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Subliminal Messages in the Media
Topic Started: Dec 7 2008, 04:40 PM (2,844 Views)
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Copypasta from a thread I just made on IGNO because I'm lazy, so forgive the references to people you don't know; they're just members of the other IGNO and real life friends, and we were all hanging out today discussing this.

Suupaa Gohan 2
Topic number two of discussions inspired by what we spent most of the day talking about down in the commuter lounge. For those of you who missed it or showed up late, you did miss a lot. It started with just me and that new girl Alicia talking about movies and stuff...then Maranda's friend Courtney showed up and jumped in, and the topic shifted to Disney movies specifically, and the fact that they're actually editing certain content from their new DVD releases. Some examples Alicia mentioned were the song Savages from Pocahontas, wherein certain lyrics that were too extreme were altered (she paraphrased that one of the original lyrics explicitly stated something about dirty brown people; I was unable to find a clip though). We then got into (and found clips of) a scene in The Little Mermaid where the priest marrying the couple gets an erection (YouTube 'Little Mermaid Erection'), and a scene in Aladdin where he says 'come on, teenagers, take off your clothes' in the background (YouTube 'Aladdin Clothes Off'). Anyways, stuff got way off topic and we got all random and insane for several hours, but later, with just me and Maranda, the topic somehow shifted back to Disney and I started showing her the clips we saw earlier (she wasn't there at the time). From that we started watching videos about subliminal messages found in Disney movies, hidden in the background as messages or just being subliminally in the imagery.

Now…a lot of these propaganda videos are complete bullshit found by people who go out of their way to search for examples because they’re overzealous idiots. I mean, yeah, you can say ‘zomg the word ‘sex’ is hidden in the background here’ and then highlight it to draw the eye to it, and any viewer watching will then have that imprinted in their mind and then think they can see it as well…when in reality, this stuff is garbage and is reaching WAY too far to condemn Disney and/or other media of doing these things intentionally. Some of the videos we saw were full of examples of this exact behaviour, which probably wouldn’t surprise you to know me, being the way I am, would roll my eyes at and mock the idiots who found these things as having too much free time to go about trying to find the ‘evil subtext’ in Disney movies.

You all know me – do I seem like the type of person to you who would buy into that trash?

And yet…some of it really IS there…and it’s not reaching so very much as you’d think.

The erection scene in The Little Mermaid? Well, according to Alicia (not that she’s an encyclopedia of course) that was something the artists did on purpose to be smartasses – you know, kinda ‘hahaha, let’s see if I can get away with it’? She told me that they actually were charged with a lawsuit for putting that in or something or other. And I believe it…when you see that scene, it’s kind of hard to justify it as saying it was a coincidence when his penis noticeably increases in size and goes up.

The Aladdin scene also sounds remarkably like it’s saying ‘take off your clothes’. But then again, people often misinterpreted dialogue like this, particularly song lyrics…and according to Courtney, here, that was misunderstood and the rumor of that being the line spread, and she forgot what it actually was, but she said she researched that one extensively and proved it wrong…I mean, I’m still basically saying ‘this friend said this and the other said that’, so it’s up for interpretation unless someone can bring proof to the table, but still.

Now…the majority of these ‘subliminal messages’ videos consisted of multiple examples – some clearer than others, some reaching – were finding the word ‘sex’ hidden in the background of scenery and the like, often in grass, water, fire or smoke…namely, abstract areas where anyone could claim to see anything, really (‘ZOMG I FOUND JESUS’ FACE IN A FRENCH FRY!!’ sort of thing). And yes, some of them were total bullshit that you could only see if you really reached, and that’s even zoomed in – zoomed out? Subliminal or not, some of those I doubt even the unconscious mind would have picked up on. -_-

But some of them seriously were there and pretty strikingly obvious once pointed out, to where I do believe yes, subliminally, your mind would see those even if you consciously didn’t. Search ‘sex stars Lion King’ on YouTube or Google and you’ll see the most obvious one…one not even the most hardcore skeptic could deny.

And beyond that whole thing with the word ‘sex’ being hidden all over the place, the real glaringly obvious one was a video on Beauty and the Beast in which you notice the subliminal messages are in much more than just hiding the word ‘sex’ – it’s in the imagery and dialogue itself. Search ‘Beauty Beast Subliminal’ on YouTube and your first result will probably be the one me and Maranda watched, and ask her…this video was seriously true in most respects, unlike a lot of the extreme propaganda shown in the others that only zealots who wish to condemn everything as being evil would see. The examples from this movie become glaringly obvious once you sit down to look at them with your mind open in this way, and as we watched, me and Maranda even saw some examples the narrator didn’t mention (in the scene where the girls are drooling over Gaston for instance, one girl leans over the water fountain, which just happens to gush right next to her crotch as she fangirls over him; a similar example appears in a scene in Hercules, clip of which is shown in the Beauty and the Beast video, wherein water seems to imply a wetness of another sort from the female admirers).

In addition to all the sexual content hidden within these, if you observe carefully, it's no joke that many characters make the Illuminati hand gesture in even the most casual manners - combing their hair, moving their hands when singing along to the musical scenes, anything. Again - once you're made aware of it, you start to see it more and more, and it becomes a little freaky.

I’m not kidding here…like I said, you guys know me, and I’m the exact opposite of the types of people who waste their lives going in so deep to find these things. But to say nothing of the other ones, just watch the Beauty and the Beast video and tell me you honestly don’t see these things…they really do jump out at you when you think openly about them, and they’re much more believable subliminal messages than hiding the word ‘sex’ in obscure tiny little background areas.

So the question is, overall – and please, do find some clips and research this subject a little before you reply – what do you feel about this? Do you think it’s all bullshit? Do you buy into it? Or are you like me, where you’re on the fence with some of it but seriously freaked out and a believer in others? And what other movies do you think/can find examples of (linksplz) that allegedly use these techniques? Why? Etc?

And feel free to branch away from Disney, by all means – this is a discussion of subliminal messages hidden in media in general (though, more specifically media aimed at children/family audiences), so let’s seriously discuss this.
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