your luck? Lady Hel is always looking for new residents for Hel.”
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"Superiority means naught if one manages to annoy the rest of the world to the point where everyone becomes your enemy," Selene retorted at Albert's claim to superiority - his privilege as a descendant of Adolf Hitler, and being a demi-god to boot, and somehow managed to remain defiant in the presence of Zeus himself. Though perhaps not without a reason, as Herbert - the Nazi descendant who'd evaded capture the other day - picked a most opportune moment to stage a comeback and spring an ambush on the group.

"With a mass teleportation spell of that caliber, they're no simpletons!" Selene warned as Herbert teleported the group - along with the soldiers accompanying him - from their original locale in an old warehouse to the great hall of an ancient castle. As Liam drew the heat away from their surroundings to create a cold snap the corporate heiress was glad that she'd decided to turn up in a woodsman's jacket, flannel shirt and cargo pants instead of her usual skirts or dresses.

"Jonny! Cover me while I summon!" Selene called out to Jonny as she whipped out her ritual dagger, drawing a trickle of blood from her hand as she ran the blade across her flesh, the summoner getting down on a knee as she began to create a circle of glowing runes on the ground, although given the stress of their current situation the corporate heiress would need to be covered by an ally as an incoming attack could disrupt her concentration and prevent the spell from being cast.
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
Peacock feathers. Really.

So let's get this straight, considering he had been out of the loop for a while.

These two guys are Jonny's roommates. All this time they were the ones trying to summon and release the Titans to the world. Turns out they're Adolf Hitler's grandsons, which... eerily enough, explained quite a lot of their reasoning.

So they apparently managed to apprehend one of them. The other had apparently taken Jonny's parents as hostage. They're supposed to be doing an exchange, one for the other, here at this warehouse.

Not something that one of the two boys had in mind apparently.

Oh. Zeus was there too.

Seth just scratched his head.

He then took off one of his shoe and threw it at Herbert.
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The King of Olympus.

The dual layered eyes of the daughter of Mastema studied that figure that was talking with the chained Albert.

The demon briefly pondered on gods and other superior entities, all existing in the same world, all worshipped in a way or another. Separate pantheons, separate beliefs. Yet all intertwined and affecting the existance of planet Earth.

Heleth's hair was worn loose, long strands that reached the back of her knees. There, inside that warehouse all voices echoed. That strange echo that was sounded at the same time suffocated by the same walls that caused it.

The red demon listened to Albert's rant about who should rule. Well, she could agree with that, and even more to Zeus's following statement.

Albert and anyone following him were blinded by their own thirst for power.

Heleth briefly staret at Jonny's ancient armor worn on modern clothes. It was a kind of an odd sight, but it certainly offered some protection. Protection that she didn't have: she had just normal, everyday clothes. Black pants, white T-shirt. Her only decorations were her silver and gold armlets, and her cross with star pendant. She kept it simple, for once.

So, in a way, Herbert immediately compensated her simplicity with an all too pompous white outfit, and a set of soldiers in uniform and helmet.

And Herbert spoke, not even mentioning her or sophia, but still winking at the valkyrie.

Being ignored always ticked Heleth off, but she brushed that off with an annoyed flip of her hair as her eyes stared elsewhere.

Her eyebrows raised high when she heard Herbert snapping his fingers, and the surroundings change so abruptly.

Curses. A teleport spell! Her heart skipped a beat. She always thought spells like that needed some preparation. Of the people she knew, excluding some student that could warp through brief distances, only Culsu could pull off something like that in a blink. Since Herbert didn't teleport like that in their previous encounter, the demon assumed he prepared in advance.

Well, it was obvious they would come prepared, didn't they? It was obvious they would stage a trap. The problem in there was that Jonny's parents were hostages as well.

With the teleportation, also came a gunshot from one of the soldiers. A precise shot that freed Albert from his chains, and allowed him to leap away and...change into a ridicolous feathered suit? Hell, that was really pathetic, wasn't it?

