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If you're reading this, the chances are you're an old member who's been around and remembers the good ol' days. Remember that one time, when that one guy did that thing? Yeah, me too. That was awesome. But enough reminiscing; that's what the DBIGNO Archive is for.

Now, whatever kind of member you are, new or old, you must be a lover of IGNO, or are just a fan of Dragonball as a whole looking for a new forum with a creative spin on things. More likely than not you're interested in fanwork and interactivity, because that is what this forum aims to specialize in.

Of course, we're a rich community that tries to offer more than just discussion of one little fanfiction or of Dragonball as a whole...other series, or even general Off-Topic discussion is incorporated, as well as (as discussed above) a focus on fanworks from members, and a little roleplay. Chances are if you're a fan of the Dragonball community there is something here for you.

So now that you know a little bit of what this board is about, we of the DBIGNO community invite you to come on in and enjoy the fun for yourselves.


--The Dragonball IGNO Forum staff

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Topic Started: Dec 7 2008, 02:34 PM (298 Views)
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Quoted from Karma, the creator of the original thread, on Invision IGNO:

Karma, Jun 9 2006
05:50 PM
Yeah, so...I was thinking about this the other day. There are some things that ALWAYS happen in anime or manga, no matter WHAT series. I thought, why not list them? If you've got any others, volunteer'em too!

Anime/Manga Rules and Observations:

~There is ALWAYS a hot springs scene, in EVERY show/manga, without question.~

~Characters are always junior high/high school students. This makes it more interesting when they have to break out of classes in order to go drive a robot, beat up ghosts, or do any other "saving the world" work~

~Said teenage characters always encounter exchange/new students in class. These new students usually have mysterious skills or powers that will become important to the main character(s) later on in the series (as in...that episode)~

There are probably others that I just can't think of right now. :D List some if you know some!

I'd like to add that the original thread was 'killed' because there are compiled lists of these things available on the web. PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO ONE. It kills the fun. Try to avoid looking at any lists and come up with them off the top of your head, otherwise it's boring.
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Here's one my friend Russell recently posted on the other IGNO (Insanity Goes Nearly Overboard), and I added to it.

I've got one off the top of my head.

-In a shonen series, if the main character is a male middle/high school student there tends to be a former rival/bully turned best friend character who is nearly always beefy, nearly always a loudmouth, usualy chivalrous, and tends to be less intelligent, but has very strong will and/or spiritual power. (Examples: Jonouchi/Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh), Kuwabara (Yu-Yu Hakusho), Domon (Flame of Recca), Chad (Bleach).)

Addendum to that:

If said former rival-turned-close-friend/ally does not meet the criteria described above, then he is almost always instead a whiny, angsty and arrogant bastard who is somehow by birthrite/wealth/class/etc the more 'privelaged' of the two and the one expected to go places and do great things, while the protagonist is considered a lowclass talentless good-for-nothing who can't possibly ever be better than said rival. However, the protagonist will quickly outshine the rival and the rival will be forever haunted by the memory of that one instance where the lower-ranked protagonist surpassed them and dedicate themselves to do anything and everything to beat the rival even though it's obvious they'll never be able to and eventually give up, become the 'anti-hero', and fight alongside the protagonist, considering them to be a friend but being too proud to ever admit it ("don't misunderstand, I didn't come here to help you, I have my own selfish excuses reasons for being here that have nothing to do with you so stop reading into it too much STFU"), continuing to gloat about their superiority even when the audience knows well by now that they'll never be as good as the protagonist.


Vegeta (Dragonball Z), Aoshi (Rurouni Kenshin), Green/Shigeru/Gary (Pokemon), Mikagami (Flame of Recca), Sasuke[to an extent] (Naruto), Ren (Shaman King), Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Ishida (Bleach), probably many many more but I can't think of them right now.
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