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Shin Hyakuji High School Tvtropes

The Book that is Hyakuji's Story has come to a close. However, there are still plenty of stories left to be told in the madcap Anime Universe it inhabits. As one book closes, so too does another open. Presented by veteran Hyakuji Staff Members, check out the next generation EVOLUTION of "Anything-Goes" Anime Roleplaying at Senki Academy

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Daisuke Nakano; SPD Member/Kamen Rider Accel
Topic Started: Mar 27 2010, 10:12 PM (4,784 Views)
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Character Name: Daisuke Nakano
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'
Weight: 150
Description or Image of Character Appearance:
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Occupation: Hyakuji Police SPD Detective/Kamen Rider Accel

Powers/ Abilities:
Naturally, he has no super-normal abilities that relate to his physical self or for any direct use in any form of combat. He is in peak physical condition as required to perform any of the duties he might come across needing to do in his job; as well as being quick witted and fast on his feet as far as assessing a situation and quickly improvising an action. He has an excellent memory and a keen attention to detail which has allowed him to gain a good bit of renown among the Hyakuji Police Department despite his young age.

He has a particular skill at profiling perpetrators as well. However, due to this he's found himself severely lacking in the strength needed to find justice in a city packed with super-human abilities. Because of this he accepted the power and responsibility to become...

Kamen Rider Drive

Kamen Rider Accel

Equipment You Have:
-Drive Gear

-Accel Gear

-Beetle Phone



Residency Request: Apartment in the Suburban District

Personality Description:
Daisuke has a cooled personality, but can at times be quite hot-headed. He has a deep seated passion for Justice and this primarily is what drives him as a police detective. He is quick to anger when something wrong is going down and will never let slide a chance to stick up for somebody quickly thrusting himself into danger if possible with little concern for his own well being.

When it comes to relationships, Daisuke is somewhat indifferent. His looks and attitude make him seem to easily catch the eye of many women, but being devoted to his job he rarely spends much time trying to pursue a proper relationship. Others at the HPD note him easy to work with and dedicated, but he rarely seems to get too close to people. This is, in part, due to his own knowledge that his line of work (and the calling of a Kamen Rider) is quite dangerous for anyone related.

Daisuke enjoys living on the edge and this is reflected by his deep seated interest in speed (expressed through his love of driving and riding bikes) and gambling. He's fond of anything if there is a risk involved and this, in part, fuels his success at catching criminals due to a high risk, high reward strategy.

Personal History:
Daisuke Nakano was born in one of the cities not far away from Hyakuji. Always aware of its existence he grew up with a certain level of resentment for the city. His father worked as a police detective and as more super powered humans graduated and moved on there was a general rise in crime that was far beyond the league that regular police could handle.

Always enamored with his father's work Daisuke developed a passion for justice and decided at a young age to follow in his footsteps and become a police detective as well. As he grew up the boy quickly developed a strong mind and good deductive reasoning making him all the more fitted for his dream. During his high school years Daisuke found a passion both for driving fast and gambling taking on any bets brought to him and doing his best to win even when the situation was one he had no experience with. From this he learned that, at times, it was important to skirt the line of a situation in order to achieve victory.

Finishing high school, Daisuke went on to college and pursued a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. To say these years were uneventful would be an understatement, but Daisuke remained devoted to his goal. Finally, on his 21st birthday, Daisuke took his first steps towards bringing justice to his city.

His initial success were amazing and, despite his age and lack of experience, he quickly became a police detective based on results alone. However, he was quickly met with failure as he began to encounter criminals with super-human abilities. While he could keep up with some from sheer will alone, there was no hope on a normal person standing up to the more dangerous threats one might encounter. Naturally, his mind drifted back to Hyakuji and he blamed their city for the cause of such problems.

Frustrated with his inability to bring justice to those that deserve it Daisuke ultimately recieved an answer to his problem. Having lost a perp down some abandoned alley, Daisuke was confronted by a mysterious veiled woman who referred to herself as Shroud. She mentioned a level of appreciation for Daisuke's passion for justice and imparted to him the means to enact this: Kamen Rider Accel.

