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SAW'S JUKE JOINT previously ORE Drink and Dine
Topic Started: Oct 30 2012, 12:11 PM (3,707 Views)
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Saw's Juke Joint

Posted Image

Taylor Hicks partners with Saw's BBQ founder to open Saw's Juke Joint in former Ore location

Posted Image

By Bob Carlton |

October 30, 2012 at 7:30 AM,

Taylor Hicks plans to reopen his Ore Drink and Dine as Saw's Juke Joint.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Taylor Hicks’ Ore Drink and Dine restaurant and bar has a new name, a new menu and some new ownership, the 2006 “American Idol” winner said Monday night.

By this afternoon, Ore should reopen as Saw’s Juke Joint, a barbecue and blues bar that will be the third restaurant under the Saw’s brand started by Mike Wilson.

"The opportunity came up to partner with a great restaurant group, and we thought it fit the space perfectly," Hicks said Monday.

Wilson, who, along with Hicks, will be one of the co-owners of the new restaurant, opened his original Saw’s BBQ in Homewood’s Edgewood neighborhood in 2009, and he opened Saw’s Soul Kitchen with chef and co-owner Brandon Cain in Avondale earlier this year.

Hicks and some of his business partners opened Ore in former Open Door Café location in Birmingham's Crestline Park in April 2011. Ore's final day in business was Sunday, Hicks said.

He declined to say why Ore closed, except to say that Saw’s Juke Joint will be a better fit for the space.

“I think the concept fits the area perfectly,” Hicks said. “We all know Saw’s has the best barbecue in town, and the juke joint concept is a home run."

The menu will feature the Carolina-style barbecue that Saw’s is famous for, along with smoked wings, fried oyster sandwiches, fried green tomato BLTs and other Southern dishes that have become popular at Saw’s Soul Kitchen, Wilson said.
At night, the new Saw’s will double as a blues club, and the owners plan to bring in regional musicians who pass through town, Wilson added.

“Taylor’s deal is music and my deal is food, and his music goes hand-in-hand with my food,” Wilson said.

Partnering with Hicks and Wilson as a co-owner of Saw’s Juke Joint is Doug Smith, who formerly owned Smith’s Oysters & Steaks in the same Crestline Park shopping center.

Steve Luther, a former chef at Fire in Crestline Village, and John Hall, who has worked at Gramercy Tavern in New York, will be in the kitchen, Wilson said.

Ore featured an industrial-themed decor that celebrated Birmingham's history as a steel city, but Wilson said he is in the process of making it look more like a dive.

“That’s in the works,” he said. “It’s going to have a more relaxed, casual, juke joint, hole-in-the-wall feel," he said.

The restaurant, which will open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, should be ready to open by 4 p.m. today, Wilson said.


Posted Image

Saw’s Juke Joint opens tonight in Crestline

by Emily Lowrey • October 30, 2012 @ 3:30pm

Residents of Mountain Brook won’t have to drive far for a Saw’s burger with onion rings starting tonight. The popular local chain is expanding to its third location, taking over operations at Ore in Crestline.

Posted Image

“It’ll be everything you love from the Avondale location and the Homewood location, but we’ll also have a bar,” says Co-Owner Brandon Cain. Saw’s Juke Joint plans to offer the same selection of alcohol as Ore, including local craft brews. Cain says that live music will be added in the coming months.

It’s certainly been an interesting year for Cain, who back in early March was the chef de cuisine at Ocean before leaving to open Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale with partner Mike Wilson in the same month. Wilson is the Founder and Owner of Saw’s in Homewood’s Edgewood neighborhood.

Cain’s involvement in the Saw’s enterprise has added affordable, upscale options to an already stellar menu. Items like soft shell crab BLT and a regular rotation of bread pudding desserts with seasonal fruits make a daily appearance on the Saw’s Soul Kitchen menu.

Photo: Fried porch sandwich with avocado cream and fried leeks, one of many limited specials on Saw’s menu.

“We felt like we needed to strike while the iron is hot, and this came up and we just couldn’t pass it up,” says Cain. “We’re really pleased that we could all work this out.”

“Avondale is not going anywhere. Avondale is still going to be the great thing it is. This will just us a chance to have more space and maybe give the big boys a run for their money at some point,” says Cain.

Taylor Hicks, Ore’s current owner, already invested in extensive renovations for the restaurant’s space. Ore has concrete floors and a downhome, upscale feel that will fit well with the Saw’s Juke Joint concept. Cain says he and Wilson aren’t expecting to make changes to the interior of restaurant. “We’ll change out the sign and that’s about it,” he says.

Details of the partnership have not been disclosed.

Saw’s Juke Joint will have a soft opening on Wednesday at 5:00pm. The restaurant will be open for dinner Monday - Saturday, and Cain says plans are in the works to serve lunch Monday - Saturday and also to offer a Sunday brunch.

Saw’s Juke Joint is located at 1115 Dunston Avenue in Mountain Brook.

Taylor , dropping in to Saw's to sing for his supper on November 15, 2012

Posted Imagecredit to Lanaesgift

Posted Imagecredit to Saws tweet

Posted Imagecredit to Saw's tweet
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Saw's Juke Joint review: New Crestline restaurant a nice addition to neighborhood

November 26, 2012

Posted Image
(Photo by Fletcher Harvey)
By Susan Swagler

Clearly Crestline Park is ready for a juke joint. Ever since Ore suddenly closed one day and Saw’s Juke Joint opened in the same space a day or so later, the new place has been hopping.

