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By using the method for "motion detection by subtraction" it is possible to 100% stabilize the tail of the plane.
When done, simply count the pixels of displacement and the deceleration becomes visible.
It becomes also visible that the impact of the fuselage (1) decelerated the plane a little bit.
The impact of the engines (2) decelerated the plane a little bit more and the impact of the wings (3) decelerated the plane much more.
Posted Image

Slowing down means "negative acceleration". After the impact of the wings the plane lost about 42% of it's initial speed.
initial speed = 255 m/s = 570mph
ve - v0 = -131 m/s = -293mph
t = 0.04 sec
a = ( ve - v0 ) / t = 3275 m/s²
mass = 130,000kg

FORCE = 426,000,000 N

Q: How can water cut through steel?
A: at 900mph

Q: Impossible speed?
A: No.
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