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Posting Rules
-No Spamming! Spam is anything that is not related to the topic or posting not related to the topic
-No Double/Triple Posting unless separated by 24 hours or without any reason
-No bumping old topics unless you have any reason
-No Flood, this means that do not make multiple topics and no posting more than 2 smilies in a post
-NO Posting in all capital letters, this means you are shouting
-No Porn/Adult material Content(results to ban without notice)
-No Cursing through posting and pm's
-No Flaming/Insulting through posting and pm's
-Don't play moderate- when you encounter a rule breaker, do not jump in and tell the rules, moderators know what will they do, use the report button.
-Don't post bad/harsh words (result to ban without notice)
-don't post words with colors! only mods are allowed with their moderation color
-Be specific on your title when posting a new topic!(NEW)
-No hack talk(NEW)
-No posting links! (NEW)

Profile Rules
-NO Porn Pictures either on your signature and avatar(result to ban without any notice)
-Use Normal Size of avatar and signature(once you break these rule, it will be removed)
-No advertising through signature

Other Rules to be followed
-Respect all the members of the forum
-Respect the decisions of the staff members
-Keep the forum clean
-Post in the correct sections