The dual layered eyes moved from the feathered idiot to the other one, that offered protection if they'd surrender.
Heleth pondered about who of the two had the stupidest dress instead.

Liam decided to take action, lowering the temperature of the room in an instant. Not that it bothered her in the slightest, but the change of temperature interrupted her thoughts and brought her back into the situation at hand.

Sophia started drawing runes, preparing for battle, and Selene, seemingly did the same, requesting support.

Seth, instead, needed no preparation, and no introduction. He simply assailed the feathered idiot that still stood too close with a kick, and only after that he suggested Herbert to stop.

Too bad Heleth was sure they would not listen.
"Oh well" was all she said as her strands moved toward the closest opponent, namely the feathered idiot.

He had to deal with Seth, so she could safely come in and ruin his escape.
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"Oh, that's what you think?"

Herbert was laughing as Liam attempt to throw a chill across the chamber. Clapping as well, as neither he or his kin seemed even slightly affected by the effort. Slowly, the clapping stopped, and Herbert raised his head in absolute smug.
"I would think a 'superior being' would know that modern firearms can fire whilst frozen... and these more than modern. And I, more than you." Every other man at Herbert's back flipped a switch on their suits, and both men and guns began to glow an odd blue. Herbert too would glow, and the heat that radiated from him began to swiftly even how the change that Liam had tried to cause.
"I mean really? How else do you think we hold in the castle in the Carpathians, when winter comes?" And the boy then raised his hand, grinning as Selene called for cover.


A shoe smacked him in the face.

"...FIRRRRRRRE!" He screamed after a second's delay. In a quick moment, one could hear the sound of half a hundred triggers being pulled in unison.
But then, at least one person there was faster than sound.
Jonny took a slight detour in crossing the chamber, but it allowed to to sweep the Nazis from the side, his arm flung outward in a lariat across the lot. The padding of the facists' coats clearly afforded them some honest protection, as whilst they went flying from the impacts, they landed very much alive. Their guns meanwhile, having also been thrown about, went firing in half a hundred different directions, releasing quick bursts of a brilliant blue that exploded on contact with the stone of the surrounding castle. Shrapnel and debris soon choked the air more than cold or heat, but Jonny did not care. He ran and ran, moving towards the maniacal bastard at the heart of it all, his fist raised to strike in a fury he rarely unleashed upon another living being...!

Herbert caught that fist.

"What? Did you think I had not prepared?" A sudden swiftness threw Jonny across the room, and his airborne body tore down an inconvenient wall that had been in the way. The British lad recovered quickly, and swept himself back into the room...
This time, Herbert sidestepped him.
"How?!" One could just make out in amongst the blurry noise of Jonny's motion, as he turned on heel for a follow through against Herbert, but again, he dodged. When the heir to Hitler made a counter of his own, Jonny stepped back from it - but only narrowly, and soon a chase began. Red and orange racing around the room...

"I realised that to conquer you...!" All around and across and up along the walls they went...
"I should be faster than you...!" To the outside eye, as if intertwined in a dance.
"My blood is that of a sun... and what is faster... than light?!"

"I shall leave that to him then..." Albert muttered as he saw Jonny's fist caught by his cousin, then turning his gaze towards the group before him. Selene in particular drew his attention.
"I will not let you summon that servant of yours." Albert flung out his hands as he began to step forth, and from them sprung two blades of moonlight. His step became a stride, and though not quite as speedy as his cousin, the young Nazi was still moving at incredible speed towards the corporate heiress,. Swiping aside the strands of Heleth's hair that came at him - and she would know its searing edge if they touched - he then raised his blades on high to strike Selene down as she still worked her summoning magic!

Some irony.

