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[Finals] Damon Ark vs. Seth Ryouga; Location: Main Building, Faculty Lounge
Topic Started: May 7 2013, 03:41 AM (1,978 Views)
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Everything had led up to this point. So many Arcadians had been drawn into this mirrored world of their city and with one purpose: to battle one another. However, whatever malevolent force orchestrated the entire affair remained a mystery thus far. Still, someone or some thing was using Sagi's visage running the whole affair. Many had fallen in battle. Even Arcadia's leader, Hiro Tsukasa, faced defeat placing his faith in Damon Ark to uncover the truth behind their situation.

And so it was that Damon and Seth met face to face, the invisible paths guiding them, just before the door to the faculty lounge. Opening the door, the noticed Battle Queen Sagi immediately sitting at the head of the large meeting table with the school intercom before her. Noting their arrival, she smirked gleefully.

"I guess the fun is finally almost over," Sagi commented dryly, "We don't even have an audience anymore. I guess you guys are too boring to keep the ratings up~ Still, I've got your prize right here so one of you better finish off the other already. I'm too bored!"

Mentioning a prize, Battle Queen Sagi nodded to her left where the duo would notice that the real Sagi laid unconscious beside her. It hadn't been her or some mind control or possession. However, if that was the case, then who was talking to them?

"And don't get any funny ideas," Sagi barked, "Those same barriers are keeping you separated from where I am. They won't go down till one of you defeats the other. The rules of this world still apply like always. Now, do give me one more good show~"

This was it.

The final battle!

Who would win the Arcadia Grand Prix and come face to face with the truth!?


And yet, there were more pieces to this puzzle... for elsewhere... our defeated Arcadians...
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And yet, there were more pieces to this puzzle... for elsewhere... our defeated Arcadians...

[Location: Ruined Church]
[Time: Moments Before the Finals]

"There!" Hiro Tsukasa cried as he unleashed a surge of magical energy shattering the wall blocking him within the arena he had faced Damon in; or rather, what was left of it. His theory had been correct. With enough concentrated magical energy at one point, the barriers could be shattered. This meant that the losers could still influence the outcome of things. If he could rally the others then they could find Damon or whoever was carrying on their will and-

"That's what we'd like, isn't it?" A voice that sounded eerily similar to Hiro's yet just slightly off called out, "To show up at the last minute putting on the Hero Act like we always do, looking tough for everybody else and guiding them to victory..."

"Wuh," Hiro questioned in confusion as he turned around only to find himself face to face with none other than himself, "So there's more? What sort of trick is this?"

"No tricks," the Other Hiro replied with a inhumanly wide grin, "Just the truth. As strong as we act. As much power as we gain. It's really just because we feel so weak and afraid to face failure."

"You're wrong," Hiro retorted quickly as he re-summoned Tyrfing to his grasp, "That power is to protect the people and the city I care about!"

"It's so easy to regurgitate lines we've heard from our childhood," the Other Hiro mused as he summoned his own copy of Tyrfing, "But isn't that why we created Arcadia? When we fail... we didn't fail... Arcadia failed. It takes the burden off our shoulders, even if we are the leader. We can't stand it. The loss. Rozanny. Kurei. That young Nightbreed. Even our parents."

"Shut up!" Hiro yelled back in frustration as he began to take a few steps towards his Copy, "You're just something from this place. Trying to mess with me."

"I assure you that we're very much the same person," the Other Hiro cackled with laughter, "Admit it, we can't come to terms with our feelings over loss. So we run from it. We make excuses. We create situations to pass the blame onto others. We act aloof to avoid getting too close to people. We developed a habit of womanizing as more of an act than anything to try and keep away any meaningful relationship. There's only one difference between you and me. I don't deny who we really are. I am you. And you are me."

"That's not true," Hiro shouted out in desperation at this point, "There's no way you could be me!"

[Time: The Finals Begin]

"Huuuuaaaahahhaha!" the Other Hiro reveled in his copy's denial, "Very well, I'll just have to replace you then!" Shouting this, the Other Hiro's eyes turned to solid red as a black aura extended around this creature. Another Self. What was it? In a way it felt very similar to the power they had been using in this world. Their only power they could access: Persona. Wait, Shadows. Hiro could recall encountering them before. Arcadia had identified them as something similar to Persona, but not quite; almost like their negative.

