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STATE PLATE SEASON 2 PART 2 (begins in Jan. 26, 2018)
Topic Started: Dec 6 2017, 07:49 AM (93 Views)
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The states that will now be featured in upcoming episodes include Alaska,
Montana, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Ohio, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

1. Posted Image


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WEEK ONE: January 26, 2018 8:00PM

ALASKA Posted Image

Explore some tasty eats on this culinary adventure in the state known as, The Last Frontier! Taylor takes a photo with huskies on the 49th Parallel......just for chuckles Posted Image

In this episode of State Plate, Taylor treks through the Last Frontier to show you how to eat like an Alaskan. He’ll travel to our northern-most state to bring you delicacies not found anywhere else in the nation. First, he’ll check out a hot dog that looks familiar but hides a tasty secret. Then, he’ll fish the Alaskan waters for two different types of kings. Finally, he’ll learn the lore behind two Alaskan eats: pickled kelp and Eskimo ice cream. If you crave adventure and hunger for the unknown, join Taylor on his tasty exploration of this wild land.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Reindeer Dogs Posted Image-Popular on the streets of Anchorage Posted Imageand slowly making its way across the country, this week we bring you the Reindeer Dog. Made from Alaskan caribou, these dogs are split and grilled and served on a steamed bun. The taste is similar to venison sausage but slightly less gamey. As accompaniments try carmelizing onions in a dark cola , top with BOs sauce ( a blend of stone-ground mustard, pepper extract and vinegar ) Posted Imageand add, cheese, catsup, relish or just about anything. Reindeer store fat outside their muscles and therefore there is no marbling. You can eat these "dogs" raw .

Red Umbrella Reindeer - Reindeer sausages and gourmet hot dogs. Located in the heart of downtown, we have been published in the Huffington Post, Anchorage Press, and featured on the Travel Channel. Red Umbrella Reindeer is a family owned sausage cart serving local Alaskans and visitors for over 10 years! The family prides themselves on their great customer service and fresh never frozen sausages, which gives more of the reindeer flavor straight to you. They also have sautéed, caramelized onions made fresh every 15 minutes. It’s no wonder we are the most popular cart downtown and a favorite among locals! Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Entrée: Smoked Chinook Salmon Posted Image ..... In the Bering Sea, King Salmon spawn. The best way to catch them is by Drift Boat Fishing when the Salmon are swimming upstream to spawn. A King Salmon can be anywhere from 20 to 50 lbs. and 2 to 4 feet long. They are hard to catch and make for great sport fishing. When the fish is born in fresh water, they wait until they are between 2 to 4 inches long. They then swim to the ocean where they eat and eat and eat .......their meal getting bigger and bigger as they grow. In 1 to 8 hears they swim upstream to spawn and become the prey for local fishermen.
The Salmon are cured in brine liquid for about 4 hrs then smoked .

Landem Fishing - Based out of Kasilof Alaska, Hook Line & Land Em Fishing Adventures is owned and operated by Pro Guide Felix Sturm - a veteran angler with over 20 years of experience.

Side 1: Pickled Kelp - Makombu Tsukudani (Pickled Seaweed) This sweet-salty seaweed condiment is terrific atop rice or noodles, sprinkled over salads, or served alongside fish. Using a shredded version of the high-quality kelp called makombu makes preparing it a snap.

At Barnacle Foods , kelp is processed. The Bull Kelp , STIPE , are cut into rings to make pickled kelp or salsa. Posted Image Dill, garlic, coriander and mustard seeds are added to brine and put into jars. Posted ImageThe kelp stipe is added to the jars and placed in boiling water .

Side 2: King Crab Cakes Posted Image The King Crab has 8 legs: one fighting leg, one mating leg, and 6 others. Posted Image Take the meat out of a leg . Saute finely diced/chopped vegetables and add cream cheese and the crab meat and make a patty. Put them in the refrigerator for a while to get cool. DEEP FRY .