And it’s just the kind of juke joint this neighborhood needs. A little funky, but not too much. At least, not scarily so. Upscale dive, it turns out, is not an oxymoron. In roughing up the place (you know, to make it look different in the timeframe of a mere day and a half), they took down the Ore signs and the wallpaper in the bar and handed out chalk so people could deface the dark walls.

Yes, chalk.

Saw’s is a family-friendly kind of juke joint. Sometimes mischievous children use that chalk to mismark the restrooms. Of course, these new designations are about knee high, so if you notice them, you probably also should notice the cab phone number written above the front door.


What: : Saw’s Juke Joint, 1115 Dunston Ave., Crestline Park; 205-745-3920

Prices: Sandwiches about $6, entrees around $10, burgers about $7, sides around $3

Hours: Kitchen open from 11 a.m. to around 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday; bar open until …; Sunday brunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. .

Info: Full bar; credit cards accepted; reservations not accepted; not yet rated by Health Department

Bottom line: Review gets four stars out of five
Saw’s Juke Joint is a partnership between singer Taylor Hicks, Mike Wilson and Doug Smith. American Idol winner Hicks was a co-owner of Ore. Wilson has two other popular Saw’s-branded restaurants in town: the original Saw’s BBQ in Homewood’s close-knit Edgewood neighborhood and Saw’s Soul Kitchen down the street from Avondale Brewing Co. in the hip and historic Avondale area of south Birmingham. Doug Smith is no stranger to this part of town; he owned Otey’s in nearby Crestline Village at one point, and he owned Smith’s Oysters & Steaks, which used to be at the very opposite end of this same Crestline Park shopping center. (A place, by the way, that also is home to a small but well and thoughtfully stocked wine and beer store and a great bike shop that caters to cyclists of all ages and abilities.)

Saw’s Juke Joint is casual and comfortable. In addition to a full bar, you’ll find burgers, sandwiches, a couple entrees, stuffed baked potatoes, and some starters and sides on the chalkboard menus. There’s the vinegar-based Carolina-style barbecue that has made Saw’s locally famous, and you’ll also enjoy the grits and greens that keep customers coming back to the Soul Kitchen. The background music at Saw’s Juke Joint is blues, and there’s live music from regional bands on Thursdays and Fridays.

With all these complementary ingredients, this joint effort—part blues club, part restaurant—makes a whole lot of fun and delicious sense.

On our first visit for lunch the day before Thanksgiving, the place was packed, so we sat at the bar. And we immediately noticed that real cutlery and nearly all serving pieces that need washing went the way of the old Ore signs. Forks and knives are plastic. Plates and cups are Styrofoam. Napkins are paper towels.

A no-frills Bloody Mary came in a Styrofoam cup, which led me to believe that there were no glasses available at all. “Who serves a Bloody Mary in a Styrofoam cup?” I asked my husband. “Who orders a Bloody Mary in a juke joint?” he replied. Turns out there are glasses available, but you have to ask for one. Now you know.

Lunch got off to a great start with a couple of deviled eggs ($2.25) that featured just a touch of crunchy, sweet relish in the creamy yoke filling. But really, we had come in especially for the knife-and-fork burgers I had already heard so much about in the mere three weeks that Saw’s Juke Joint has been around.

The Carolina burger ($7.25), a mustardy play on the Carolina-style barbecue that Saw’s is known for, is piled high and overflowing with chili and slaw. The bartender handed this plate to me and then passed me a roll of paper towels, saying, “You’re gonna need this.”

This burger is a fabulous thing. (And judging from reviews, it is the main reason for the 93 percent “like it” rating on Urbanspoon.) The thick patty is juicy inside with a nice char on the outside and, together with the savory toppings, offers a delicious combination of flavors and textures.

The Saw’s Burger ($6.99), traditionally dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, cheese and onions, is not nearly as complex but no less impressive. Both burgers came with plastic knives sticking out of them—necessary to keep it all together during the short trip from kitchen to table. The flimsy buns simply do not hold up to all that burger.

We loved both of the sides we ordered. They cost extra, but you get your money’s worth. The sweet potato fries ($2.75) and the onion rings ($3.25) are substantial— cut thick and cooked crisp. The batter on the rings is nice and light.

During a subsequent Saturday night dinner, we sat in the dining room where the wonderful reclaimed-wood paneling and bare bulbs from the previous industrial look of Ore apparently were suitably rough enough for juke joint décor.

We quickly realized that the wings ($6.99), a little sweet and not so spicy hot, are a must-have. They are smoked, and you’ll taste that; the flavor permeates the tender, moist meat. But they also are flash-fried before coming to the table, so they have a nice, almost-caramelized crust. A drizzle of Saw’s creamy white sauce looks good and tastes great. Our table also enjoyed a shared order of the sweet potato fries, which were just as firm and crunchy as before but needed a tad more salt this time.

A stuffed baked potato ($5.75) was notable for its enormous size. Ours was filled with still-crisp steamed broccoli, green onions and lots of finely shredded cheddar cheese.