However, they had only faced menial creatures that were more beast-like that anything. This was a walking talking conscious creature that seemed to not only be able to mimic Hiro's mannerisms one-for-one, but also knew every sordid detail of his past.

With little more time to think, Hiro heard the crash of metal on metal as their two Tyrfings met head on. The Other Hiro's power was overwhelming. Was this what it was like when others had to fight Hiro Tsukasa? It didn't feel like he would win at all. Taking a deep breath, Hiro devoted all his strength just to continue the sword clash and not be blown away by the power.

"Just give in," the Other Hiro teased playfully, "We always let everyone down in the end somehow. Let me kill you here and now and we can put a stop to this endless cycle of disappointment!"

"I won't lose to you," Hiro spoke with determination as a blue aura emerged around him while his Persona, Simon, emerged above him granting further strength, "Sagi, Damon.. everybody else... they're all relying on my support!"
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"Ehhh?! EHHH?! DIDN'T THAT BASTARD HIRO PROMISE TO MAKE IT TO THE FINALS IF HE BEAT ME!" Jameson roared out in annoyance. He dashed towards the final stage "That guy is always half-hearted when it counts!" He said as he slid to a halt. He looked ahead in shock, spying a figure cloaked in shadows before him... No way.. it couldn't be!

"Beaumont...?" Jameson said tilting his head.

"Beaumonth... Hehehehe!" The figure tilted his fedora to the side revealing his eyepatch. The figure stood at Jameson's height, had his build, and his face?! So was this the evil version of himself?! Like the evil Hiro he'd fought before.. "I am... You." He said pointed to Jameson directly.

Jameson scowled in frustration. "I don't have time for this.." He threw out his arm. "CAESAR!"

... Nothing...


"Scared to face me hand to hand..? Isn't that because if I'm you I know all that courage is just bluster.. A brave front you put on. In the end your resolve would crack before a real threat. Just like how you lost to Hiro!"

Jameson grinned clenching his hands tight into fists. His fingerless gloves transformed his desire into courage as he gathered up his resolve. "LET'S GO. BURN KNUCKLE!"

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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
...Last one, huh.

One resigned sigh after a look at the unconscious little Sagi, at least the discovery confirming that she's not the main perpetrator of this whole event. Not directly anyway, there has to be a relation between these two Sagi.

And that he suspected is only a small part of the truth they were supposed to reach out to. However are they to do so... is by taking down their friends and acquaintances in an all-out brawl.

For what exactly...? Why make them fight in particular...? "So how's your journey here? Fun?" He asked his Senior and soon-to-be opponent, keeping an air of friendliness in the tense situation.
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guh. This was such a hell.

It was a good thing that this fight allowed them to heal between bouts. Each fight was more brutal than the last. The closest thing he had to a reprieve was his fight with Hiro, and that was just because Hiro was holding back. The manipulations in the first match made the fight excessively brutal, and Nickle's damn pride and demand for a fight...Tch, it would have made Damon's blood boil if he wasn't emotionally numb right now. It felt like each fight was just making him feel more dead inside.

And now he was going to have to fight Seth? Damon couldn't even be bothered to respond to his opponents comment, just closing his eyes and moving his head away, towards Sagi, not wanting to face his opponent right now.

He had to stay focused. This scenario was bad. Very bad. He had a few trumpcards to pull but he wasn't the only player still in this game. Hiro had his own plans still. So if he had a chance, Damon knew it best to try and buy him some time.

He opened his eyes and stared at 'Sagi', the one who was speaking and demanding a show. "...If you want your little show, you need to do better than that."

His eyes narrowed, looking to the unconscious Sagi, to Seth, then back to 'Sagi.' "I'll fight, but I want answers before I do. Who are you? What have you done with Sagi? And what happens to the winner and the losers in this sick game?"