Meanwhile, dazed and disoriented, but not down, the other Nazis began to rise to their feet. They did not wager their worth in trying to assist in the duel of speedsters, and nor did those behind Albert want to risk his wrath if their aim missed whilst at his back. Some began to shuffle around, trying to set up cover behind the tables and get a better angle, whilst others took aim, and fire upon all others who did not actively engage the two Hitler boys. They were... rather keen to take down Sophia it seemed, an especially heavy volley fired upon her after her little boast. Maybe some there did fear her threats - so they would kill her to keep her from acting on them!
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Sophia Antistita
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( / A \ )
…. Maybe she went a little too far with that threat of hers. Sophia saw the guns aimed at her a second before they opened fire and immediately took to air. A powerful flap of her wings brought her to the ceiling, hopefully drawing fire away from her allies. Reaching the peak of her flight, she swooped down on one squad of the Nazi soldiers and attempted to scatter them with a sweep of her spear. Whether or not she was successful was unimportant to the Valkyrie, as she immediately flew off towards another squad as soon as she was clear.

As the first of the Nazi’s from the first squad reoriented himself, he would feel a large hand on his shoulder. Turning towards the owner of said hand, he would find themselves face to face with a smiling Bjǫrn. “Leave Milady alone, would ye kindly?” Before the Nazi could respond, Bjǫrn delivered a powerful head-butt that would hopefully knock him out, or at least daze him enough to put him out of action for a while. He would be the lucky one, as the Einherjar turned his battle axe on the rest of the squad, cleaving any unfortunate to be caught in its path.

Meanwhile Sophia was fighting a battle of her own. Like with the first squad, she dove right into their midst, but unlike before she didn’t have the momentum nor the force of her dive, so instead she had to rely on her wings as both a shield and a weapon to knock back nearby foes. Immediately after, she began lashing out at the Nazis closest to her, trying to knock them out with well-placed smacks to the head with her spear shaft. Unlike Bjǫrn she wasn’t actually trying to kill anyone, not if she has to. Though it meant she had to get closer than she usually had to in order to avoid using the metal spear head. Luckily she had gone through a bit of a growth spurt so she wasn’t as short as she was before so it helped.

The bad news was… she won’t be able to aid her allies. Between trying to not get shot and keeping the Nazi’s attention on them, Sophia and Bjǫrn pretty much had their hands full. Hopefully it would mean that the soldiers’ hands were equally full, and that the rest of the group wouldn’t have to worry about them either.
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What is this thing?
Ah Desmond. Excellent timing, Liam was starting to worry no one would take advantage of the fact that he was attempting to draw most of the hostile attention towards himself. His only real disappointment was that he didn't have ALL the guns in the area trained on him.

His eyebrow raised as he watched Herbert fling Jonny away. It seems that the demi-god had prepared himself for this encounter. Utilizing a speed that could not only match the champion of Hermes. But even surpass him.

As he watched the scuffle between Desmond and the scion of Hitler. Liam's hand rose to his chin, as if he was deep in thought. His other free hand lashing out, firing blasts of heat and force at the enemy troopers. Absorbing the energy from some incoming blasts and sending it straight back at the unfortunate fool who fired it. As he did this, his Stand flew forth, simply pummeling any nearby Nazis into submission with the monstrous speed and strength it possessed.

He knew that Jonny would probably need some support against his opponent. Unless Hermes suddenly decided to gift his champion with more speed. Liam was doubtful the Brit would beat Herbert in a head on fight. So he figured that he might as well lend Desmond a hand. The British teen was nice enough to invite him along. So he might as well make himself useful.

With a snap of his fingers, Azure returned to its' master's side. Hovering protectively over Liam. Now switching roles. It was Liam's turn to go on the offensive. Or rather, it was Azure's turn.

While he knew that he did not have a ghost of a chance when it came to keeping up with the two speedsters. Liam was confident that Azure was at the very least, fast enough to not be completely helpless against those gifted with such celerity. The numerous bruises he managed to inflict on Dante whenever the two "played" was evidence enough of that fact. So while Liam had a merry old time throwing bolts of plasma and force at Nazi stormtroopers. Azure had a much more important task at hand.

Slowing down Herbert enough for Jonny to land a few blows.

