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From CoH coding

<style type="text/css">
/*** Home Page Banner ***/
#banner {position: relative;width: 540px;height: 283px;background: url(http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/banner_bg.jpg) repeat-x}
.bannerContainer a {text-decoration: none;border: none}
.bannerRight {width: 540px;height: 33px;background: url(http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_desc.png) no-repeat}
.bannerRight p {margin: 0;padding: 7px 0 0 15px}

.bannerLeft { width: 540px; height: 250px; display: block;}
.bannerLeft .bannerVid {}
.bannerVid {}

div.scrollable {position:relative;overflow: hidden;width: 540px !important;height: 283px}
div.scrollable div.bannerContainer {width: 540px}
div.scrollable div.items div.active {}

#prevBannerButton {position: absolute;right: 38px;top: 257px;z-index: 999}
#nextBannerButton {position: absolute;right: 15px;top: 257px;z-index: 998}
a.prev, a.prevPage {display: block;width: 21px;height: 20px;background: url(http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_prev.png) no-repeat top left;margin: 0px;cursor: pointer}
a.next, a.nextPage {display: block;width: 21px;height: 20px;background: url(http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_next.png) no-repeat top left;margin: 0px;cursor: pointer}
a.prev:hover, a.next:hover, a.prevPage:hover, a.nextPage:hover {background-position: bottom right}

#banner #navi {position: absolute;top: 260px;right: 70px;z-index: 997}
#banner #navi a {width: 8px;height: 8px;float:left;margin:3px;background:url(http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/fp_banner_pagination.png) no-repeat top left;cursor:pointer}
#banner #navi a:hover {background-position: bottom left}
#banner #navi a.activeSlide {background-position: bottom left}

.knownIssuesWrap {padding: 25px}
li.videos {padding: 0}
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.cityofheroes.com/jsfiles/jquery.cycle.all.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

fx: 'scrollHorz',
speed: 'slow',
timeout: 10000,
next: 'div#nextBannerButton a',
prev: 'div#prevBannerButton a',
pager: '#navi',
pagerAnchorBuilder: pagerFactory

$('div#nextBannerButton a, div#prevBannerButton a, #navi a').click(function(){



<div id="banner">
<div class="innerBannerContainer">
<div id="prevBannerButton"><a class="prevPage"/></div>
<div class="scrollable" style="overflow: hidden;">
<!-- Comment -->

<div class="bannerContainer">
<a class="bannerLeft" href="https://secure.ncsoft.com/cgi-bin/Store.pl?dnv=4379411596&action=viewItem&item_id=149" id="image3">
<img src="http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_ma_booster.jpg"/>
<div class="bannerRight">
<p>Martial Arts Pack Available Now!</p>
</div><!-- END Banner Right -->
</div><!-- END Banner Container -->

<div class="bannerContainer">
<a class="bannerLeft" href="http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/game_updates/issue_16/issue_16_overview.html" id="image2">
<img src="http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/issue_16_fp_banner.jpg"/>
<div class="bannerRight">
<p>Issue 16: Power Spectrum! Find out more</p>
</div><!-- END Banner Right -->
</div><!-- END Banner Container -->

<div class="bannerContainer">
<a href="http://www.cityofheroes.com/goingrogue" class="bannerLeft" id="image1">
<img src="http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_going_rogue.jpg"/>
<div class="bannerRight">
<p>Walk the line between GOOD and EVIL, or cross it.</p>
</div><!-- END Banner Right -->
</div><!-- END Banner Container -->

<div class="bannerContainer">
<a class="bannerLeft" href="https://secure.plaync.com/cgi-bin/Store.pl?action=viewItem&item_id=81" id="image5">
<img src="http://www.cityofheroes.com/images/featured_slide_mac.jpg"/>
<div class="bannerRight">
<p>Buy Now »</p>
</div><!-- END Banner Right -->
</div><!-- END Banner Container -->

</div><!-- END Scrollable -->
<div id="nextBannerButton"><a class="nextPage"/></div>
<div id="navi"><a href="#" class=""/><a href="#" class=""/><a href="#" class=""/><a href="#" class=""/><a href="#" class=""/></div>
</div><!-- END Inner Container -->


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
 Screenshot 4
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