If he could delay the fight even by a little bit, to buy the others time, to get this information, to get ANY advantage, he was gonna try. Knowledge was the greatest weapon he could get here, and it was a weapon that both he and Seth needed.
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
...Heh, well... can't blame him for being cautious and hesitant now. If anything he himself should understand why Damon wanted to delay the fight. There's so many unanswered question, so many uncertainties... Even Seth himself, he himself wanted to know, why do they have to fight each other for the promise of the truth they don't even know would be kept?

Why does anything even matter now?

Seth let out an audible sigh.

"...Come on Damon, didn't she say she'll tell us everything if one of us defeat the other?"

His tone was... ominously resigned. As though he had pretty much lost all hope trying to fight against the tide and was set on following through with the whole ordeal. A hand slipped into his pocket, drawing out a pair of weighted gloves and putting them on.

"Honestly, we've gotten this far,"


"We've beaten up so many of our friends all for the sake of one really uncertain truth,"

By one.

"Who did you beat up just to get here? I know I beat up Seiichi, I don't think he could have lived with that sword through his body," Of course, he's probably already fine by now because of the strange healing factor after each fight. But come now, even with that in mind there's no way that can be... ah, a pleasant experience. "I remember crushing that fox girl before she could even get ready. Bookcases aren't featherlight... and, oh yeah. Kaede, I don't think she could've survived that fall,"

Seth flexed his hands and fingers, making sure the weighted gloves fit snugly. He wasn't even bothering to make eye contact with Damon now, acting as though this is just another one of his everyday morning chit chat. "We've come this far, what's your hesitation?"
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Damon's grip on his sword tightened. No. No that couldn't be right. No. This had to be the same thing as the first time around. It had to be. He would not and could not accept that, and even if that was true, people...people had to have survived the attacks that were being inflicted, they couldn't, wouldn't die here, not if he had a say.

"Be quiet!" Damon barked out, quite loudly to boot. "You say their names and talk about the fights...crushing them, making them fall before you... That's not the Seth I know. That's not the Seth I sparred against that time shortly after I graduated and left the high school in the hands of those who still were there."

...But again, if Damon was right...then anything he said would be twisted. His words...They were pointless, weren't they?

His grip tightened even further. Despicable. This situation was beyond despicable.

"...If you really want to fight, then bring it on. I'll fight to move forward. This isn't a situation where the school is on the line. This is about people I care about and want to protect!"

Damon raised up his sword in a defensive posture, getting ready for the inevitable strike. This was going to be unpleasant. But it was something that was going to have to happen.
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
"...Then I don't think you know me enough?"

...Still oddly calm and collected. The young man clenched his gloved fists, taking a few steps circling around the Shadowmancer. "I guess you really don't know me, but when I fight... I win. I win very thoroughly,"

Tap, tap, went his footsteps, echoing around the quiet room lacking any audience aside from !Sagi herself.

"That's nice of you... using your power to protect people," He continued his circling, not even bothered at the fact that Damon had his sword ready to strike. "...Mine's not made to protect... They're the best at destroying things, people..."

He stopped. Seth turned on his heel, facing Damon with his fists, at his sides.

"But enough of that. Tell me Damon, who exactly do you intend to protect when you've already taken down so many people just to get here?"


Wherever did he appear from, the shadows? But just out of nowhere, someone else leaped forward from behind Damon towards him, a fist held up over his shoulder ready to slam down on Damon with a titanic force!
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The Middleman (stubborn, yet relaxed)
"How amusing it is to meet another me." Shad sneered, staring daggers at the imposter before him in the hallway who smirked back at him. "Well, not really. But then again, if you're also me, you'd know why."

"Indeed, whoever this Queen Sagi is, she has no originality for the simpler magic. Now an army of mes, that would be far more entertaining." The other Shad said, twirling around the heavy pipe as easy as a wooden bat, dealing deep cracks into the floor of the school. "Let me guess, you broke your barrier by absorbing the mana that fueled it?"

"Indeed. Hands kinda itch from making contact with this weird dimension, but at least my mana has been fully restored." Shad sighed, really not in the mood for a battle at the moment. At least not until he rescued Sagi from whatever was possessing her. "You mind?"

"Perhaps. After all, we both have heavy, lumbersome weapons that could send shockwaves through our bones. And we are human, despite having no hearts, with fragile bodies. The thought of using our weapons to smash each other would be not only boring, but not even close to a real battle." The other him said calmly, placing the tungsten pipe down, and Shad did the same.

