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4/6/18 Birmingham,AL Lyric Theater
Topic Started: Jan 26 2018, 12:15 PM (89 Views)
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April 6, 2018 A NIGHT OF BOB SEGER SOLD OUT minus 2

Posted Image

Lyric Theatre
1800 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: (205) 252-2262

Posted Image

TICKETS: $27.00 to 39.50

SEATING CAPACITY: With 750 seats on two levels, 12 opera boxes and an intimate 60 feet from the stage to the back of the balcony, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.


Posted Image


Posted Image Ready for the Show , credit to allison

Vaudeville Days
Built in 1914 for B.F. Keith’s Vaudeville circuit, the Lyric is one of few theatres still existing today that was specifically designed to maximize the acoustics and close seating needed for vaudeville shows. Major stars such as the Marx Brothers, Mae West, Sophie Tucker, Will Rogers and Milton Berle played the Lyric. Berle said it was “as fine a theatre as any in New York.” During the 1920s, it was the custom to attend shows at the Lyric Theatre on Monday nights—if you could get a reservation. Tickets cost from 25 to 75 cents. In the summertime, air was fanned over two tons of ice a day to keep guests cool. Though seating was segregated, the Lyric was one of the first venues in the South where blacks and whites could watch the same show at the same time for the same price.

The Lyric Today Posted Image
The Lyric was once the finest performing arts theatre in the city and through its restoration, it promises to be again. Listed on the National Register as part of the Birmingham Downtown Retail & Theatre Historic District, this century-old venue is a beacon of history, entertainment and culture in the heart of Birmingham. The theatre offers a wider stage and closer audience—better suited for performing arts such as the symphony, ballet, opera and theatre. The Lyric should always be thought of primarily as a performing arts theatre

DIRECTIONS : Across the street from the Alabama theatre
A little directional help and more


Hotels: America’s Best Inn Birmingham/Homewood
251 Summit Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35209-4731
3.7 miles from Lyric Theatre
Hampton Inn Birmingham I-65/Lakeshore Drive
30 State Farm Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35209
4.0 miles from Lyric Theatre

Cafe Dupont
113 20th Street North, Birmingham (Map)
Contemporary Southern

John's City Diner
112 Richard arrington Jr. Blvd N., Birmingham (Map)
Comfort Food


1. BMetro Article

Taylor Hicks will be making some “Night Moves” on stage at The Lyric early next month.

The American Idol winner and one of Birmingham’s most successful entertainers comes back home for a concert of Bob Segar’s greatest hits on April 6.

“The Lyric Theatre is one of my favorite live music venues in the South. Being able to perform Bob Seger’s greatest hits, along with some of my own originals, will make for a night that I will never forget. It’s very special for me to come back to my hometown and perform shows like this,” says Hicks.

Hicks became famous thanks to the fifth season of American Idol. His music is full of R&B combined with notes of country music, Southern soul and blues. Over 63 million viewers gave their votes to Hicks, making the Birmingham native that year’s American Idol.

Hicks’ star continued to rise after he stepped off the Idol stage. Less than three weeks after his Idol victory, his debut single, “Do I Make You Proud,” entered at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, Pop 100, and Single Sales Charts. His self-titled album (Arista), debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and was quickly certified RIAA Platinum.

Hicks took off from there, releasing records, performing on Broadway and in a national tour of the musical, Grease, headlining in Vegas and even opening Saw’s Soul Kitchen in his hometown.

Food has become a second career for Hicks with his role as host of State Plate on INSP, where the versatile entertainer goes on a different kind of tour—a tasty tour of the USA, sampling the most iconic and popular foods in each state he visits.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Posted Imagecredit to shelleylehner

David Keith - drums
percussion - Steve Ramos
bass - Brandon Peebles
keyboard and organ - Brian Less
guitar - John Kulcinich
guitar - Daniel Raine
Guitar - Billy Gant
sax - Jeff Lopez
vocals - Taylor Hunnicutt and Charlotte Walden Guffin

You'll Accomp'ny Me - It appears on Seger's album Against the Wind.
Hollywood Nights
Turn The Page
Old Time Rock and Roll
Still The Same - From Stranger in Town 1978
Against The Wind
No Place I'd Rather Be
Six Strings
We've Got Tonight - with Jojo Hermann from Widespread Panic on keyboard
Night Moves


Rehearsing for Concert: Posted Image

Opening : credit to Acehossfly

credit to Dawn Cummins credit to Emily Jones
Posted Image

No Place I'd Rather Be : credit to Victoria Jordan

Andrea P - Harvey I agree Vicki, I mentioned to my husband (who btw has seen Taylor with me around 4 times and I have gone solo at least a dozen times) that there were lots of men in the crowd and he said "must be the Bob Seger draw". As a lifelong Seger fanatic, Taylor stayed true to each song while making them his own, especially most song endings, the increased tempo of Hollywood Nights, and "New Orleans vibe" of OTR&R .... with harmonica.