Thanks to his ability to absorb kinetic energy. Such a feat was indeed possible for him. While taking the energy straight from Herbert was beyond him. Affecting the air surrounding the Nazi speedster was not.

As Herbert and Jonny continued their deadly dance. Something odd would begin to happen to Herbert. Slowly but surely, he would find himself having to put more effort into his movements in order to keep up with his nemesis. All due to the efforts of Liam's Stand. The manifestation of Liam's will affecting the air around Herbert's arms and legs. Increasing its resistance by a great deal. Hopefully Liam would be able to slowly but surely forcing the teen to use up more and more energy. Potentially slowing him down enough for Jonny to gain the upper hand.
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng

Shots started hailing from the multitudes of firearms all across the room, thankfully made to miss their intended target by Jonny as he practically mowed down the entire front lines of the Nazi soldiers with a high-speed wrestling move.

That didn't include the second, third, and any subsequent volley of fire from the soldiers though, and as they themselves continued to open fire on the students Seth immediately leaped behind one of the old aging pillars in the hall for cover.

As he did, stray shots chipped and bounced off the stone, whizzing dangerously close past his head.

Of course it'd come down to this. All-or-nothing beat-'em-up.

He can't let himself be stuck here.

The young man raised his hand and swung hard right into the pillar, snapping it clean off the foundation with a deafening crash. The massive piece of aged marble fell, and he caught it right in his hands, before then throwing it with his massive strength all the way across to the other side of the hall!

Whatever opening that could have made, Seth would immediately dash right through it, intending to go deeper into the castle.
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Well, all those mooks about to shoot had her shiver. While her toughness improved an awful lot recently, Heleth wasn't so interested in test how long she could last against a rain of bullets.

Luckily, they opened fire in random directions, all thrown away by Jonny's intervention.

Yet, the sudden noise, dust and debris flying everywhere caused her to distract. And Albert stepped forward. She advanced two of her strands and they ended cut from the blades of energy their opponent summoned.
Stupid energy...She could clash against most metals with her hair, but energy was on another level entirely.

Her eyes dashed around they really were in a bad position. The soldiers would get up eventually!
The two severed strands flailed back as she began to regrow them, and were quickly replaced by the other two she'd use for attack. One would sharpen and curve like a scythe, while the other remained more tentacle like.
Dust entered her lungs as her eyes tried to follow Albert, and she was forced to cough while turning toward him. He was hellbent on reaching Selene.

The heiress did choose a really bad spot to summon...surrounded by armed soldiers and against two demigods, with one that easily managed to avoid everyone.
"You cursed idiot!" She roared as soon as her vocal chords became available.
It wasn't sure she'd mean Selene or Albert, but she'd quickly swipe her sharpened strand horizontally toward the ugly dressed demigod and arch her other strand above, so that it could reach his neck diagonally.

She'd slice him, or just get a hold on him to drag him out of balance and hopefully on the ground.

Then a huge crashing sound came behind her...She couldn't see Seth caused it, but her blood chilled when her ears heard it. She could not lose her focus on Albert though.
Hopefully the soldiers would be busy enough to cough dust out or deal with the others long enough for her to trap or kill their stupid leader.
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Chosen of Ares
"Come hither, Valkyrie!" While Heleth wasn't able to hold Albert back at all as the Nazi demigod swiped aside the incoming locks of hair, the demon was nevertheless able to buy Selene scant few seconds needed for her to complete her spell! The runes flared to life as a summoning circle radiated outwards from them with a column of brilliant white light emanating from the center. With a loud clang, Albert's blades would meet the flat edge of another blade as Selene's summoned Valkyrie materialized on the Earthly realm, a translucent phantom at first, but quickly becoming solid and tangible as the spell took hold - the summoned warrior maiden's first reaction being to parry the blow intended for her master.