"So what do you suggest? A battle of wits instead?" Shad said, glad that he didn't have to hurt himself or damage his good-looking face.

"Close, we'll play Jenga. The one that topples it over loses, best out of 3." The other him stated, bringing out the boxes from his robes and placed it down on the floor so the two could start playing in one of the most bizarre battles of the century, mostly due to the game being all about measurement and control of the balance.
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Damon listened on, against his better judgement. Normally he would have just focused on ignoring Seth's words, but right now that wasn't exactly possible. Maybe it was mental exhaustion. He didn't know but he couldn't not listen right now. Seth spoke on and on, before Damon heard a voice calling out the name of a spell, and then saw a figure out of the corner of his eye. Damn, was that his persona?!

"Defend!" Damon called out, the Dark Magician forming between himself and the attacker, a magical barrier forming between itself and the assailant. But the barrier couldn't deflect damage, only lower it. The Dark Magician, and Damon, were launched backwards, skidding across the ground as the force seemed to pass right through the barrier, the magician, and straight through to impact the white haired shadowmancer.

"Geh...Mudoon!" He coughed out, recomposing himself as he gave the order for the Dark Magician, the sorcerer complying with the order and firing off a destructive attack of darkness towards Seth. "You shouldn't waste time asking questions you know the answers to." He followed up with, figuring it was obvious what his intentions were.
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
"But I really don't know?"


Seth's Persona, Victor, rang out as he held up his hand towards the young man, casting the spell onto Seth himself, the receiver of the spell frowning as the wave of destructive dark energy jetted towards him-

"I really don't understand this place, this... game, at all,"

Seth was standing next to Damon. Unscathed, unharmed, the wave of dark energy moved along, passing through thin air before blasting against the furniture littering around the teacher's lounge.

"The game could have been anything. But why pit us against each other? What exactly is the point of 'protecting', if we're beating up each other?"

...He's just standing there, not even attempting to return fire?
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Damon's frown turned into an outright scowl, moving away from Seth again with a few quick steps backwards, his Persona hovering in the air behind him. Still talking. Asking what the point of this was. Asking what the point of protecting those they injured in order to advance.

"...The point of it? That's obvious. To protect those who've had to fight. They are, no matter what, our allies and precious to me. To you."

If Seth couldn't understand that...Then maybe...Yes.

Damon then did something which was probably the most monumentally stupid thing he'd done ever, and this is a guy who got stabbed through the chest by a guy with a chainsaw and forgave him

He dropped his sword.

He desummoned his persona.

"If you want to win. Then win now. But what are you fighting for?"
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One does not simply eat one packet of mee goreng
The young man was actually stunned by this. Staring at Damon with wide eyes and slightly agape mouth as he completely dropped his defense, at loss of words of his choice of action. Seth was just standing there... he's given more than enough chance in the first three seconds for Damon to instantly take him out with a fatal attack...

And he didn't take the chance.

...And that is his resolve, hm?

His gaze lowered slightly, eyes obscured by his hair as a light chuckle could be heard from him. "You're really simple, despite being my Senpai..." He said very lightheartedly, his voice completely devoid of the tension that had been keeping the atmosphere and both of them on edge for the past few minutes. Before long Seth raised his head, looking straight at Damon with a big genuine smile of confidence. "Alright, we've played this game long enough. Now I want to do it my way,"

...What did he meant by that? "VICTOR!"

A sudden yell directed towards his own Persona that had been standing at the side for so long all this time. Following Seth's command Victor the Persona lowered himself, before rapidly darting himself forward towards the now defenseless Damon! Hold on that is a sickening trick to get someone to lower their defense-

Victor just ran past Damon.

Straight towards Seth instead, with his fist raised above his shoulder, ready to launch a Tarukaja-imbued punch.

I have no reason to fight, other than wanting to reach the truth.

I fought to defeat, you fought to protect.

Get us all out of here, you idealistic idiot Senpai.


