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Board Rules
Note that these are the general rules for the forum as a whole. You may find that certain sections have their own sets of rules, so please be mindful of them.

There really aren't too many rules here, but the ones we do have need to be upheld. So let me break it down:


So yeah so sometimes people try to light the board on fire. Don't fuel it, instead, gently throw water on it, and it will be put out. If you try to flame back, this creates a FLAME WAR. And those can rage out of control, and burn the board down, uh...

Alright, seriously, for those unfamiliar with the term, flaming is when someone does nothing but post insults and sarcasm directed at a person or group of persons (such as a religion or race). When you flame, you will be given a warning. Do this again and you will be suspended. Do so a third time and you will be banned from the forum on the spot. If someone flames at you, DO NOT FLAME BACK AT THEM. Report their post to an Admin. Friendly insults and the like are okay, but think before you overstep the boundaries. Especially on a board whose theme may involve opinions not everyone agrees with, be courteous to others who don't share the same thoughts as you. Basically just fall back on the old Golden Rule your parents told you when you were little - don't treat others in a way you wouldn't want to be treated. Simple as that.


Swearing and cursing is okay, so long as it's not used in a way that offends other members. For instance, if I've had a bad day, I can throw the word 'fuck' around a few times, but if I cross over into calling another member a 'motherfucking cock sucker', that counts as flaming, for which the policy is stated in Rule #1. Additionally, any other offensive slurs that could insult a particular group (race, sexual orientation, religion, etc) will NOT be tolerated and will result in a warning or temporary ban depending on the severity of the instance. A repeated offense will result in a permanent ban.


If a thread is about your favorite color, don't talk about your favorite song, or comment on the government of some country. Some off topic is to be expected as a conversation flows naturally, but outright off-topicness will result in a warning. As a rule of thumb, don't post something that might change the topic of the thread.


Sad but true, this statement is often misunderstood. So to put it quite simply, treat everyone with the same respect you would want them to show you. Back to that old Golden Rule, you know. If someone flames at you, don't flame back at them, as that will only worsen the situation. Instead, ignore them, calmly reply to them, or report their post to a Mod or Admin if you feel they're out of line.


For those unclear, spam is posting something that is pointless, adds nothing to the discussion, and is usually off-topic. Often, people will spam to increase their post count. One form of spamming is double posting, in which a user makes a post, and then immediately makes another post in the same thread, rather than editing their first post. In the event that the spam posts made are not tolerated, each spam post results in your post count going down by 5. Example: 10 spam posts will result in your post count being deducted by 50. So don't spam and everyone can be happy, okay?


This board is generally open to all kinds of posts (except for spamming and flaming). However, there are limits to what you can post. For instance, porn links/pictures, hentai links/pictures, or anti-anything (race, religion, sexual orientation, yadda yadda) stuff. Just don't post something that will do nothing but insult a nation, race, religion, or otherwise group of people, because there's no need, and it won't be tolerated. Besides, any offensive content like that could result in this board being deleted, so if you wanna share your Pr0nZ, do it through the PM system, 'kay?


If there is an opening in the staff (which won't happen often), the Admin (IE, me) and Mods will decide who fits the bill for the vacant position, and then notify that person of the opportunity. If that person turns the opportunity down, then another suitable person will be sought after. If you're interested, PM the Admin or a Mod and you'll be considered for the position.

8) FUN

On a final note, just have fun. That is why most of us are here, to enjoy the board and/or learn from its members. So long as everyone adheres to the above rules, then having fun can be accomplished without anyone needing to go Admin on anyone else's ass. So please follow the rules, they apply to everyone, and everyone can only benefit from cooperation.

--The DBIGNO Forum Team