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Thanks, achimspok, for checking that out.
So, you have a 3D model and then translate mathematically? That’s a lot of work, and I appreciate all your efforts!

Thanks for mentioning the distortion due to “whatsoever”. I have noticed considerable “lean” by some buildings in the images provided by the mapping services; just satellite views, I guess. I do my best to make allowances for it when necessary.

The reason I brought this up was because the coordinates you listed for Evan Fairbanks placed him in the crosswalk in the street according to my version of Google Earth. I’m not sure how to reconcile that; I’m not sure it needs to be reconciled, even. I guess it’s just something we need to keep in mind about our methodologies.

Having said all that, would you be interested in talking about the location of the WABC7 helicopter at the time of the 2nd hit? Here are my findings:

International Shot, WABC7: camera elevation about 915 feet above sea level over the eastern air vent of the Holland Tunnel along the Hudson River; just under 1 mile from the NW corner of WTC1.
Here at 0:23 vrt:
Foot print of helicopter about:
40 deg 43 min 36.69 sec N
74 deg 00 min 54.00 sec W
For an evaluation of height/altitude of the chopper, the Trump Building is 927 feet tall on ground elevated at 31 feet.

Your result seems to be: "Chopper7 40°45'23.01"N 74° 1'3.78"W 400m"

If this is indeed supposed to be the same chopper that I referenced above at 0:23 vrt, then we have a considerable discrepancy in distance from the WTC as well as altitude of the camera.

I would very much appreciate your input on this.


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