Without missing a beat, the Valkyrie summon would forcefully shove her blade towards Albert, looking to unbalance the demigod - and would almost instantly follow-up her parry with a Spartan Kick, bringing her armored right foot up and performing a hard frontal kick to the young Nazi's midsection in an attempt to knock him back!
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(OOC: I cannot apologise enough for letting this slip to the side, despite my own warnings on activity. I would hope that enough of you would wish to and/or would be willing to continue, but I understand if you're more than a bit fed up by that)

"Give it up, Desmond!" Herbert cackled, though his voice was largely inaudible to anyone but his fellow speedster. The two were continuing to run, traversing the scene, and intervening in each other's efforts to interfere with the wider battle. Though Jonny did not seem to keep pace, either diverting their attentions was enough of an opening to exploit. They were interwoven in the battle fought by Bjorn and Sophia, bouncing off each other before and after Seth's thrown pillar, and just short of assisting each other's side in the newly forged duel between Albert and a Valkyrie. So damn difficult to follow...
Eventually though, there was a pause, of sorts. Having each come to the conclusion that the chase was less fruitful for either of them, they had come to a halt in the centre of the great hall, exchanging a flurry of blows. Or, trying to at least. Jonny had just enough to deflect his opponent and mitigate most of their strikes, but any opening he made was quickly closed by the young man that was one fourth god.

"I am superior. We are superior. What was it Kipling said? The white man's burden?" They were far easier to here as well, without the sounds of their voices slurred by being carried across the room.
"In irony! Even if it were true, you would -ngh- it meant to care, not to kill!" A glancing hit. That was all Jonny took. But it still felt like a brick had been smacked across his cheek.
"And we shall! For who cares more those who- UGH!" Jonny delivered more than a glancing blow. His opening had lasted a moment longer than previously - as if for Herbert, he could not put in the same effort and receive the same result - and had been used to drive a fist hard into the Hitler Youth's chest. A far wall exploded from the impact of the body that went flying into it.

"Not! Nazis!" Whilst Herbert still recovered, Jonny went in. It was often said not to kick a man whilst he was down, but Jonny indulged in that.
Then, an eruption of fire.
Jonny was blown back by the blast, and he was burning. He rolled and rolled, trying to extinguish himself.
"As I was saying..." Herbert rose, wiping away a small trail of blood. "Who cares more... than those that would save the world? Because we know... we know of what is coming. That thing from beyond the veil. A monster that eats worlds... A monster, but not a god. With the Titans, and ourselves, in power, it would defeated without foothold!" He cast a glance around the room, and found... Liam. "At least we know we have not been compromised."

Prior to and during all this, Albert had found himself frustrated. The summon he had sought to prevent was, well, summoned, and her blade met against his own. He gave only a brief contest of strength that might seek to overpower, but was forced back. Heleth's hairs crossed where his neck had been, though not missing by much... which was also short enough for him to reach with his hand, and snag Heleth's hair. He pulled. Hard. If she did not find a way out, or receive assistance, then Albert's grip would shift from her hair and to her neck, using her as a not-quite-human shield.

With or without her, he raised his foot to match the valkyrie's, leaving the two in an odd parallel. Trying to force their feet down, he swung his blade from the side, himself trying to unbalance the valkyrie in their battle.
If he had Heleth, he would hold her as he would a shield in all this. If he did not, then his unoccupied left hand would find her, and fire a great beam of moonlight!

So, what about that pillar?

If Nazi bowling were a sport, Seth would be its current champion. Their suits may have been built for the gunfire and the cold, but large pieces of stone were still fairly exceptional. The one thing he might wish to watch out for was the way his pillar was coming down upon the other valkyrie - Sophia. She had been doing well in her corner of the fight as well, putting a few men out cold, though a few ejected armblades to try and engage her in a melee. Those who'd thought to shoot her were those bowled down, though a few managed to pull the trigger - meaning their aim went awry.

