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Saiyajin Lifestyle
Topic Started: Dec 7 2008, 01:06 PM (361 Views)
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Got the idea from this post I made on the TxG Forum.


Commonly among DBZ fans - particularly slash fans - we tend to believe that 'the Saiyajin race was mostly male and females were uncommon'. For years, fanfiction authors have used this reasoning as a means of saying homosexuality was common, or at least, natural/not unusual, among Saiyajin. But really, who is to say there weren't just as many female Saiyajin as male ones? It's hard to say given the way DBZ has always skimped on details, leaving us primarily our imaginations and some filler (I'm counting movies as filler, here, because they were also made by Toei) to go on.

So this thread is now for discussion of everyone's different points of views regarding Saiyajin life and customs in general, including but not limited to the whole debate on Saiyajin females.

TRY TO KEEP THIS THREAD PRE-FREEZA. DBZ gave us enough insight into the way Saiyajin lived under Freeza's reign, so this is more about imagining the way life was prior to his intervention.

My personal perspective on this is that Saiyajin lived in a tribal fashion. There were probably tribes among small villages who had friends and enemies in other tribes, had chieftains, hunters, warriors, etc. Chieftains would no doubt be elected solely on the basis of being the strongest. Otherwise, the Saiyajin wouldn't obey them, but they find respect in those who are most powerful. I think warriors were probably limited to, or at least primarily, males, but hunting and gathering could be done by males and females alike...and most likely a common duty for younger villagers, like children and teenage girls. Teenage boys probably had specific rites of passage and aimed to become warriors. They probably fought with rival tribes of Saiyajin more often than Tsufurujin - somehow, I think it unlikely that all Saiyajin would leave their villages to attack the Tsufuru cities, at least until the big civil war broke out. And of course, who can say there weren't other races on the planet? I mean, Planet Plant was small, but it may not have been dominated by just the two races.

Anyways, not to make this thread 'the zone for bad fanfiction concepts', but I think people can have a lot of creative insight into this issue, so I thought I'd make a thread for it.

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