Armed with devices that enabled his transformation Daisuke could now face those with super powers on an equal footing and, by grace of his own skill, now overcome them. Wanting to do more he eventually requested a transfer to Hyakuji's own police department intending to keep a closer watch over the area that he felt was the source of criminals with super-human abilities. In his mind, clearly something was off about the way the school cultivated its students or somebody else had an agenda and were manipulating them to their will.

Thus, Daisuke transferred to the Hyakuji Police Department and began work as a detective. He quickly discovered a branch of the international crime society Wo-Shing had its grip on not only the city but members of the police department itself. Making allies of Jameson Willicott's Detective Agency and other Kamen Riders within the city Daisuke worked to orchestrate an all out assault of Wo-Shing's Hyakuji Branch. Though they failed to capture the Branch Leaders, it was clear Wo-Shing had been repelled and it would be a long time before they considered re-opening their operations in Hyakuji.

Among the HPD Daisuke received great accolades for his accomplishments and, as a result, much of Hyakuji's long corrupt department was reformed. However, this did not mean an end to the dangers in the city. As long as the untapped potential of young teens with super powers remained there would be those wishing to manipulate their minds for their own nefarious goals. In time, Daisuke grew quite fond of the city and realized that by itself there was no fault present. The school was founded with the best of intentions, but there would always exist those with evil in their hearts looking to manipulate its students for their own goals.

Several months after this incident, rumors of new organizations rivaling that of Wo-Shing had begun to surface. As long as such rumors persisted Daisuke would continue to fight to the best of his ability. However, it seemed he was not quite aware of the potential dangers that could arise. While on patrol, Daisuke once again encountered the mysterious woman known as Shroud; the same woman who granted Daisuke the power of Accel to begin with. Warning him that coming dangers would be far worse than what the failing Wo-Shing presented, Shroud entrusted Daisuke with the Trial Memory; a new Gaia Memory that would allow Accel to upgrade his potential.

However, the use of the Trial Memory presented a great problem. The enhanced speed granted from its use was far too powerful for Daisuke to control initially. Furthermore, the timed Maximum Drive needed exact finesse and precision with its execution or a feedback of power would be created ending the transformation and injuring the user. Realizing he needed to gain control of this new ability and with the crime in Hyakuji on a down swing due to the fall of Wo-Shing, Daisuke decided to take some time off from the force for training.

From here, Daisuke returned to his home town both to spend a bit of quality time with his parents and to work in seclusion at mastering the Trial Memory. Making use of an old abandoned dirt bike track, Daisuke began to make timed runs and work on improving his speed and gain a better understanding of the more intricate features of Trial's Maximum Drive.

Several months later, Daisuke returned in Hyakuji immediately throwing himself back into active duty. In the end, while some factions had emerged, despite the rumors no organization rose to power to fill the vacuum left by Wo-Shing. His determination was burning more than ever and the use of the Trial Memory had now been mastered. Armed with this new ability, Daisuke remained ever determined to continue his quest for justice. Eventually, in honor of his continued service, Daisuke was selected to join the Special Projects Division.

The SPD was the Hyakuji Police's elite unit designed to target and deal specifically with super-normal crimes that take place in the city. Being both a Kamen Rider and well versed with handling such incidents already, Daisuke seemed a natural fit for the group. The SPD's Research Department were eager to look at the Accel Driver and see how they might improve their newest recruit's armaments.

After a few weeks of research both on his Driver and the Gaia Memories in general, the SPD was able to develop the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter. This Adapter was able to draw out the full potential of a Gaia Memory and as a result allowed Daisuke access to a new form: Accel Booster. However, this upgrade came with a grim revelation. The SPD Reserch Department revealed that while they had designed the Adapter, it represented the limit of his Rider System. Perhaps they could do more, but there were many secrets to the Gaia Memories and without access to its original creators, they could do little more.

As Daisuke continues his duty now as a member of the SPD, he has begun devoting much of his down time towards working closely alongside the Research Department on their newest project. The end goal being the hope that they might design a completely new Rider System from scratch that does not rely on Gaia Memories nor any other existing source, customized and tailored specifically towards Daisuke's own strengths and weaknesses.

SPECIAL NOTE: Drive is currently not in Daisuke's possession and the Accel Driver is functioning properly. While the info is already up, it will not be accessible until various story events have occurred related to the character prompting the switch.
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