Explosive shots and a ceiling are scarcely a good combination, and one could see cracks spread like the dust. Fist sized stones fell, and then whole chunks of ceiling the size of cars, this cascading line running right back... to Seth. Right as a few men managed to flank him, and threw themselves at him, looking to hold him there - or get their blades into his back.
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There are occasions where time seems to slow down. Instants where perception and focus on the action you want to achieve narrows down time and space on that precise point you're looking at.
Heleth's eyes were pointed at the location where her strands should hit, and both crossed together and missed their intended target.
Albert stepped back, eluding both Selene's Valkyrie and her hair.


The demigod opposing them took a hold of her extended strands with a grip that let no room for motion. And obviously, he pulled her.
The red demon didn't have time to extend her jade hair and nullify Albert's pull. The tension propagated from the hair to her neck, and Heleth could feel it snap for the sudden accelleration.

The demon couln't hold a scream for the pain of her pulled hair.
Clenched teeth, she struggled to maintain balance and reach for her hair when Albert's hand serrated on her neck.
"Nnnrrrrgh!" she growled as, thanks to that grab, her shoes could find grip on the floor again.
Her head pulsed for the pain and tears obscured her vision briefly.
No, she was sturdy enough to resist a pull like that: her neck didn't break.

Her hands ran from her hair to her neck, but, at the same time two of her strands reacted in response of Albert's grip: two sharp spikes converged on his extended forearm with the clear intent of piercing through. It wasn't entirely willing, more of an instinctive response to break free, but in the following second Heleth's hair began to grow and entangle Albert, growing around his arm as other strands reached for his body to bind him.

"Curse you!" she growled between her serrated fangs. Two more strands aimed to pierce Albert's arm to break free as the growing mass of jade wires was attempting to engulf him.
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The fight was going pretty well for Sophia. The Nazis put up a decent fight, but with her longer weapon she was able to keep the upper hand against their armblades. Their sheer numbers was going to be a problem though if this became a drawn out battle, not to mention the gunners. The Valkyrie wasn’t sure if they would take the risk of hitting their own, but wouldn’t put it beyond them. Sure enough out of the corner or her eyes she saw some of the Nazis taking aim and…


It was as if the castle came down on them, which wasn’t that far from the truth. It was by luck that Sophia had been prepared to defend against the flying pillar, and that was only because she had been preparing to counter the Nazi gunners. Still, blocking bullets and blocking a stone pillar were two very different matters, and the rocks struck her nearly as hard they did the Nazis.

“Milady!” With a powerful whirlwind swing Bjǫrn bought himself enough of an opening to rush to the staggering Sophia. He caught her just as she fell on one knee and kept a watchful eye on the Nazis as he supported her. “Are you alright?”

“I’ll be alright soon enough.” Blood streamed from a gash on the Valkyrie’s temple, but she ignored it and drew the rune of Eir. “Bring down the ceiling. All of it.”

For a moment Bjǫrn looked as if he was about to object, but realized what Sophia was planning. As she started chanting, the Einherjar hurled his axe into the ceiling with all his might. The already crumbling ceiling rained rocks all over, but the Valkyrie kept her focus on her spell until… “…Veita minn inn ljós ór heill eða varði minn vinr. Uphiminn Hǫrgr!”

The wings on Sophia’s back glowed brightly and grew, and with them it appeared as if clone of the Valkyrie was emerging as well. The second Valkyrie was composed entirely of light, and grew in size until she stood easily ten meters tall. Her wings, once furled around her body, burst open and swept aside all the Nazis within a fifty meter radius of Sophia, including Albert and Herbert if they were close enough. The wings came to a rest after forming a dome like shield in the area of fifty meter radius and fifteen meters tall, shielding all within from the falling debris. At the same time Sophia and her allies were bathed in a healing light, mending all their wounds in an instant. Hopefully everyone got in before the ceiling collapsed completely. Even without Bjǫrn’s interference it looked as if it was going to collapse. The Nazis however… their fate would depend on how fast they are. While they were swept out of the dome, there was nothing preventing them from coming back in. And if they made it in, they would be offered the same protection that Sophia’s allies had, but not the healing.
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