Bridge Seafood - Alaskans know fresh seafood and Bridge Seafood stands alone. This unique Anchorage outpost is seafood central for those who want to try all Alaska has to offer.
Our convenient restaurant location adjacent to the Ulu Factory is just a short walk from any point in downtown. Spanning the waters of Ship Creek, Anchorage’s urban salmon stream, watch anglers catch fish while you dine.

Dessert: Eskimo Ice Cream - Akutaq Posted ImagePosted Imageis a food in western Alaska and northern Canada. It is a Yup'ik word, meaning something mixed. Other names include agutak (ᐊᑯᑕᖅ), Eskimo ice cream, Indian ice cream, Native ice cream or Alaskan ice cream. Traditionally it was made with whipped fat mixed with berries like cranberries, salmonberries, ...

Anna’s Alaska, Off the Eaten Path : Anna takes SHEEFISH and removes the meat keeping the fat only. She uses her hands to mix the fat and the salmon berries . The heat from her hand helps to mix the "ice cream".

Appetizer: Reindeer Dog Posted Image
Entree: King SalmonPosted Image
Side 1 : Pickled Kelp Posted Image
Side 2 : King Crab Cake Posted Image
Dessert : Eskimo Ice Cream


1. SalmonBerries are so named because of their color Posted Image
2. Taylor went on a fishing trip and in 10 minutes caught a 25 lb. King Salmon . KUDOS MAN !!!Posted Image
3. There are 6600 miles of coast line along Alaska
4. In the Downtown Market of Anchorage, there are lots of different cultures represented.
5. Reindeer are also known as caribou: Posted Image
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WEEK TWO: February 2, 2018


No treasure map needed to discover a priceless bounty of tasty tidbits in The Treasure State!
In Montana, they have big skies and bigger appetites, but can they fill the big State Plate? In this episode, Taylor Hicks will learn about wild Montana, as he sets his sights on finding the right fare. First, Taylor will fly-fish with basketball legend, Bob Knight, as they seek out trout in the southern rivers. Next, he’ll take a historic journey into the copper mines of Butte, to find out what it takes to make a tasty pasty. And finally, he’ll discover a pie so wild that it’s made from a berry that’s never been tamed. So bring your appetite, because it’s about to get mouth-watering in Montana.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Pasty Posted Image
Joe’s Pasty Shop The Pasty is a fresh baked dough, filled with meat, potatoes and served with gravy. Posted Image Miners took the pasty in their lunch boxes along with letters and pictures of their families. Mining was very dangerous, so they never knew if they would return .
You mix the onions, potatoes and salt and pepper together. Add ground beef and cubed beef and form a patty. Dough is flattened by a machinePosted Image and the meat mixture is folded into the dough and trimmed. The Pasty is covered with milk and baked for 1 1/2 hrs.

Entrée: Trout Posted Image
Salt Patrol – Capt. John Keizer where trout is farm raised for eating . The trout are breaded and sauteed and served with lemon. Cutthroat trout are native to Montana , while rainbow and brown trout were brought into the State. Posted Image

Taylor goes fishin' with Indiana Basketball Coach Bobby Knight in the Gallatin River.
Trout are caught by fly fishing where the key to success is in the casting. Taylor caught a nice brown trout , but had to say " Bye , bye" as he threw the fish back into the water.

Posted Image

Side 1: Wheat (Bread) : Posted Image

You can take a stalk of wheat and rub it between your hands, blow away the chafe and what's left is the grain.

Wheat Montana - Welcome to Wheat Montana! Our family has been farming and milling in Southwest Montana for three generations. We grow our grain sustainably and mill it just down the road. That means we can guarantee that our products are top quality, healthy, and farm fresh. Whether you're interested in flour, bread, specialty grains, pancake mixes, cereals, bakery items or even a homemade deli sandwich, we know you're going to taste the difference. Wheat is thrashed by machines .