Fist meets face in a sickening crack, throwing Seth Ryouga completely off his feet and crashing hard onto the floor, immediately knocked unconscious by such titanic strength without any defense. "Hmph, how's that for entertainment, little Sagi?" Victor the Persona said with a huff, straightening himself and patting his fist. ...It's also faint, but you can clearly see his form slowly becoming more and more ethereal and faint.

"Oi, Shadow Guy. Don't take this the wrong way, Seth just has this weird tendency to give himself up for the others rather than take everything himself," Victor said brashly to Damon, turning around with a small grin. "He doesn't want us friends to keep beating each other up anymore, so in the end this is what he decided. Had you continued to fight he'd have slaughtered you without mercy~"

A moment of pause. Victor's body continued to fade until he was almost transparent. But before that... "Next time, let's have a real spar again. I won't lose to you like last time!"

He gave a fist pump of reassurance, before disappearing completely out of existence, back into Seth's unconscious psych.
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Damon's eyes widened as the situation unfolded. Seth...That idiot...he just....God damn it, he was really fooled by that idiot Kohai's acting! Victor passed by, barely, and struck Seth with such violent force, it looked like it would have crushed anyone if it got a clean shot off. He flew off his feet and into the ground, the persona turning to face him and speaking on it's own accord.

"He doesn't want us friends to keep beating each other up anymore, so in the end this is what he decided. Had you continued to fight he'd have slaughtered you without mercy~"


Damon's hands curled into fists as he dashed forward, kneeling down beside Seth as he approached, checking to make sure that he didn't get himself killed with that display.

"Next time, let's have a real spar again. I won't lose to you like last time!"

Damon didn't understand what the persona was talking about, he had no idea this was V, the virus who worked with Seth. All he could do was look up and nod, before getting back to his feet and looking to 'Sagi'.

He really was the last one, wasn't he?

This was a situation where he had to make sure everyone he cared about got out of here alive. There wasn't any guarantee of backup or help or friends showing up to save him. This time, he was facing a threat on his own.

No pressure.

"...Your game is over."
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"B-But how!?" the Shadow Hiro questioned as its ethereal hand pawed at the gaping hole in its stomach.

"Idiot," Hiro shook his head as he lowered Tyrfing and let Simon retreat back inside his body, "It wasn't that hard to realize. You're me. And I'm you. That became clear as we fought. We all have darker aspects to ourselves... parts about who we are that we're not happy to admit or come to terms with... but still, they exist. Even if I don't like it, I'd be a fool not to accept that."

"Figures," Shadow Hiro scoffed as he began to break apart and fade away into dust.

"Yeah," Hiro smirked watching his opponent vanish before casting his gaze towards the main building of the school, "Now, to catch up and hopefully not be too late..."


"So it is~" Battle Queen Sagi cheered, "It seems things didn't pan out quite like I hoped... still, I'm pretty happy with how things went. How... about... you..." Trailing off these final words, the copy of Sagi's body began to twist and contort growing larger as it became shrouded in blackness.

And then, a single hand tore through this black cocoon and began to rend it apart revealing the true culprit behind everything:


"Heheheheheh," Joker-sama chuckled at his dramatic reveal, "It was an interesting game. But it seems you figured out the trick of this area too early on for it to have you destroy each other. And the others seem to have come to terms quite easily..."

"Ah but that's okay. Rasputin was a fool, so I'm not surprised he failed. For all his planning, he underestimated the potential of Humanity. But we know that all too well," Joker-sama sneered, "If Arcadia had actually fallen from this then I would be assuredly disappointed. This was merely a calling card. A little 'what's up' if you will." Just then, the world around them began to fade and at the same time shrink. Before anyone knew what was going on, the rest of the Arcadians joined Damon and Seth before Joker-sama as the landscape was just one long field in all directions.

"So go ahead," Joker-sama cheered as he threw his arms wide open, "Continue your new little brewing war. Just remember that I'll be watching... my Master will be watching... and we are waiting for the right moment..."



And then with a bright flash of light, everyone found themselves back in the normal world. Of all places, on the rooftop of the main building at Hyakuji High's campus. Pushing himself up from the ground, Hiro Tsukasa shook his head slowly.

"Is everyone alright?" Hiro questioned with concern as he glanced from person to person, "How did we even get here... or where that was... I can't remember the last thing I was doing right before..."
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