1. shannon ammons
Thanks @TaylorHicks for a great show at the Lyric.

We've Got Tonight: credit to Diane Fraleigh and VictoriaJordan

We've Got Tonight : credit to Taylor Hicks via Facebook

Night Moves: credit to Victoria Jordan

2. PB Henri
@TaylorHicks Thank God for the video takers. Was able to watch without guilt since I had bought a ticket, just couldn't find a way there. But what I saw was beyond good. Turn The Page was outstanding. You are a fantastic artist.

Fire Lake : credit to Allison

Old Time Rock and Roll : credit to ATF

Old Time Rock and Roll: credit to Diane can never have too many vids of this song.

3. peacegirl205
@taylorhicksofficial was completely in his element last night. Best show I have seen so far..and I’ve seen a few.

Posted Imagecredit to peacegirl205

4. Jennifer McClendon Somers
It WAS his best show ever

Turn The Page : credit to Diane Fraleigh

Credit to Vicki

Credit to Jennifer Jacobs

Posted Imagecredit to June Bug

Posted Imagecredit to Vicki

5. Shelley Lehner
Probably the best Taylor Hicks show I’ve been to. Amazing. I will post pictures after I get back to the great white tundra they call Minnesota

6. Linda Justice Register
He was AMAZING! Best performance ever! Way to go Taylor!!

7. Nancy E. Attwood
A true triumph for Taylor. He looks fantastic, sounds fantastic. So happy for him...and for us.

8. Anne Holloway Alexander
Had a great time at Taylor Hicks concert! Yes he signed my cast.🎶🎶Posted Image

Posted Imagecredit to ATF

Posted Imagecredit to Diane Fraleigh

Posted Imagecredit to Brenda Hadsock

Posted Imagecredit to Diane Fraleigh

Posted Image credit to Anne Alexander

9. Patricia Standridge
You are a great entertainer and it was a fantastic concert! Fourth time I've seen you perform...and just when I think you couldn't get any better!

10. Jennifer W. Jacobs

Back from Birmingham after seeing one of the best shows ever. [color=#9300C4.....There was a[color=#9300C4] 2-3 man camera crew filming,[/color] and they filmed throughout the entire show. It was not mentioned for who, what, or why, but Taylor did sing his 2 newish songs "Six Strings", & "No Place I'd Rather Be", the latter of which was the best rendition I've heard. After that, it was all Seger. No doubt you are seeing the videos here and Youtube so I won't go into detail, except to say that I've never seen the band smile more as they did throughout this show. At 41, Taylor is as fit and toned as I've ever seen and it seems to have given him more confidence & energy, with lots of hip-shaking, dirty dog, stank leg, and general "monkey" dancing (his words, not mine). Personally, I love to see him get out from behind the guitar and bust some vintage Taylor Hicks moves

He even rolled in some new funny stories as a prelude to "Hollywood Nights"...a party he attended at Paris Hilton's house with an unbelievable and hilarious variety of guests. I won't spoil it because the story went over so well that he'll no doubt be telling it at a future show

Let me finish this long-winded review by saying in my time, I've seen my share of the best rock bands in the world, and this Bham based band of Taylor's can match or surpass them toe-to-toe. That's the good news. The bad news is that due to the high cost of touring a band this size, chances are you won't see this lineup outside of the Magic City. This seems to be turning into a residency of sorts, at the Lyric Theater. So many have been asking, did they hear Taylor say he'd be back in 3 months, yes, he did say that several times. At the autograph, table, I asked him who will we get next for the next tribute show. He answered "Aaah, I don't know, we'll see" As expected, he didn't spill the beans even if he already knows. I just know there are endless possibilities as the man and the band have quite a range. Til next time...