Side 2: Lentils There are different kinds of lentils. Posted Image The Black Beluga lentil is farmed in Montana . The lentils must be sifted to remove bugs and there must be a 14% moisture content for the lentil to be packaged and used.
Boil the lentils and then add anything to them. For a salad, add vegetables and/or fruit.
Timeless Seeds |-

Dessert: Huckleberry Pie Huckleberries are rare and grow wild in Montana and Idaho. Posted Image They are like blueberries on steroids. Posted Image The taste is tart , but the aroma is sweet. Add brown sugar, cane sugar , corn starch and lemon to the huckleberries. Mix and put into pie crust. Add a top crust and bake for 1 1/2 hrs . I think Taylor really liked this dish . Posted Image

Chef’s Table, LLC

Appetizer: Pasty Posted Image

Entree: Trout Posted Image
Side 1 : Roll
Side 2 : Lentil Salad Posted Image

Dessert: Huckleberry Pie Posted Image


1. In 1860's a disappointing gold rush occurred in Montana. A large cooper deposit was discovered and many people from Cornwall England flooded into the State. Posted Image They brought their favorite food with them...............the Pasty .
2. You can't eat trout caught in the rivers of Montana. It is only catch and release . This is the trout that Taylor caught. Posted Image
3. Wheat is the #1 industry in Montana ( along with cattle raising )
4. 5 million acres of wheat are harvested each year. Posted Image
5. The Lentil is one of the first crops to be harvested. It was domesticated in the Near EAst 10,000 years ago, but has only been in the United States for 100 yrs.
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WEEK THREE: February 9, 2018


This meal will send you straight to your happy place in The Peace Garden State!!

Explore the boundless bounty of North Dakota! Known as the Peace Garden State, this humble northern land is the United States’ top producer of many farm-to-table treats, and Taylor Hicks is out to try them all. He’ll harvest fresh clover honey and see what the buzz is about. He’ll have a fin-tastic time fishing for fresh northern pike. Then he’ll learn about not one, but two top exports: barley and sunflower seeds. Finally, he’ll discover the chokecherry – a North Dakota delicacy that is neither dangerous nor a cherry. It’s a farm-to-table feast on this episode of State Plate.


1. Taylor Hicks brings 'State Plate' TV show to Wishek
By Francis Materi / The Wishek Star Today

WISHEK, N.D. — The sweet success story at Danzig Honey Co. in Wishek, N.D., is about to get some national exposure.

Taylor Hicks, a world-famous singer who won the fifth season of "American Idol" in 2006, has expanded his entertainment career beyond music and now hosts "State Plate" on the INSP cable TV channel.

On the program, Hicks fills his dinner plate with an appetizer, an entree, a side dish and a dessert. Each item is representative of the food produced in the state featured on the current episode.

North Dakota leads the nation in honey production — making the visit Hicks and a production crew of about 10 people paid to Wishek in August a perfect fit.

"We got a call in July that they were interested in coming out here," says Erik Dohn of Danzig Honey Co. "I guess they were looking for a honey operation in North Dakota and a Google search landed them on our website,, which is designed by David Salwei. The whole process from that first phone call to the filming took no more than 30 days."
Hicks donned the traditional beekeeper's uniform of a hood and coveralls. He joined Dohn at the company's production plant in Wishek and in a nearby field to get a quick taste of the honey-making process.
"It was just incredible to see what a team these bees are and what a team Erik and his employees are," Hicks told The Wishek Star last week in a telephone interview.
Hicks is an Alabama native. The TV production marked his first visit to North Dakota and his first experience with honeybees.
"During their short lifespan, a single bee produces just a teaspoon and a half of honey. But together, the bees across your state make about 40 million pounds every year. That's a remarkable fact that has stuck with me," he says.