The two sandwiches we tried, like the burgers, are piled full of ingredients and require a knife-and-fork approach. The fried green tomato BLT ($5.75) looked like a bacon explosion. We’re not complaining! It just took a few bites to get to the thick slices of tangy green, lightly fried tomato. The smoked chicken sandwich ($5.75) is slathered with Saw’s popular white sauce, and you have about a minute and a half from the time the server sets this sandwich down before the sauce soaks the soft bun and it becomes impossible to eat with your hands. We enjoyed a side of crunchy, vinegar-based slaw with this dish.

The highlight of our meal was a dish I’d heard about from Saw’s Soul Kitchen—greens over grits topped with pulled pork ($9.99). (You can get fried oysters or chicken here instead of the pork, if you’d like.) This Southern soul food mash-up is just incredible. The grits are slightly cheesy, the greens are sharply piquant, and the pork is smoky and tender. All together, the mix of flavors—earthy, tangy and slightly sweet—makes for one delicious dish.

Also on this visit, we discovered that there are indeed glasses available—this after drinking our Westbrook IPA from a can. If you ask for one, you’ll get your beer in a freshly frosted glass each time; we envied the more in-the-know patron sitting next to us. But you do have to ask; in our experience, the server will not ask you.

I know that’s all part of the juke-joint vibe. Beer in cans and bottles. Plastic forks. Sandwich buns with the consistency of sponge cake. Appetizer plates created out of little take-out boxes torn in half. (We actually liked that last inventive touch from our accommodating and quick-thinking server.) But Saw’s Juke Joint is, at the end of the day or even at midday, only sort of a dive.

Unwind that Burberry scarf and order yourself a chardonnay; no one will even blink. There are kids running around the dining room here for goodness’ sake! You’ll also find brunch on Sunday. Then again, you can come in wearing your team-themed sweat suit and pound down an ice-cold PBR, and that’s quite all right, too. Walk right in and sit right down; someone will likely know your name.

And judging from the consistent, all-age crowds, this comfortably delicious somewhat highbrow version of pseudo lowdown is working out just fine.
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Taylor at Saw's during the Thanksgiving Holiday pictures by sandgpie

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Taylor playing with Gip Gipson and Earl Williams at Saw's during the Christmas Holidays 2012 Dec 20, 2012

credit to Cindy McGee
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Birmingham Magazine

A Neighborhood Joint

By Carla Jean Whitley

It’s Tuesday, normally one of the restaurant business’ quieter nights, but the lot in front of the Crestline Park shopping center is packed with cars, with spillover lining Dunston Avenue. Signs on the doors of Saw’s Juke Joint remind its patrons not to block the neighborhood’s driveways. In other words, the crowd has found its way to the Crestline Park neighborhood’s new hot spot.
Saw’s opened its third location in late October, and the former home of Ore and Open Door Café has been packed nearly every night since. The spot drew crowds in the past, and since Saw’s opening, co-owner Doug Smith says many patrons have thanked the staff for bringing a laid-back hangout. “It has a lot of fond memories for folks,” says Smith, who opened the restaurant with fellow owners Mike Wilson of Saw’s and American Idol winner and former Ore co-owner Taylor Hicks.
Though the restaurant’s opening was announced days in advance, work began five weeks earlier.
“It was the easiest transition of all the locations that we were looking at,” Doug Smith says. “Our most important thing was it allowed us to get open while football season was in full swing,” which includes the busiest months in Birmingham’s restaurant business, Smith says.
Before opening the doors, the owners covered the walls of the former fine-dining restaurant in blackboard paint to create a more casual atmosphere. Menus and drink lists are written on the walls in chalk, and a hand-written message encourages patrons to bring college and other paraphernalia to hang among the license plates, university flags and beer signs that already adorn the walls.

“You want people to feel comfortable and unpretentious, and you want them to be able to come in here in T-shirts and tennis shoes, but at the same time, the place has to be clean,” Smith says.
The food is equally accessible, with a menu that highlights the barbecue that the Homewood Saw’s location made famous, as well as the down-home dishes that Avondale’s Saw’s Soul Kitchen popularized. Thursday and Friday nights pair that menu with a soundtrack of live, blues-influenced music. Sundays take a different turn as the restaurant serves up Saw’s spin on brunch. Dishes such as shrimp and grits using redeye gravy or chicken and waffles ensure diners leave with full bellies, and a bloody Mary bar offers up one of brunch’s best-known beverages.
Saw’s Juke Joint is also the first of the restaurant’s locations to feature a full bar, as well as beer and wine lists. The restaurant is evidence of the continued growth of Saw’s brands, from a simple barbecue restaurant to a soul-food destination to a neighborhood restaurant and bar. “The place dictates the style of food or what the restaurant’s going to be, as much as anything else,” Smith says. “I think everyone feels comfortable here, no matter what the occasion is.”

Saw’s Juke Joint
1115 Dunston Ave., Crestline Park
Hours: Mon.-Thurs., 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m.; Fri.-Sat., 11 a.m.-
10 p.m.; Sun., 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Photos by Cary Norton

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Taylor Hicks to Perform at Saw's Juke Joint on March 29, 2013

Fans in Birmingham, Taylor will join the fabulously talented Earl Williams and Gip Gipson for a performance at Saw's Juke Joint on Friday, March 29, 2013! Saw's Juke Joint is located at 1115 Dunston Avenue.

