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Welcome to the new home of the Dragonball IGNO Forum.

If you're reading this, the chances are you're an old member who's been around and remembers the good ol' days. Remember that one time, when that one guy did that thing? Yeah, me too. That was awesome. But enough reminiscing; that's what the DBIGNO Archive is for.

Now, whatever kind of member you are, new or old, you must be a lover of IGNO, or are just a fan of Dragonball as a whole looking for a new forum with a creative spin on things. More likely than not you're interested in fanwork and interactivity, because that is what this forum aims to specialize in.

Of course, we're a rich community that tries to offer more than just discussion of one little fanfiction or of Dragonball as a whole...other series, or even general Off-Topic discussion is incorporated, as well as (as discussed above) a focus on fanworks from members, and a little roleplay. Chances are if you're a fan of the Dragonball community there is something here for you.

So now that you know a little bit of what this board is about, we of the DBIGNO community invite you to come on in and enjoy the fun for yourselves.


--The Dragonball IGNO Forum staff

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Peace Out, Folks.

Posted by SG2 (Head Admin) at Oct 12 2008, 02:33 PM. 0 comments

…Fucking lovely, as though things couldn’t get any worse, I just typed half a post and lost it because my wonderful computer decided to randomly shut down on me without warning. Awesome.

Long story even shorter:

I may or may not vanish for an unspecified amount of time. My father had a car accident last November that resulted in severe head trauma and brain damage which made him extremely violent and cruel and just after he was checked out of physical therapy he was home for a few days, and the day after Christmas, he separated from my mother and moved out of our house without warning. He got an apartment and now, in addition to the family issues resulting from his separation from my mother and the anger within me and my brother for him so callously walking out on us, we’re in a severe financial crisis like so many other families in America, struggling to hold onto our house and find the money to pay the bills and buy groceries as a result of now paying for two homes – ours and his apartment; double the living expenses. Additionally to that his new malicious attitude has seen us into other complications, most notably his threats to stop supporting us – paying for the house, the internet, the cell phones, or even the school tuition of me and my brother. Things have been like this since January, and more intense than ever since the beginning of the summer.

Last night, all of these things culminated into a physical altercation that lead to me calling the police and having him arrested. I am not comfortable sharing this story out in the open here so short explanation is that he’s naturally more dead-set than ever on ruining our lives and taking everything we have left – what little it may be – away from us. This means the internet here at home, as well, may be cut off soon…it’s only a matter of time.

The other night I wouldn’t have so easily said ‘I can still come online at school’, but let’s say that most likely I will. However, the times I’ll actually be around will be far less frequent now, because my brother and I both need to look into getting a second job to try and make enough money to support us all – my mother alone can’t handle that. And worse come to worst, we may have to move out altogether, even if temporarily, and that would naturally pose all kinds of other problems. And as we come up on what is forecasted to be another brutal winter, times will certainly be difficult for my family.

I’ll be around when I can. I definitely don’t want to completely and totally lose the one diversion I have to escape from my real life. But don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me. I know this place is probably still too new and unfinished for this to matter enough as it is, but just don't expect it to be finished within the week, either - I'll build the board when I can obviously, until then...well, I guess it's just going to be here, floating in empty space.

Until then, I’ll keep you guys updated when possible, and I’ll instruct Lemmy to check in as well (even though he hasn’t reregistered since we moved to the Zeta -_- ) because I will of course still be in contact with him. I’ll also note that I’ve got unlimited texting on my cell phone plan and that’s the means by which I keep in touch with my close friends when I’m not online as it is (my friends text me from AIM and it’s no different than if I were on AIM, too, except I’m typing with my thumbs). If anyone else has free texting or at least uses it regularly and doesn’t care so much about the cost, or knows how to send SMS messages from AIM, then PM me and I’ll give you my cell number – that way if anything happens, even if I can’t be around to see for myself, you can contact me easily instead of sending a PM that may go unanswered.

So good luck to you all, keep this place thriving – and I’ll catch you all when I can.



Posted by SG2 (Head Admin) at Oct 6 2008, 10:55 AM. 5 comments

Alright, now.

There are currently 4 registered members.

Now, it IS a new board, and the old one was pretty dead as it was - our activity is noticeably limited, but that's all the more reason we all have to pull our weight to change that.

Everyone needs to go out and tell a friend about the board, and tell that friend to tell at least one friend, as well.

It'd be nice if those friends or friends-of-friends happened to have connections to Daizenshuu EX, if you get my meaning. I'm, uh...still too much of a n00b there and come and go far too infrequently to be worthy of plugging this amateur little forum and fic, which is why I had Lemmy doing my dirty work last time, but he's too busy to remember even that, so... *looks at Conan with a pleading glance* ^^;


It's the most important thing for YOU all to do right now, in addition to filling the place up with posts...and I, of course, have the spruce the place up in general so that new members have somewhere inviting to come and not a half-finished empty forum they have no interest in sticking around for.

So...everyone get to work!!

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