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Board Rules
General Conduct:

1. While Precocious is a comic about kids, this is not a board for kids. Everyone will be treated as if they as *rational* adults. If you are not 18 yet, at least be able to fake maturity. If you are under 18 mentally, there's not much we can do for you.
2. The use of hate speech and slurs will not be tolerated.
3. We’re a law-abiding website. Uploading, posting, linking to and discussing anything that violates local or US law is forbidden.
4. Excessive violent language or vulgarity in any way is not allowed, because it’s just gross.
5. Do not post personal information on the board for you or anyone else. It doesn’t matter how easy it is to look it up, it has no place here. Do not make a statement that asks or implies that others search for someone’s personal information.
6. Do not hack, flood, DoS, DDoS or otherwise compromise the Precocious website or forum. That's just mean.
7. Do not use this board for advertisement means. This board is not the classified section in a newspaper.
8. We're not here to get our panties in a wad over religion, politics or whatnot. Yes, someone might say something that offends you. Be mature about it. If it sucks, an admit will take care of it for you.
9. Try not to take things too seriously. If an admin says the sentence, "We hit you because we love you," it should be interpreted as playful and fun. Crying about abuse and fascism is doing it wrong. Some people here have a dark sense of humor. If something said doesn't sit well with you, it's always better to send the person a PM asking for explanation instead of quietly brooding or throwing a temper tantrum.
10. Being nice and huggy is not a requirement here. People are allowed to be dark humored and sarcastic. Just remember, we hate out of fun. If you can't be funny or clever in your sourpussing, you should go back to 4chan.
11. Be respectful of others. There’s a difference between playful banter and hateful attacks. Also, the use of the winking smiley face will not absolve you of any statements preceding it. (Ex: “I’m going to come to your house and murder your family. ;)”)
12. Being overly huggy is just as annoying as being overly mean. Seriously.
13. This board is not your therapist's couch. Everyone's allowed their emo phases, but phases by definition are limited periods of time.
14. Have thick skin. We're not a bunch of full-time meanies, but some playful ribbing can happen. If you're a creative type, be able to withstand constructive criticism of your work.
15. Check your ego at the door. Just because you're someone special on another board doesn't mean you'll be greeted with palm fronds and anointing oils here.
16. Being entertaining and funny is always better than not being entertaining and funny.
17. Being smart, coherent and informative is always better than not being smart, coherent and informative.
18. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. The admins have the right to remove any posters or content if they deem it necessary.


19. Try to keep on-topic when in threads. Take tangents to PMs or separate threads.
20. Posts should have some content to them. It doesn't matter if it is discussion of the topic at hand or a good one liner - just be interesting! Chat-posting and one-word replies aren't worth it.
21. Let me repeat that: Chat-posting=BAD! A message board is not the same as an IM window.
22. Emoticons are our friends. They can enhance text by conveying sarcasm or irony that may be lost in the written word. They can summarize entire sentiments into one animated face turning red and exploding. Like swearing, the power of emoticons comes with tactical use. Excessive smilies move into the realm of annoying.
23. Oh, and try not to swear that much! Swears have two purposes: They can be used to emphasize statements (often for comedic reasons) or they can used in place of other words for those who lack the vocabulary to properly express their feelings. We prefer the former usage, but a clever person can get their point across without cursing.
24. Type like a normal person. No all-caps. No alternating caps. No deliberate misspellings for the lulz. For the love of all that is holy and good, no chat-speak! We're not asking for classy essays. If conversational English is too hard for you, then you shouldn't be posting here.
25. Do not spam or flood the board with frivolous or nonsense posts. If you won’t shut up, the admins will you shut you up.
26. Do not repost content that has been deleted. When it’s removed again, you’ll be leaving with it.
27. It’s bad etiquette to post in old threads and bump them to the top unless there’s a good reason to do so. If you want to discuss a topic for which the thread has been inactive for a while, it is ok to start a new discussion.
28. Don’t start a duplicate thread for a topic another current thread is covering. (THIS MEANS YOU SHOULD READ BEFORE YOU POST!) The new thread will be locked. If a thread has gotten too long or gone off topic, admins may start a new thread and lock the old one. If you feel this is needed, ask an admin for permission first.
29. If you want to post an image, you should host it yourself. Don’t hotlink to an image from someone else’s server. That’s just rude.

