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Board Rules


Avatar size is 120 by 150 pixels. If you wish to upload them to the website, they must be no more than 25 kilobytes in order to keep the board running smoothly. You are also able to link to an avatar from sites such as photobucket.com.

In order to keep the forums clean and easy to read, please follow these simple rules for signatures:
  • The total height and width of any signatures must not exceed 200 pixels by 500 pixels
  • Absolutely NO nudity or offensive images, text or links to websites that are not rated PG
  • All links must be turned into hypertext like this: SGA Rewind Forums


These refer to graphics that may be posted within a post, signature, avatar, blog, or anywhere else you are able to post images relating to the SGA Rewind. This includes all network locations; Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. (for a full list, see The Rewind Network page).
  • Absolutely no explicit graphics. Period. Anything beyond something rated PG (or anything that would not be presented in the show) is strictly forbidden.
  • Any images posted within a forum thread must not be wider than 500 pixels to avoid stretching the board and causing slow page load times.
  • In the interest of privacy, please be mindful of private individuals. Do not post someone's photo without their express permission. Also be careful about the images and links that you post for yourself. We cannot control who will see them.
  • Also in the interest of privacy, do not post personal photos of anyone involved in the production of the show. There are many personal photos out there that the individuals may not want to be common knowledge. Please respect their privacy.


Spoilers are anything that gives away the plot or important information to a television show or movie. Not everyone is able to watch something at the same time as everyone else for various reasons. For this reason, we do not allow spoilers outside of designated threads. Any thread that does allow spoilers for a certain show or movie will have *SPOILERS* in the topic title or description. If you do not wish to be spoiled, do not enter those threads.


We are a community from many backgrounds with many beliefs and values. However, if there is something that is seriously bothering you about someone, please discuss it with them privately. We have a Private Messaging system that will log all conversations. If you do not believe the issue can be solved on your own, forward the Private conversation to one of our staff members and we will work on the issue from there.

If you feel you are being abused in any way by another member or staff of the Rewind, make an attempt to approach the person about it privately first. The person in question may not realise what is going on. If it doesn't stop or you are ignored or whatever, bring it to the attention of a staff member. Make sure you can give us proof of what is going on. Without proof of abuse, we cannot help you.


The following are mere guidelines. We expect everyone to use common sense in posting on the forums and in The Network. We do not tolerate the following:
  • Badmouthing, flaming, bashing of ANY member of the Rewind Network, other members or actors and crew of the franchise
  • The impersonation of anyone except yourself.
  • Trolling
  • Picking fights
  • Disrespect to anyone on the forums or involved with the Stargate Franchise in order to blatantly hurt them or to cause a dispute
  • Any kind of abuse towards anyone within the Rewind Network, other members or actors and crew of the franchise


Any infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis. It can lead to anything from an official warning to a suspension to being banned from the site. If you are banned from the site, any attempt to rejoin will be blocked.


Under your avatar, you will see a line that looks like this: n - XXXXX +

This is the warning system,. You are only able to see your own warnings. When you receive a warning for whatever reason, one of the X's will become a lighter blue. There will be a PM sent to you telling you why and you will also be able to click on the 'n' to see a note about the reason you received a warning.

Should you fill your X's completely, you will be banned from the site forever. There is no turning back from that, no matter what the situation. We do not hand out warnings for minor infractions. Therefore, if you are banned because you have filled up your warnings, there will be no reinstatement of your account. And again, we remind you that any attempt to rejoin will be blocked.

If you feel you have been warned or banned unjustly, please contact the administrators at SGARewind@stargateatlantis.com.


As our Network grows, these rules may change or be added to at any given time. We will be sure to notify everyone of any changes made to the rules via email as well as an announcement on the boards.