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i have said i think the photo is fake a hundred times.
asking again shows u have little capacity for remembering
things that are inconvenient,

but any suggestion val faked it, is unsupported and slanderous.
it was obviously fakes by the agents which visited her "soon afterwards"
why people including killtown have kept accusing val is beyond me.

i know one thing,
after killtown bitching for years ,
judging her for making money off 911,

here he is saying he would do exactly the same thing.

and he's just another puppet just like you.
always attacking the real people.
always starting troll threads.

"why doesn't someone else offer 5 grand and face possible litigation and lose everything,
cos i'm a sock puppet troll and i'll never do anything except go around to foums talking
about genuine researchers,
and i'll make sure to contribute as little as possible,
and to allow lies thru when it suits me.
so surely someone wants to spend five grand because an anonymous nobody on the net tells them too?.
i have never offered any research to prove vals photo is a fake,
but that's what it says on the internet"

this kind of purile childish bullshit reminds me of the lloose change forums.

revolution in a red bull can.

i wonder how all their sarah palin research will effect refuting the new world order
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