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Welcome to Change of Heart. This is the property of Kelley LiĀ©. I'm a black female with a multi-racial heritage .I've been writing interracial fiction and fan-fiction since I was thirteen years old. Ricky Schroeder from 'Silver Spoons' was my fan-fic character back then, and I wrote him dating me. I have made an entire site for all my interracial writings.They all feature black women/ white men pairings. I have all types of fiction and fan-fiction. From *NSYNC to Todd and Evangeline fan-fiction (Tangeline) to original fiction that isn't based off celebrities. ....... My stories' ratings range from rated G to NC-17 to X. If some of the more adult stories bother you or if the subject of interracial dating bothers you, then please do not go continue. But if you love these type of stories/works, then please feel free to read and welcome. ........ http://twistedlovecolors.tripod.com/changeofheart/