The segment in Wishek takes up about six minutes of the half-hour "State Plate" program. Hicks also traveled to Buchanan, Devils Lake and Baldwin for the North Dakota episode.
Dohn's mom, Deb, baked fresh jalapeño cornbread, which was drizzled with sweet clover/alfalfa honey to fill the appetizer spot on Hicks' plate.
"Now you're talking my language," Hicks exclaims during the show, referring to his Southern roots. "Sweet and spicy cornbread!"
Dohn says honey was not the only local food favorite Hicks and his staff got to try during their stop in Wishek.
"We sent them over to the Big Screen Bar and Grill, which happened to be serving chicken and dumplings as the lunch special that day. They loved it. They cleaned their plates and told us they wanted more."
Hicks says he hasn't tried too many of the hearty German/Russian dishes that are diet staples around Wishek.

"It's been such a blessing for me doing 'State Plate,' because we can get out and experience the delicious foods everyone loves, in small towns like Wishek and throughout the U.S.," he says.
During the first two seasons of the show, Hicks has sampled crab cakes in Maryland, chili in Texas, potatoes in Idaho and more as he travels from coast-to-coast.
When this season ends, Hicks will have visited 36 of the 50 states to document the most-popular foods.
The fact Hicks spent an entire day in Wishek last summer had to be kept under wraps until production work was completed and a premiere date was set for the North Dakota episode.
"We signed an agreement with ISPN and we were literally sworn to secrecy," says Dohn, with a chuckle. "But I can finally talk about it now. It was really great to have a celebrity in our midst. Everyone at Danzig Honey Company had fun. Taylor is welcome to come back and see us again anytime."
Erik Dohn's parents, Bryan and Deb Dohn, have owned Danzig Honey Co. since 2000. They named it after Danzig, a ghost town a few miles south of Wishek.
All of the company's honey is produced in south central North Dakota. Bees make the honey from floral sources, such as alfalfa, clover, sunflower, canola and wildflowers — including dandelions, lilac and others.
The majority of the Danzig honey comes from clover and alfalfa because of its high quality and light, pleasant taste.

2. Bismarck Times

Chokecherry sauce, honey featured in North Dakota ‘State Plate’
Chris Olson Forum News Service
Hicks is best known as the winner of season five of “American Idol.” Since then Hicks said he has been touring to support his music career, but he is also in his second season hosting “State Plate.”

In each episode, Hicks and his support crew create a plate of food that represents each state’s iconic foods. Hicks said he couldn’t disclose what foods were used to create North Dakota’s State Plate.

“Let’s just say I was ‘buzzing’ around the state,” he said.

Hicks said he hadn’t been to North Dakota before he visited Buchanan, Wishek, Devils Lake and Baldwin last summer to record the episode. The show also filmed at Berry Dakota, located on the farm of Kay Eagleson about 10 miles north of Jamestown on North Dakota Highway 20.

He also got up close and personal with a few thousand bees at Danzig Honey Company in Wishek. Erik Dohn, who runs Danzig Honey Company along with his father, said Hicks visited the beekeeping operation and honey producing company in August. Dohn said they went through the process of making honey.

“We went to a bee yard and pulled some honey,” he said. “We brought it back to the honey processing plant and extracted some honey.”

Dohn said Hicks was a little nervous when they were out in the bee yard, but Hicks and his crew were in protective bee suits.

“You go from every now and then having one or two (bees) flying around to having 40,000 to 50,000 flying around you,” Dohn said. “It can be a little overwhelming. He handled it really well.”

Eagleson said she had a great time with Hicks and his crew when they visited her in mid-August. She said they made a chokecherry sauce that will be used on the North Dakota plate.
Hicks liked the sauce, Eagleson said, but couldn’t hide the sour taste a natural chokecherry makes when he sampled a few.
“He made quite the face in tasting them,” she said.
Hicks said he enjoyed learning about North Dakota food.
“It was a real treat to go to North Dakota and travel and meet the people and just sink my teeth in the foods that make up that state,” he said.

