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Welcome to Online Hogwarts, a post-Potter RPG dedicated to bringing members a roleplaying experience set from the year 2030 onward. Please see the resource links and Announcements & News for more information about the site before you register.
The new term is going to start on the 28th of December!! We apologize for the inconvenience and delay. For those who want to send in their sorting form can still do so. The Sorting for the Class of 2038 is beginning NOW. Sorting Forms will be accepted through 7th February. Remember that your character will be 11 years old, so you must have been born between September 2019 and August 2020. For more information on the sorting, please read this topic.
The Recruitment Center is open to any and all students who have been recruited by other members. Found this site on your own but have friends you think would enjoy the site? Encourage them to register. House points will be awarded throughout the year for recruited students.

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We will be moving to a new home. Keep your eyes peeled here for any updates. :)

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