Birmingham News :

By Mary Calurso Mar. 26, 2013

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- If you run into a certain gray-haired singer on the streets of Birmingham this weekend, it's perfectly fine to do a double-take.

Yes, that's Taylor Hicks, coming back to his hometown for a few days of R&R. The Hoover native and former "American Idol" winner plans to take a short break from his residency on the Las Vegas Strip.

After tonight's show, Hicks will be off until April 15 at Napoleon's, his concert venue at the Paris hotel. But that doesn't mean he'll stop performing.


Who: Taylor Hicks in Birmingham.

When : March 29: Concert at Saw’s Juke Joint, 1115 Dunston Ave., with Earl Williams and Henry “Gip” Gipson, 9 p.m. show, free admission.
On March 28, for example, Hicks will make a guest appearance at Croonin' for Critters, an "Idol" style vocal contest at the WorkPlay theater. It's a benefit for the Do Dah Day parade and festival. (That May 18 event, in turn, raises money for Birmingham animal shelters.)

Then, on March 29, Hicks will perform at Saw's Juke Joint with bluesmen Earl Williams and Henry "Gip" Gipson. Hicks, you may recall, is one of the owners of the popular restaurant in Crestline.

"It'll be nice to be in Birmingham for a couple of days," Hicks says during a phone interview. "I'll take a pause for a great cause, play some blues and eat some barbecue. I'll visit friends and family, take some time off to recharge the batteries."

We can't tell you everything that Hicks, 36, has in mind for his vacation -- "I'll probably disappear," he says -- but we do know that he's not an official contestant at Croonin' for Critters.

Local notables, including attorneys such as Tommy Spina, will sing for a panel of judges and collect votes, in the form of $1 donations, from audience members. Hicks is set to perform, but he won't be competing for votes.

"I think the people in Birmingham might have voted enough already for me, unless I go on 'Dancing With the Stars' or run for office," Hicks says, laughing. (He had strong support from Birmingham during his "Idol" run in 2006.)

If you're planning to catch his set at Saw's Juke Joint, Hicks estimates a 9 p.m. start time. He'll perform for about 90 minutes and sign autographs. (Attention, Soul Patrol: Hicks says merchandise from his Las Vegas stash will be available at the show.)

Hicks' recent projects include an appearance in the harmonica documentary "Pocket Full of Soul." He's filming a spot for a documentary about Nashville, and will be involved in a cookbook project this summer. (Details TBA, Hicks says.)

Hicks' April agenda includes two concerts at ThistleDown Racino, a horse track with video lottery terminals in Cleveland, Ohio. Then he heads back to Las Vegas, playing at the Paris until the end of November.

Wondering about Hicks' own celebrity encounters on the Strip? He agreed to share a few of his personal photos from Vegas, with entertainers that range from Wayne Newton to Carrot Top. (See the slideshow at the top of the story.)


Brian Less - keyboard
Clay Connor - guitar
Gip Gibson -
Earl Williams -


The Thrill is Gone
One Way Out
How Sweet it Is
The Breeze


1. ATF
@Saws standing room only

How Sweet It Is to be Loved By You :

The Breeze

One Way Out / Allman Brother

Posted Imagecredit to Thomas B Diasio

The Thrill is Gone

Turn on Your Love Light

All Videos credit to Allison

Posted Imagecredit to ATF

Posted Imagecredit to Matt Rockvold

Posted ImageFrom Gip Gibson's Facebook

Posted Image
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Birmingham 's Best Lunch

Juke Joint

Posted Image

Hit the almost new Saw’s Juke Joint in the old Open Door spot off Euclid today. It’s Soul Kitchen menu with lots of room and wait staff. Don’t forget your wallet and feel free to come around happy hour- full bar. The food is just like the Kitchen which means it is made with love. It will be a challenge to see if they can maintain the quality with this much volume. I will be happy to visit regularly to check.

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Tony Hale on Craig Ferguson August 6, 2013
credit to ChannelShowFan

Saw's mention @ 1:55

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Birmingham's Best 2013

By Alec Harvey
December 27, 2013 at 2:59 AM

More than 3,100 of you voted for Birmingham’s Best 2013, and the results are in.

From Highlands Bar and Grill to the Magic City Art Connection, Vino to UAB, your favorites (and runners-up) are listed below.

Take a look at the list, and let us know what you think!