Growing up in Alabama, Hicks said he thought North Dakota had more mountains than he found when he visited.
“I was surprised it wasn’t as mountainous,” he said. “But the rolling terrain and the food were great.”
Hicks said the goal of “State Plate” is to visit all 50 states before the show is over. The show will have visited 36 states by the end of its second season.
“We’re almost to the goal,” he said. “We haven’t been to Hawaii yet, but we hope we’ll get there.”
There is good food everywhere in the United States, Hicks said.
“Each state has its famous food,” he said. “It’s very common for us to put that famous food on each state’s plate, but we also like to add a little local flavor to the plate.”
Hicks co-owns a barbecue restaurant in Birmingham, Ala., called Saw’s BBQ. He said eating barbecue is a way of life in Alabama.
Being the winner of season five of “American Idol” had a big impact on his life, said Hicks. He toured the nation and internationally after winning. He said he used his touring experience to make traveling for “State Plate” a good experience.
“I have always toured, but this is the best of both worlds, food and culture,” he said.

Appetizer: Honey The fields of North Dakota are loaded with clover and alfalfa where in June thru August, bees make honey in their colonies. Posted Image
The bees gather the pollen and make honey . Smokers are used to calm the bees. Posted Image and Butyric Acid pushes the bees out of the hive. The stacks of honeycomb are removed and separated and put into extractors to produce the honey. Posted Image

Danzig Honey Company - Posted Image

Entrée: Beer Battered Fried Northern Pike Posted Image

Posted Image The pike is a cold water fish . They are very aggressive . A crankbait lure is used that looks like the pikes food. They can be caught all year long and can weigh up to 20/30 lb.s

Bry’s Guide Service - Welcome to North Dakota's premier fishing and hunting location. Here at Bry's Guide Service and the Fish Rehab Lodge, we want to give you the experience of a lifetime. Our goal is to help you create a trip unique to your needs and let you see first hand the beauty Devils Lake has to offer. Explore our services and contact us today to book your next outdoors experience! Taylor took a fishing trip for Northern Pike and was successful .Posted Image.....maybe his harmonica playing helped. Posted Image

Side 1: Barley Risotto Posted Image
They add asparagus to the risotto for a tasty dish.

Town Hall Delicatessen

Side 2: Chokecherry Sauce -Posted Image

Place the aronia berries in a medium saucepan and heat over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, for 2 minutes. Stir in the honey, ginger, lemon juice, and vanilla, and bring to a boil. Lower heat to medium and simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently, until thickened. The sauce should be the consistency of jam.

Berry Dakota - The company was founded in 1996 by Kay Eagleson. We feature homemade Jelly, Jam & Syrup made with wild berries and fruits native to the upper Midwest region. Native berries are picked at the peak of perfection to insure the best flavors.
Kay's homemade quality Jams, Jellies & Syrups are hand stirred & made in small batches to assure high quality products. (Just like Grandma used to make.)You can pick your favorites from Crab Apple, Chokecherry, Wild Plum, Buffalo Berry and other flavors.
Berry Dakota features Jellies & Syrup which are made from pure fruit juice and the Jam Is made with the whole pieces of fruit. All are pure fruit or juice with no added apple or lemon juice. See the back of the brochure for all varieties
Jelly and Jam contain only 48 calories per tablespoon. On a tablespoon per tablespoon basis jam & jelly have half the calories of butter or margarine and contains 0 grams fat. A tablespoon of butter contains 102 calories, 12 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat and 31 milligrams of cholesterol. Posted Image is very bitter . Taylor participated in a chockcherry seed spitting contest at the Annual Festival.

Dessert: Sunflower Pie Posted Image
Coleman Farms Posted Image
Professional combines are used to harvest the sunflower seeds, but you can do one yourself by picking the head and removing the florets and then finding the seeds underneath.
Appetizer: Posted Image
Entree and Sides : Posted Image
Dessert: Posted Image


1. North Dakota produces more honey then any other place in North Ameica. 40 million libs a year worth 80 million dollars at 16,000 bee sites
2. A colony has 1 queen, 100 drones and from 20 to 80 thousand worker bees. One bee = 1.5 tsp of honey .Posted Image
3. 42 million bushels of barley are harvest by combines each year. Posted Image
4. Posted Image Sunflower head.
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WEEK FOUR : February 16, 2018


Dive right into deliciousness in The Ocean State! Noted for Sailing, Seafood and Music Festival...........


