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Topic Started: Jun 13 2009, 11:41 AM (352 Views)

Ok many people don't like one MAJOR thing in the Broly movies. The thing they don't like at all would be that in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan he was an unstoppable killing machine then in Broly: Second Coming and Bio Broly he was so weak that Goten and Trunks could put up a good fight and actually win the fight against him.

Now for Broly: Second Coming I could see why people would be angry about this. Broly had just woke up to the sound of Gotens crying, which we know is why he hates Goku. So waking up Broly is angry about the past, as we know saiyans are stronger when angry, and then he sees Goten (which is a little Goku). Being so angry then seeing what he thinks is "Kakoroto" he would be so angry that he should have been able to kill those boy's in a minute! But for some reason he couldn't! Then Gohan shows up and they do some massive KA-ME-HA-ME-HA with Goku (or the spirt of Goku?) and beat Broly easily! It shouldn't of been THAT easy!

As for Bio Broly what we have to remember should remember is that Bio Broly is NOT Broly! He's a clone of Broly making him weaker than the first Broly, cause no clone could ever have as much power as the first one. And because the bio clone was weak against water it made an easy kill for the boys because they were on an island. So in Bio Broly no one should be angry!

Thoughts on the Broly movies and how people get angry about this stuff!
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God, Broly got repetitive around the third time that they used them he is like the frieza of the DBZ movies. I hated the third one, no let me rephrase that, i LOATHED the third broly movie most of all. Why? DO I EVEN NEED A REASON?! The ending was stupid, he was fucking weaker than ever and worst of all he had turned into the blob, which in my opinion was THE WORST THING THAT A VILLAIN COULD EVER BECOME!
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