Best Must-See Spot for Visitors

Winner: Vulcan Park and Museum

Runners-up: Regions Field, Barber Motorsports Park, Railroad Park

Best Hotel

Winner: Renaissance Ross Bridge

Runners-up: The Tutwiler, The Westin, Aloft

Best Local Boy Made Good

Winner: Jameis Winston

Runners-up: Ruben Studdard, Paul Finebaum, Taylor Hicks

Best Local Girl Made Good

Winner: Courteney Cox

Runners-up: Condoleezza Rice, Fannie Flagg, Rebecca Luker

Best Local Politician

Winner: William Bell

Runners-up: Paul DeMarco, no one, Johnathan Austin

Best Department Store

Winner: Belk

Runners-up: Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kohl’s

Best Women’s Clothing Store

Winner: Gus Mayer

Runners-up: Belk, Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace, SOCA

Best Men’s Clothing Store

Winner: Shaia’s

Runners-up: Jos. A. Bank, Harrison Limited, Belk

Best Shopping Mall

Winner: Colonial Brookwood Village

Runners-up: The Summit, The Shops at Grand River, The Galleria

Best Grocery Store

Winner: Publix

Runners-up: Whole Foods, Piggly Wiggly, Freshfully Market

Best College or University

Winner: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Runners-up: Birmingham-Southern College, University of Alabama, Auburn University

Best Place to People-Watch

Winner: Railroad Park

Runners-up: Five Points South, Colonial Brookwood Village, The Galleria

Best Garden Shop

Winner: Hanna’s Garden Shop

Runners-up: Leaf and Petal, Andy’s Creekside Nursery, Oak Street Garden Shop

Best Furniture Store

Winner: At Home

Runners-up: Birmingham Wholesale, Haverty’s, Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace

Best Hardware Store

Winner: Little Hardware

Runners-up: Lowe’s, Bluff Park Hardware, Huffstutler’s

Best Golf Course

Winner: Renaissance Ross Bridge

Runners-up: Birmingham Country Club, Shoal Creek, Highland Park

Best Antique Store

Winner: What’s on 2nd?

Runners-up: Fifth Avenue Antiques, Urban Suburban, Hanna Antiques

Best Health Club

Winner: YMCA

Runners-up: Fitness 4U 24/7, Iron Tribe Fitness, Levite Jewish Community Center

Best Athlete

Winner: Jameis Winston

Runners-up: AJ McCarron, Trey Hardee, Bo Jackson

Best Public Park

Winner: Railroad Park

Runners-up: Moss Rock Preserve, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Oak Mountain State Park

Best Walking Trail

Winner: Railroad Park

Runners-up: Jemison Trail, Oak Mountain State Park, Red Mountain Park

Best Weekend Getaway

Winner: Atlanta

Runners-up: Destin, Gulf Shores, Chattanooga

Best Radio Personality

Winner: Scott Register

Runners-up: Paul Finebaum, Rick & Bubba, Dollar Bill Lawson

Best Radio Station

Winner: Birmingham Mountain Radio

Runners-up: 102.5 (The Bull), 104.7 (WZZK), 90.3 (WBHM)

Best TV Station

Winner: ABC 33/40

Runners-up: NBC 13, Fox 6, CBS 42

Best TV Personality

Winner: James Spann

Runners-up: Patrick Claybon, Mickey Ferguson, Mike Royer

Best Outdoor Festival

Winner: Magic City Art Connection

Runners-up: Gumbo Gala, Moss Rock Festival, Cask and Drum

Best Kids’ Attraction

Winner: McWane Science Center

Runners-up: Birmingham Zoo, Vulcan Park and Museum, Birmingham Children’s Theatre

Best Live Music Club

Winner: Iron City

Runners-up: WorkPlay, Bottletree, Moonlight on the Mountain

Best Dance Club

Winner: Nana Funk’s

Runners-up: The Quest, Aqua, Bacchus

Best Live Music Club

Winner: Iron City

Runners-up: WorkPlay, Bottletree, Moonlight on the Mountain

Best Local Musician or Group (pop)

Winner: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Runners-up: Black Jacket Symphony, Gentleman Zero, Marc Gunn

Best Local Musician or Group (classical)

Winner: Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Runners-up: Sursum Corda, Magic City Choral Society, Yakov Kasman

Best Movie Theater

Winner: Alabama Theatre

Runners-up: Carmike, Rave, The Edge

Best Live Theater

Winner: City Equity Theatre

Runners-up: Terrific New Theatre, Red Mountain Theatre Company, Dane Peterson Theatre Series

Best Museum

Winner: Birmingham Museum of Art

Runners-up: Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, McWane Science Center

Best Art Gallery

Winner: Naked Art

Runners-up: Art Alley, Artists Incorporated, Space One Eleven

Best Local Artist

Winner: Bethanne Hill

Runners-up: Gary Chapman, Mary Liz Ingram, Michael Swann

Best Local Website



Best Bookstore

Winner: Barnes & Noble

Runners-up: 2nd & Charles, Little Professor, Books-A-Million

Best Church Choir

Winner: Cathedral Church of the Advent

Runners-up: Sixth Avenue Baptist, Canterbury United Methodist, Independent Presbyterian Church

Best Local Actor

Winner: Lucas Pepke

Runners-up: Hal Word, Jonathan Fuller, Nick Crawford

Best Local Actress

Winner: Holly Dikeman

Runners-up: Jan D. Hunter, Kristi Tingle Higginbotham, Sandra Taylor

Best Delicatessen

Winner: Diplomat Deli

Runners-up: Max’s Delicatessen, Momma Goldberg’s, Mr. P’s

Best Restaurant

Winner: Highlands Bar and Grill

Runners-up: Hot and Hot Fish Club, Bottega, Bellinis Ristorante

Best Chef

Winner: Frank Stitt

Runners-up: Chris Hastings, Matthew Lagace, George McMillan III

Best Bar

Winner: Rogue Tavern

Runners-up: Avondale Brewing Company, Collins Bar, Nana Funk’s

Best Sports Bar

Winner: Bob Baumhower’s Wings

Runners-up: On Tap Sports Café, Buffalo Wild Wings, Billy’s

Best Bartender

Winner: William Batson, the Bar Hops

Runners-up: Steva Casey, Veranda on Highland; Jason Brunson, Stillwater Pub; Chris Conner, Highlands Bar and Grill

