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Atta and "Atta"
@ Matt
I want also contribute something to your wonderful collection.

"36. Inside Edition", was shot by Matt Meagher's cameraman Brad Waite (RIP).

Collapse at 3:26. You can see him at 4:17.

On 9/11, Waite was part of the first news crew to arrive at the scene before the second tower was struck. Some of the most iconic footage shot that day was by Waite who captured the North Tower as it collapsed. Inside Edition Correspondent Matt Meagher recalls having to drag Waite away by his belt to safety as he continued to videotape the North Tower as it came down. Waite's camera work earned him and his crew the only national Emmy nomination given that year to photography. Waite covered numerous dangerous assignments for Inside Edition including traveling to war zones in both Somalia and Rwanda.

"Paid Death Notices" on legacy.com/NY Times


Footages in duplicate


"22. ABC - West St. Bridge: Spire, Dust (NEW)" and "31. FNN Japan, West Side Hwy. View 2" = same video.
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