Narragansett and SK to be featured in an upcoming episode of ‘State Plate’

Narragansett and SK to be featured in an upcoming episode of ‘State Plate’
The Rhode Island episode of State Plate premiers on INSP on Friday, Feb. 16 8:00 p.m. ET. Pictured above are Slate Plate host Taylor Hicks and Richard Fuka of the Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance at the RI Calamari Festival last September.

Posted ImagePhoto Courtesy Narragansett Chamber of Commerce

Narragansett and South Kingstown will be represented in the second season of State Plate – an award winning culinary and travel series airing on INSP TV. The episode, which will air on Feb. 16 at 8:00 p.m., features a variety of food and culinary-related events throughout the Ocean State. The series is hosted by former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

Hicks and a camera crew were present at Narragansett’s Calamari Festival, presumably gathering footage for the upcoming episode. What has become an annual event sponsored by the town’s chamber of commerce, the Narragansett Calamari Festival saw 11 restaurants from around the state descend upon Gazebo Park for a calamari cook-off in September of last year. In addition to the “all-you-can-eat” calamari offerings, attendees also enjoyed live music, games and special appearances by Disney characters for kids, a beer garden for adults and additional food trucks. Hicks also emceed the awards ceremony and presented the award for best calamari to George’s of Galilee, which took home the top prize for the second year in a row. Meanwhile, Hicks also presented an award to the Mews Tavern as the most-spirited team.

In its first season, which aired in 2016, State Plate and Hicks chronicled food culture throughout the country, with each episode being devoted to a different state and that state’s unique culinary offerings. In this season, which began airing in August, Rhode Island will be featured on the show in addition to Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Ohio and Kentucky, among others. The season wraps up with Nevada, which airs April 13, and marks 36 states visited by Hicks and State Plate.

“In State Plate, Taylor Hicks tastes his way across the United States on a quest to assemble plates that represent each state’s most historic, famous, and tastiest foods,” a press release detailing the Rhode Island episode reads. “He samples crab cakes in Maryland, chili in Texas, potatoes in Idaho, and other delectable dishes as he travels from coast to coast visiting farms, ranches, markets, and festivals in order to uncover the stories and legends behind each state’s unique food traditions. It’s a heaping helping of America’s most intriguing cuisine, rich in history, folklore, and flavor.”

The Narragansett Calamari Festival was born out of a joint venture by the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce and the Rhode Island Fishermen’s Alliance, and brings awareness to the work of Narragansett Galilee’s fishing fleet. Galilee is one of the most prominent squid-fishing ports in the country.

“We’re so excited about the episode,” said Narragansett Chamber of Commerce Immediate Past Chair Bethany Lordaro, who helped organize the event. “When they were there filming that day, it was so much fun. It’s really great because they are a show that highlights basically each state and what foods each state is known for, and they reached out to us early in the spring last year because we’re the calamari state. They really wanted to capture the seafood culture here, and our fishing ports and that sort of the thing. We can’t wait for Rhode Island to be showcased and hopefully bring more people out to visit our state and specifically our town.”

Perhaps unbeknownst to the rest of America, the food in Lil’ Rhody is a sure highlight of the state, and State Plate will seek to expose the grand culinary ventures of the entire Ocean State in the Rhode Island-based episode, as Hicks did not come exclusively to Narragansett.

“When many think of Rhode Island, they imagine the beauty of the lighthouses including Rose Island Light and Castle Hill or historical places like Hammersmith Farm and the Touro Synagogue National Historic Site; but what about the food?” the press release continues. “Taylor Hicks travels the state discovering all the delectable dishes the state has to offer. Taylor visited Barrington, Warren, Narragansett, West Kingston and Wakefield and filled his plate with delicious food from each of these areas.”