Hollywood Nights: credit to Actress Gabrielle

Turn The Page: credit to Acehossfly

Posted Imagecredit to Shelley Lehner

Against The Wind: credit to Gabrielle

We've Got Tonight : credit to Diane Fraleigh

11. Andrea P - Harvey

It was so awesome to visit Birmingham to see my talented Seger loving Idol & hair twin again! I hope to see Taylor in New England before the year is done. ;) The food was amazing, the show was HOT and I am one thrilled SegerHicks to have been there in person!!!

Posted Image

12. Ted Crockett

Posted Image From right to left Taylor Hicks, Dr. Woodie Fritz my college roommate and fraternity brother, me and my wife, Jamie.
Taylor did a tribute to Bob Seger last night, and of the three performances, I have seen him give at the Lyric this one was really extra special.
We all love Taylor Hicks!

Six Strings : credit to Allison

Video of a little harp playing: credit to Amory Less

Main Street: credit to Diane Fraleigh

You'll Accompany Me : credit to Victoria Jordon

13. Christie @peacegirl205
Every song was better than the one before. I can’t quit thinking about it..sooooo good.

Still The Same : credit to Victoria Jordon

14. Allison Grooms

I just got back home a little while ago. I was really needing a fun getaway and enjoyed every minute of it! I loved being able to get together with so many friends before the show at Saw's. That was a lot of fun. I have been wanting Taylor to do a Bob Seger show since he started doing these types of shows. I knew it would be great and it was! After seeing him 225 times, that show was the best!

15. Vicki Minger

Few observations of 4/6 show....seemed to be more men than when I am there, normally....A few times I glanced around the venue during the concert and saw many of the men singing along, really getting into the memories Taylor provided. I also noticed the stage went dark after each song ended...he did not chat until lights came back up...significance..dunno...and yes he did have all kinds of energy back and was a dancing fool ...all funky, in his words....just all over the place like the old days,,.and finally...he was so on key...I cannot point to one off key note...the only time he made changes were to strengthen notes or to embellish songs...which is a strength of his, as we all know...his voice sounded as strong and clear as ever...I am now now a Bob Seger fan...when sung by Taylor Hicks.

16. Andrea P - Harvey

.... I mentioned to my husband (who btw has seen Taylor with me around 4 times and I have gone solo at least a dozen times) that there were lots of men in the crowd and he said "must be the Bob Seger draw". As a lifelong Seger fanatic, Taylor stayed true to each song while making them his own, especially most song endings, the increased tempo of Hollywood Nights, and "New Orleans vibe" of OTR&R .... with harmonica.

....I've encountered countless people who say they love Bob Seger but can't name more than three songs, but will recognize far more when they hear them. One of my least favorite tunes is Old Time Rock and Roll which happens to be a favorite of so many thanks to Risky Business. I love Shakedown from Beverly Hills Cop 2! He's written several more movie tracks.
Friday night was literally a dream come true for me, I feel blessed to have been able to travel there. I first learned that Taylor was a fan when he performed Hollywood Nights on the Idol tour, and when he wrote about him in Heart Full of Soul. Words simply can't express what Seger's songs mean to me and I tear up just thinking about the day he leaves this earth. Taylor did them all proud, I kind of knew he would. ;)

Posted Imagecredit to home team photo

Posted Imagecredit to home teamphotography

17. Christie Reeder O'Brien
The intensity of his performance was mind blowing. I was in awe.

Charlotte Walden Guffin
A few of my random pictures from my incredible time singing at the Lyric with Taylor Hicks this weekend. I was so focused on learning sixteen songs in less than two days that I failed to get a picture with him or tell y’all about it! Lol 😂
But I do have pictures as he was sitting right beside me singing, his guitar, his harmonicas, his boots, me in my dressing room (that I created in the janitor closet) and me on the stage thinking I was taking a picture of him behind me.
I wish all of you could have been there!
It was SO MUCH FUN! The people I met were amazingly kind and gracious. Thank you a zillion times David Keith..... and Jeffrey Lopez what an absolute blessing it was to meet you, and everyone!

19. Laurie Boyack Shipley
He's been working out a lot lately. Said in an interview he lost 40 pounds!!! Wish I could. :(

Posted Imagecredit to Charlotte Guffin

Posted Imagecredit to Charlotte Guffin

Video: credit to Craig Baird

credit to Amory Less

9 Minutes of Video : credit to SegerHicks
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