Board Administration:

30. This board is not a democracy. It is a benevolent dictatorship. That sounds scary, but all it means is that those in charge have one goal: To use their power to keep the place running smoothly and peacefully.
31. The role of a board administrator is mostly janitorial. They are here to keep the discussion at a high level and filter out the undesirables.
32. Enforcement of board rules is strict. This shouldn’t be a problem with any sane poster or interfere with smart posting habits in any way. Let’s face it; the internet is a much better place when the crazies are kept at bay.
33. The word of an admin is the word of GOD - but this doesn't mean you should worship them in hopes of currying favor. It can get annoying. You are allowed to question and disagree with admins, but don't whine or pout if things don't go your way.
34. Admins are not infallible, but they generally have a reason for doing what they do. If you have a concern, send one of them a PM. Board drama is a waste of everyone's time. It is an admin's *duty* to remove that stuff from general discussion areas. Drama distracts from productive discussion and it's always stupid. This is a message board. In the grand scheme of all of our lives, it's just not important enough to get worked up over.
35. If you don’t like the rules, go find a board with rules you do like. There's tons of them out there.
36. It is not your right to act as an administrator. Admins will handle any problem. If you see something bad, alert an admin. Don't be a jerk and admonish another poster because you feel the admins would do it.
37. If you have a problem with users, content or policy, *always* take it to an administrator first.


38. Only one account per person, please. If we catch someone using multiple accounts, that person will be immediately banned.
39. Long-time posters are not royalty. Being there "before it was cool" has no bearing on the quality of the person.
40. New posters are not chew toys. It can take a while for a poster to gain an understanding of the natural tone and rhythm a board has. Welcome them and encourage them. Without new blood a board can become stagnant. It is not your place to judge new users.
41. In an ideal world, a new poster would take the time to read the rules and lurk on the board for a while before joining in the discussion. The best posters do this, but most don't. Nothing is gained by yelling at a new poster for not reading the rules. A polite nudge is all that should be needed.
42. As boards evolve, certain customs and unwritten rules naturally happen. In-jokes happen. Expecting new users to know these things is ridiculous. It's amazing how many long-term posters on other boards fail to realize this.
43. No one likes a grammar Nazi. Typos and misuses of words happen. Be glad it wasn't you who messed up that time and move on.
44. A post count is NOT a status symbol. No one gives a crap if you have more posts than anyone else. It's always better to say a lot with a little than to say a little with a lot. This board is not a competition; high “score” doesn’t win.
45. A post count is also not an indicator of longevity. Some people lurk; some people only chime up when they have something to say. Lack of posting does not indicate lack of board knowledge.
46. This board is not fight club. Don’t go around picking fights with other users. All forms of trolling are banned.
47. This board is not a theatre for your one-person show. Don’t be an attention whore and try and make threads all about you.
48. It's natural for friendships to form on these boards. That's great. What's not so great is when friendships turn to factions. This board is not high school. Don't get cliquey.
49. If you have a need to cause drama, then we have a need to nuke you from orbit. Board drama is stupid. Don't be stupid.


50. For minor infractions, users will receive a warning. If a user has to be repeatedly warned for minor things, that user will be banned. There’s no set number for warnings – if admins get tired of dealing with a user, that user will be banned.
51. Major violations warrant immediate banning. These include, but are not limited to, spamming the board, trolling, posting personal information, posting about illegal acts and hate speech.
52. Accounts obviously up to no good, such as those created solely to advertise a product, will be immediately banned. Trust us, the admins can spot you.
53. All bans may be appealed. Banned users should contact the admins privately and state their cases. Please allow the admins a few days after appeals to discuss the issue. You will be contacted when a decision has been made.
54. Some bans may only be temporary. If you are given a time out, please patiently wait until your ban is over. You may have to contact the admins and remind them to reinstate you when the ban is up.
55. Do not create a second account if your first is banned. This will just get you banned again and make the admins hate you.
56. Don’t discuss bans in the forum. It’s tacky. If you wear your warnings and bans as badges of honor, we have good news - you’re going to get some more! (Only this time you won’t be coming back to brag.)


57. Common sense is key. Most people already know what makes a good poster. The rules here are just reinforcement.
58. Don’t be stupid. Don’t be a jerk. Just because something is not expressly forbidden in the rules doesn’t mean it’s allowed. The stupid jerk rule covers that.
59. If you have to stop and wonder if the post you’re about to make is against the rules, don’t make that post.
60. These rules are not draconian measures. Admins will enforce the rules as they see fit. Admins aren't here to create a police state - the goal is a friendly, funny board with active discussion.

In case you were wondering...

Some things this board is not:
- A democracy
- A police state
- High school
- An IM window
- Your therapist’s couch (or, for you young’uns, your Live Journal.)
- The classified section
- Fight Club
- A competition
- A theater
- A pipe