Best Bakery

Winner: Dreamcakes

Runners-up: Continental Bakery, Publix, Edgar’s

Best Barbecue

Winner: Saw’s

Runners-up: Full Moon, Jim ‘N Nick’s, Golden Rule

Best French Fries

Winner: Chez FonFon

Runners-up: Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Milo’s, Hamburger Heaven

Best Hamburger

Winner: Chez FonFon

Runners-up: Five Guys Burger and Fries, Flip Burger Boutique, Hamburger Heaven

Best Hot Dog

Winner: Lyric

Runners-up: Gus’s, Sneaky Pete’s, Tip Top Grill

Best Pizza (chain)

Winner: Mellow Mushroom

Runners-up: Domino’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Papa John’s

Best Pizza (non-chain)

Winner: Slice Pizza and Brew

Runners-up: Davenport’s, Dave’s, Tortuga’s

Best Asian Restaurant

Winner: P.F. Chang’s

Runners-up: Mr. Chen’s, Yuki, Jensei

Best Ice Cream Parlor

Winner: Edgewood Creamery

Runners-up: Bruster’s, Mountain Brook Creamery, Steel City Pops

Best Desserts

Winner: Dreamcakes

Runners-up: Steel City Pops, Cheesecake Factory, Highlands Bar and Grill

Best Pie

Winner: Jim ‘n Nick’s

Runners-up: Full Moon BBQ, Miss Myra’s, Johnny Ray’s

Best Italian Restaurant

Winner: GianMarco’s

Runners-up: Bottega, Bettola, Vino

Best Inexpensive Restaurant

Winner: Taziki’s

Runners-up: Rojo, Fish Market, Nabeel’s

Best Restaurant if Someone Else is Paying

Winner: Highlands Bar and Grill

Runners-up: Hot and Hot Fish Club, Fleming’s Steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Best Mexican Restaurant

Winner: El Cazador

Runners-up: Little Donkey, El Barrio, La Paz

Best Fast Food

Winner: Chick-fil-A

Runners-up: Milo’s, Hamburger Heaven, Zaxby’s

Best New Restaurant

Winner: FoodBar

Runners-up: Todd English P.U.B., Vittoria, Iron City Grill

Best Outdoor Dining

Winner: Vino

Runners-up: Bottega Café, Chuy’s, Rojo

Best Late-Night Dining

Winner: Formaggio’s

Runners-up: Al’s, Purple Onion, Rojo

Best Romantic Dining

Winner: Café Dupont

Runners-up: Vino, Highlands Bar and Grill, Ocean

Best Seafood Restaurant

Winner: Fish Market

Runners-up: Ocean, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Highlands Bar and Grill

Best Steak Restaurant

Winner: Fleming’s Steakhouse

Runners-up: Ruth’s Chris, MetroPrime Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse

Best Meat-and-Three

Winner: Niki’s West

Runners-up: Ted’s, Irondale Café, Homewood Diner

Best Food Truck

Winner: Melt

Runners-up: Cantina, Shindigs, Dreamcakes

Best Take-Out

Winner: Taziki’s

Runners-up: Rojo, Zoe’s Kitchen, Purple Onion

Best Lunch Spot

Winner: Zoe’s Kitchen

Runners-up: Brio Tuscan Grille, Trattoria Centrale, Saw’s

Best Brunch Spot

Winner: Trattoria Centrale

Runners-up: Another Broken Egg, Rojo, The Egg & I

Best Chicken Wings

Winner: Bob Baumhower’s Wings

Runners-up: Buffalo Wild Wings, Green Acres, On Tap Sports Cafe

Best Fried Chicken

Winner: Publix

Runners-up: KFC, Irondale Café, Little Donkey

Best Fried Green Tomatoes

Winner: Irondale Cafe

Runners-up: Niki’s West, John’s City Diner, Dale’s Southern Grill

Best Coffeehouse

Winner: O’Henry’s

Runners-up: Crestwood Coffee, Urban Standard, Starbucks

Best Local Brewery

Winner: Avondale Brewing Company

Runners-up: Good People, Cahaba Brewing, Beer Engineers

Best Martini

Winner: Blue Monkey

Runners-up: Avo & Dram, Highlands Bar and Grill, 26

Best Margarita

Winner: La Paz

Runners-up: Chuy’s, Cantina, Cocina Superior

Best Beer Selection

Winner: Hop City

Runners-up: World of Beer, J. Clyde, On Tap Sports Cafe

Best Wine Selection

Winner: Fleming’s Steakhouse

Runners-up: Highlands Bar and Grill, Ocean, Hot and Hot Fish Club

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13 Restaurant Recommendations from Top Food ExpertsFebruary 3, 2014 · Written by Taylor Goldblatt

2014-02-05 at 12.50.35 AM

What are some of the best restaurants in the US? Let’s see what the expert chefs, restaurateurs and celebrities have to say. After seeing such helpful advice from our last two round-up posts on travel savings tips and inspirational travel advice, we could hardly wait to see the words of wisdom that we would hear from a new batch of travelers. So, in an effort to learn from some of the world’s most experienced industry professionals, we reached out to them to hear their response to this one simple question:

What’s your favorite restaurant in America and why?

