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Doug Fluite
QB of the Year Award
Graham Harrell
Penn State (Denny_32)
299.36 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

Chase Clement (OSU), Dave Johnson (MIZ), Colt McCoy (Boise)

Hershel Walker
RB of the Year Award
Javon Ringer
Auburn (willdg_88)
242.60 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

Michael Smith (MIZ), Knowshon Moreno (UK), LeSean  McCoy (OSU)

Allstate Good Hands Award
Jarett Dilliard
Penn State (Denny_32)
239.60 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

Dez Briscoe (OSU), Michael Crabtree (Mem), Dez Bryant (Fla.)

Allstate Good Hands Award
James Casey
Ohio State (Trio)
291.50 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

Chase Coffman (Mich), Dennis Pitta (WVa), Eddie Williams (PSU)

The Golden Toe Award (PK) Louie Sakoda
West Virginia (Bess_555)
100.00 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

Jeff Wolfert (Mem), Blair Walsh (Ala)

e-Trade Top New Stock
Frosh of the Year Award
WR Julio Jones
Kentucky (Wyle E. Coyote)
58.90 Pts
Honorable Mentions:

PK Blair Walsh (Ala), PK Jimmy Stevens (OSU)


Fantasy Heisman

James Casey
Ohio State (Trio)
41.64 pts/game 290+ for year
Honorable Mentions:

QB Graham Harrell (PSU), RB Javon Ringer (Aub),
WR Jarrett Dillard (PSU), TE Chase Coffman (Mich)

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