Appetizer: Calamari The Rhode Island Calamari Festival is held the Saturday following Labor Day each year at Veteran’s Park in Narragansett. Taylor visited three purveyors of calamari who had entered the contest for best dish. Arturo Joe's contribution was buffalo calamari..... garlic, veg and soy sauce mixed with fried calamari.
Since its founding, the skilled chefs and talented staff of Arturo Joe's have been crafting our reputation as the best place to go for delicious Italian cuisine. Posted Image

Fredericks had smoked calamari popper.

Muse Tavern had the winning dish : calamari shooter clams are soaked in buttermilk, dredged and deep fried . Grilled pineapple , mesquite salsa and chipotle aioli mixed is the dipping sauce.

Entrée: Quahog Stuffies
Stuff the clean quahog shells with the quahog meat mixture. Melt butter, add onion, red and green peppers, garlic and clams and mix together.
Bake 1 hr.

Side: Johnny Cakes

Grind corn meal on a stone mill add sugar, salt, water and make into a patty. Fry in a pan and use butter and/or maple syrup on top.

Dessert 1: Donut Cakes

There are lots of donut shops in Rhode Island . A donut cake is a raised donut rolled and shaped , fried and then decorated.
Posted Image

Dessert 2: Coffee Cabinet

Coffee Milk is the official drink of Rhode Island. It is a milk shake make with 2 shots of coffee syrup and milk. To make a cabinet, you put 2 scoops of coffee ice cream into a blender with coffee milk...............


1. Taylor has a tough time at the coffee bar
2. Originally a small fisherman's tavern which opened in 1947, owners Dave and Danny have transformed the building into a legendary Rhode Island restaurant and bar with something for everyone.
The Mews boasts 3 unique bars, serving 69 beers on tap including many local micro-brews and rare + limited offerings. It is a staple for any beer lover.
3. Taylor at the Donuts Shop making a cookie for State Plate celebration Posted Image
4. 7 million lb of calamari are harvested each year. This equals 50% of the nations squid . A squid has a 14 month life cycle - they are able to reproduce 3 or 4 times during that period........ GOOD TIMES
5. A clam has 4 different stages of development: The littleneck, the count neck, the cherrystone and the quahog. Each ring on a clam shell equal one year of life.
6. The adages, "Rule of Thumb" and "Keep your Nose to the Grindstone" came from making corn meal. The meal must be so thin that it will seep through a closed them and you have to keep your nose close to the grindstone to make sure the meal is grinding properly.
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WEEK FIVE: February 23, 2018


Where can you find a garden of culinary delights? Why, in The Garden State, of course! It may be called the Garden State, but in New Jersey, diners pop-up like wildflowers. In this episode of State Plate, come with Taylor Hicks as he curates a plate to showcase New Jersey’s love of late-night diners. Find out why you’d never mistake the Italian hotdog with one from Chicago. Figure out the historical role the pork roll sandwich had to play in the revolution. Dance, dunk and dip the night away with a New Jersey original: disco fries. And check out New Jersey’s version of a sloppy joe – a sandwich so delicious and precise you’d hardly recognize it.

Appetizer: Italian Hot Dog Posted Image

Entrée: Pork Roll Posted Image

Posted Image

Side 1: New Jersey Sloppy Joe

Side 2: Disco Fries

Dessert: Salt Water Taffy Salt water taffy is a variety of soft taffy originally produced and marketed in the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area of the Jersey Shore starting in the 1880s. Salt water taffy is composed of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, glycerine, water, butter, salt, natural and/or artificial flavor, and food color.
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WEEK SIX: March 2, 2018


Feast your eyes on this Buckeye State feast!

Appetizer: Baby Swiss Cheese
Entrée: Cincinnati Chili
Side 1: Pawpaw
Side 2: Pierogi
Dessert: Buckeyes
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WEEK SEVEN: March 9, 2018


You can never be blue in The Bluegrass State…not with these good eats!

Appetizer: Benedictine Spread
Entrée: Kentucky Hot Brown
Side 1: Burgoo
Posted Image
Side 2: Spoonbread
Dessert: Bourbon Balls

Posted ImagePosted Image
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WEEK EIGHT : March 16, 2018


If you’re fixin’ to chow down, check out these fixin’s from The Tarheel State!