We got loads of great advice, as these travelers reflected back on their many years of dining and really gave us some tips from the heart. So without further ado, here are their responses, which are shared in the order that they were received:

1. “It’s impossible for me to have one favorite restaurant. I have a special place in my heart for my Emeril’s restaurant in New Orleans because that’s where it all started. Nearly 25 years later many of my classic dishes are still favorites, like barbecued shrimp and banana cream pie, but at the same time our menu continues to creatively evolve under my chef de cuisine David Slater.”

Chef Emeril Lagasse, Chef-proprietor of 13 restaurants, Named “Chef of the Year” by GQ magazine, @Emeril

2. “One of the best meals I’ve had in the last year came from a sort of secret sushi restaurant in West LA called Yamakase. To secure a reservation you need to fill out a form on the restaurant’s website, and you’ll notice that that website doesn’t list an address or phone number. Once you actually show up at Yamakase, there’s a sign outside that always says ‘Closed’ and the window curtains are drawn. Inside, the tiny unadorned eatery is littered with empty bottles of expensive wine, Champagne, and booze — this is a special occasion place. For the next four and a half hours you will dine on kaiseki and pristine sushi — some of the best I’ve had in the seven years I’ve lived in Los Angeles.”

Kat Odell, Bravo’s Eat, Drink, Love, Eater LA, @Kat_odell

3. ”Mari Vanna… It’s the Russian version of The Ivy..I’m addicted to it and sit there for hours when I’m in LA.. I love the Blini with black caviar!!”

Jonathan Cheban, Kim Kardashian’s BFF, AMA Host, Sushi MiKasa Owner, @JonathanCheban

4. “When asked your question, Pastis came instantly to mind. I mean, without hesitation. And there are a few reasons why. First, I’ve enjoyed many cocktails and “bites at the bar” after long days of shooting Quick Fix Meals in Food Network’s studios just 2 blocks away. The trendy, uber-friendly bar is the perfect place to unwind after a day on set. Next, the location: New York’s meat-packing district is about as fashionable as it gets. Funny thing is, I don’t care about that – I just love the cobblestone streets and Old New York feel of the neighborhood. The place is always bustling and as you nibble on items from their simple, yet expertly crafted menu, you hear laughter and chatter from every corner of the lively room. On a recent trip, I brought my two boys (ages 10 and 11) and experienced the place in a completely different way. That sealed the deal for me; no matter what my day has been like , I adore cozying up to the vibe, food and company of Pastis.”

Robin Miller, Author of “Robin Takes 5” and host of Food Network’s Quick Fix Meals, @RobinVMiller

5. “Saw’s Juke-Joint in Birmingham, AL is a quintessential Southern barbecue and soul food restaurant. From the sweet tea fried chicken sandwich to the best smoked wings in the country, I love coming back to my old stomping grounds and sitting in with some fabulous Southern blues artists. The Heart of Dixie has the best food in the world – hands down.”

Taylor Hicks, American Idol 5th Season Winner, Headliner at Paris Las Vegas, People magazine’s “Hottest Bachelor of the Year,” Restauranteur, @TaylorHicks

6. “My favorite restaurant in America would be Husk in Charleston South Carolina. The food is amazing and they are doing America a service by remembering the cuisine of our earliest roots as a nation. The line Cooks and chefs drop the food off at your table and can explain all of the dishes. Chef Brock is truly cooking American Cuisine. Every restaurant in America should take a page from Brock’s book.

When it comes to New York we are dealing with a much harder question to answer. With that being said If I stripped away all the chef talk and personal relationships, it would be Blue Ribbon Sullivan Street. Being a chef and working late hours, you miss out on dining at the new hot spots. The fact that the Blue Ribbon serves a full menu till about 4 am is super clutch. You can stroll in with a a few buddies after a night of partying and have a dozen oysters, a foie gras terrine, fried chicken, tofu ravioli’, hummus, or just about anything. The fact that it’s all pretty darn good is a huge plus. The cocktails and wine selection are tailored made or restaurant professionals and full on foodies. Order the fried oysters and the salt and pepper shrimp, trust me. This place never disappoints and is a must visit if you love good food and love it late night.”

Chaz Brown, Bravo’s Top Chef, Mid-Atlantic Chef of The Year, @Dacheezyjuan

7. “To pick one favorite restaurant in all of the US is a bit overwhelming! If I had to pick just one I think I would pick Gramercy Tavern in NYC. I know - it has been around for a while. But Gramercy Tavern has been spot on in service and food every time I have ever been which at this point is several dozen times. Whether I’m there to me a friend for a drink, a casual solo dinner in the Tavern or a fancier affair in the dining room Gramercy Tavern always feels just right. More importantly the staff always makes you feel welcome and appropriate no matter the occasion. Seasonal, creative, delicious food, truly warm and welcoming ambiance and service – true excellence in hospitality in every way. On second thought, it wasn’t hard at all – Gramercy Tavern is my favorite restaurant by far.”

