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Atta and "Atta"
Collapse shot from unknown chopper, similar to WCBS chopper 2 recording.

At 14:30 in video:

For comparison: WCBS Chopper 2 clip from NIST:

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Recorded from much further away or lesser zoomed in, at least. Also shot more from south-southwestern direction than CBS2 chopper. Is that maybe Long Island News Chopper 12?

Frame taken from closing credits of the BoHG documentary:
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See WNYW NIST Dub #3 for CUMULUS clips in Release #14 on 911datasets.org, or low quality MP4 video file "502-WTCI-435-I.mp4" on NIST WTC website, shows video after the towers collapse:
(Must agree their Terms of Use first in order to get access to the files).

Still frame from NIST CUMULUS clip "WNYW Dub3 10", frame 3912.
(NIST FOIA 09-42, Release #14 - Uncomprssed Set, 911datasets.org):
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South Tower "Collapse" Collection · September 11, 2001