Appetizer: Muscadine Jelly
Entrée: BBQ Pulled Pork
Side 1: Kilt Lettuce and Onions
Side 2: Coleslaw
Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie
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WEEK NINE : March 23, 2018


We’re basing this on the rock-solid truth: You’ll get a hearty meal in The Granite State!

Appetizer: Pumpkin Bisque
Entrée: Venison
Side 1: Mashed White Potatoes
Side 2: Yogurt Salad Dressing
Dessert: Apple Cider Doughnuts

An American Idol Eats His Way Through NH
The Laconia Pumpkin Festival and four local farms to star in an episode of Taylor Hicks’ “State Plate”


Courtesy photo
So, let’s be real. When it comes to any kind of rich culinary identity, New Hampshire doesn’t exactly boast the same kind of storied, symbolic snacks seen in our sister states.

Maine has lobsters and blueberries. Massachusetts, its chowder. Vermont, its maple syrup.

Here? The folks at New Hampshire Public Radio recently embarked on a quest to determine our signature food, only to find that — perhaps appropriately, given our place in the middle of the region — it’s mostly a mishmash of other New England cuisines.

Of course, any local could tell you that what we lack in originality we make up for in quality.

And that’s just what Taylor Hicks (yes, that Taylor Hicks, the 2006 “American Idol” champion) set out to capture when he visited with the crew of his new food-focused roadshow, “State Plate.”

Airing on INSP (formerly The Inspiration Network), each episode showcases a distinctive plate of food from a single state: an appetizer, an entrée, two sides and a dessert.

New Hampshire’s episode won’t air until early 2018. While Hicks’ tour took him to an array of local farms, his agenda also included a stop at the Laconia Pumpkin Festival to sample something made from the state fruit. One takeaway from that detour: “I didn’t realize there’s a lot of different varieties in which you can prepare a pumpkin.”

And on the whole, his tour left him enamored with New Hampshire’s tapestry of tiny towns and general stores stocked with stuff grown right down the street.

“It’s truly a farm-to-table state,” says Hicks.

That said, the Birmingham, Alabama, native was also impressed — and surprised — by New Hampshire’s apparent reverence for at least one seemingly ubiquitous deep-fat-fried food.

“I didn’t realize how many doughnut shops there were,” laughs Hicks. “I grew up with a Krispy Kreme around the corner, but you guys take the cake — no pun intended.”

“It’s interesting how there are all of these little doughnut shops that are so local and fresh, and all of a sudden you guys can’t get enough of it — so Dunkin’ Donuts has to put 100 stores in New Hampshire,” he adds. “I love it.”

And fear not, “Idol” fans: When he’s not filming his TV show, Hicks has hardly given up his musical career. He still performs live shows and debuted a new single, “Six Strings and Diamond Rings,” in September. In fact, the way he sees it, these pursuits are complementary.

“The way you prepare a dish is like the way you prepare a song,” says Hicks. “Hopefully you put a lot of love in it, and people will like it.”

This article appears in the December 2017 issue of New Hampshire Magazine
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WEEK TEN: March 30, 2018


We, the people of the United States, in order to delight the taste buds, do ordain this mouthwatering menu from The Constitution State.

Appetizer: Oyster on the Half Shell Posted Image
Entrée: Steamed Hamburger
Ted's Restaurant. Meriden, CT ·
Mike and I are going to be on the show State Plate with Taylor Hicks! Lol We went to get steamed cheeseburgers at Teds in Meriden and they were filming for the show! We got to meet Taylor Hicks too, he seems like a nice guy. Apparently they liked the way we ate our cheeseburgers! Who would have thought my big TV break would be me stuffing my face with a cheeseburger?! It was pretty delicious actually! Lmao!

Side 1: Hot Lobster Roll
Side 2: White Clam Pizza
Dessert: Ice Cream Soda

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