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Here are 4 more locations:

MSNBC OMG - NEW, unknown 'amateur'
Looks like the chimney of the Church of St. Saviour, 611 8th Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn, prominent in the foreground. Could have been filmed from a roof on 7th St, between 8th Ave and Prospect Park West, on ground elevated to 150 feet.

Filmed from the Jehovah's Witnesses Dormitory, 84-92 Sands St, Brooklyn; 380 feet tall, 30 floors above ground elevated to 61 feet; at about:
40d 41m 58.49s N 73d 59m 13.99s W
Emporis data: http://www.emporis.com/application/?nav=building&lng=3&id=jehovahswitnessesdormitory-newyorkcity-ny-usa

From the old UPS parking structure on Leroy St, between Washington St and 12th Ave, about
40d 43m 50.72s N 74d 00m 34.59s W
The site is now luxury condos.

NE518 Palm Tree
Filmed from Building 62 of the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard
The palm tree might still be there; the cranes seem to be!
40d 42m 01.72s N 73d 58m 26.90s W
Ground elevation is 3 feet
Here’s a map of the BNSY:
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Flight Paths Resolved · September 11, 2001