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Modern-day Judaizers
Topic Started: Mar 7 2012, 11:29 AM (511 Views)

It would be fun to list some modern-day Judaizers and let 'em have it.
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Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Assemblies of Yahweh
by Jacob Allee

The Assemblies of Yahweh is a religious movement headquartered in Bethel Pennsylvania that was founded on February 5th 1966 1 by Jacob O. Meyer who is the “Directing Elder” of the Assemblies of Yahweh.

The AOY is something of an amalgamation Orthodox Judaism and Christianity. In some respects they are a kind of messianic Judaism, although they are not about to align themselves with Jews for Jesus.
The AOY recognizes both Old and New Testaments of the Bible to be inspired Scripture and they hold to a very literal reading of the text. The Old Testament is believed to be the “Basis of our faith” through which the New Testament is viewed and by which it is to be interpreted AOY doctrine teaches that the laws of the Old Testament are still to be observed with great strictness today by those who recognize Yahshua (that is Jesus) as the Messiah. As such all of the commandments, festivals, fasts, feasts, Sabbath’s, etc., are to be upheld exactly as they are stated in the Old Testament. The only exception is that animal sacrifices and food and drink offerings are now celebrated in a “spiritual” sense rather than in a literal fashion.
The AOY are also an anti-Trinitarian group. In article 5 of the AOY statement of faith it states “We find the trinitarian doctrine to be foreign to the inspired Scriptures.”The AOY does believe that Yahshua was preexistent with the Father, but they distinguish Him from sharing the deity of God with the Father. The Holy Spirit, in AOY doctrine, is treated not as a person belonging to the one being of God but is rather spoken of as a power that emanates from God the Father. The Holy Spirit is believed to be received at a person’s baptism.
Concerning baptism, the AOY teaches that believers are to be Baptized in Yahshua’s name only stating,
“We affirm that water baptism is a necessary act following repentance, (Acts 2:38); (Matt. 3:13-17); that this baptism is immersion in water, backward, one time, into the Name of Yahshua the Messiah.”
Furthermore, the AOY also adheres to the heresy of annihilationism teaching, that “eternal punishment” equals “complete destruction,” meaning that the unbeliever will eventually cease to exist after an undetermined time of suffering. The AOY statement of doctrine specifically says they “disavow an eternal torment in an ever-burning hell.”

In summary, the Assemblies of Yahweh are legalists who enforce the Old Testament laws and commands in spite of the fact that Jesus fulfilled them for us, they reject the biblical doctrine of the Trinity by denying the deity of Christ and the personhood and deity of the Holy Spirit, they reject the biblical doctrine of baptism and practice baptism in the name of Yahshua (Jesus) only, and they teach that Hell is not a conscious eternal punishment but that the wicked will be totally destroyed.
The AOY is indeed a false expression of Christianity with a works based gospel that will not save anyone, and they have a skewed understanding of Scripture on numerous other points of doctrine. As believers we ought to pray for them and, if given the opportunity, we ought to share the gospel of Grace with them and explain to them from the Scripture who God really is.

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Let Us Reason Ministries

The Sacred Name Movement

Hebrew … Hebrew only! (pt.2)

Pronunciations of the Name

The origin of languages (pt.4)

Truth 1

On The Greek Septuagint Translation
Also called
The Septuagint in God's Purpose
Also called
On The Proper Names of God & His Son
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Cemnetwork - The Real Teachings of Ronald L. Dart
Join born to win and you're bound to lose.
Published on March 24, 2005
By Sabbatismus In Religion

Ronald L. Dart , another spin off from the Herbert Armstrong - Garner Ted Armstrong Cult

When Ron Dart, saw he wasn't liked and was not going to be promoted to take Garner Ted Armstrong's position, he then started his own "ministry". In other words, he saw an opportunity to collect tithes and money for himself.

Ron Dart's teachings follow that of Herbert and Ted Armstrong. The following is a capsule of his doctrine. Are you ready for this:

1. You have to become Jewish if you are to be Christian. You must keep the Jewish Sabbath and Holy Days and meat restrictions. Of course, the tithe would go to Ron Dart.
2. There is more than 1 (one) God. Christ is God and the Father is God, and there is a good chance you can become God too.
3. When a person dies, he goes into soul sleep. This is good news for the criminals. That way they are not punished.
4. If you are a truly evil person, you probably are on the "NOT Called List" , so you get a second life time to be saved. The criminals all love this one. You don't have to pay for any evil you do in this life, no matter how evil you are, as long as you die before cops catch you, you won't be punished. As long as you are on the "Not Called List" you are safe.
5. And in case you don't have enough financial troubles, there are at least two tithes (20% of your income off the gross) and numerous obligations of holy day offerings for you. Ron will be glad to take them all. BTW: The beliefs shown above are common to all the Armstrong splinter groups, they just add an Apostle or Prophet for spice.

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The Church of God Evangelistic Association was formed in 1980 to support the independent ministry of David J. Smith, a former member of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) under founder Herbert W. Armstrong (HWA).

Smith is editor of Newswatch Magazine and the featured speaker on a related radio program heard across the U.S.. Smith's broadcasting style is very reminiscent of Armstrong's World Tomorrow program, to the point that one might reasonably conclude he has specifically modeled his program after Armstrong's. Smith is bombastic, glib, and dogmatic in his radio commentary, with a strong emphasis on connecting current world conditions and events with Bible Prophecy.

Smith's doctrinal base conforms closely to the teachings of Armstrong, including a version of the British Israel theory. However, he has a strong emphasis, which Armstrong's teachings never included, on various conspiracy theories. (See: definitions in the Field Guide Lexicon for British Israelism and Conspiracy Theories.)

Smith was at one point deeply involved in development and support of the secessionist "Republic of Texas" movement.


History of the Seventh Day Church of God

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