Keegan Gerhard, Food Network’s Food Network Challenge, Owner of D Bar Restaurant in Denver and San Diego, @KeeganGerhard

8. “Vetri to me it is the perfect restaurant…unreal food, incredibly charming & perfect unpretentious service.”

Michael Symon, Food Network’s Iron Chef, Named by Food & Wine magazine as “Best New Chef,” Co-host of ABC’s The Chew, Restauranteur, @Chefsymon

9. ”Our favorite restaurant in the USA is BEAST in Portland, OR. With its communal style seating and at-home ambience, Beast is a must visit for an affordable fine dining experience without the pretentiousness. They have an amazing prix fixe menu that changes weekly filled with fresh ingredients. It’s worth the trip alone for their charcuterie plate and foie gras bon bon.”

Phil Shen, Behind The Food Carts, @Behindfoodcarts

10. “Right now my favorite restaurant is my own, Jayde Fuzion at the M Resort in Las Vegas. It is my first restaurant and I am very proud of it. I’ve never seen a restaurant like mine. I have spent so much time creating the menu and working with all the chefs to make it a one-of-a-kind Asian dining experience. Right now, I’m in love in the crab salad, which is a popular dish and I made it on Food Network’s Restaurant Express show. I also love the gochujang pork and kimchi fried rice that we offer.”

Seonkyoung Longest, Winner of The Food Network’s Restaurant Express, @Seonkyoung

11. “My top four favorite restaurants are, in no particular order… {Elway’s – Cherry Creek, CO, Elway’s – Ritz Carlton, CO, Elway’s – Vail, CO, and Elway’s – Denver Airport} …What can I say, I wouldn’t put my name on them if they weren’t going to be my favorites. They all have a little bit of a different flair based on their location. It is fascinating how restaurants can take on the personality of their locations, but I believe that to be true with each of them. Rather than brag about the food, just go try them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

When I leave Denver, I have a couple of choices I prefer… IL Mulino – Manhattan – Claudio, the maître d completely makes the experience. We order nothing and he brings me everything. The chef’s specialties. It is a warm, engaging atmosphere with amazing food.

Frasca – Boulder, CO – It’s a great little escape for me when I decide to venture out from Denver. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere which serves amazing Italian food. The quality and diversity is something you’d find in New York or San Francisco.”

John Elway, Celebrity Restauranteur, Executive VP Of Operations For The Denver Broncos, The Oldest Quarterback To Win A Super Bowl, @JohnElway

12. “Tropical Chinese in Miami. I just celebrated the Chinese New Year there, and have been doing so for over 20 years. Located in a strip mall in South West Miami, it has a beautiful open kitchen and a great wine and beer menu. The daily dim sum for lunch is excellent and the lobster lettuce wrap with pine nuts are my favorite…you can even find Penfolds Grange on the menu.”

Raul de Molina, Iron Chef America, Author of “La Dieta del Gordo,” Multiple Emmy award-winning cohost of Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca,” @Rauldemolina

13. “I really love the new restaurant, The Heath, which is in the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea right by the Highline. It just opened and I have already been there three times, twice with friends and once on a date. It’s fun with live music and the atmosphere is sultry, chic and romantic. The speciality drinks are fun and the food is amazing. It’s definitely one of my new NYC hotspots.”

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, The Real Housewives of New York City, Singer, Author of “Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair,” @CountessLuAnn

Those craving the taste of chunky chocolate or the chill of an ice cold beer will want to be sure to also check out our post on The Top 10 Chocolate & Beer Tours in America!


Taylor, Emeril and others recommend America's top restaurants; Hicks picks Saw's Juke Joint (link)

Posted Image
Saw's Juke Joint opened in October 2012 in Birmingham's Crestline Park. Taylor Hicks is among the owners of the barbecue and blues joint. (Tamika Moore/
By Bob Carlton |
February 05, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Taylor Hicks knows good Southern cooking when he tastes it.

And he’s especially fond of the down-home eats at Saw’s Soul Kitchen, the Birmingham barbecue and soul-food joint that Hicks co-owns.

So when the travel-guide website US City Traveler asked the Birmingham native and 2006 “American Idol” winner to choose his favorite restaurant city in the country, not surprisingly, he chose his hometown Saw’s Juke Joint.

Hicks tweeted the news to his nearly 100,000 Twitter followers this morning.

Hicks is among 13 celebrities, chefs and food lovers -- including Food Network star Emeril Lagasse and former Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway -- who made their picks for US City Traveler’s “13 Restaurant Recommendations from Top Food Experts.”

“Saw’s Juke Joint in Birmingham, AL is a quintessential Southern barbecue and soul food restaurant,” Hicks says on the website. “From the sweet tea fried chicken sandwich to the best smoked wings in the country, I love coming back to my old stomping grounds and sitting in with some fabulous Southern blues artists. The Heart of Dixie has the best food in the world -- hands down.”

Lagasse, who is the chef-proprietor of 13 restaurants, chose his Emeril’s restaurant in New Orleans as his favorite.

To find out which restaurants Elway and the others chose, click here.

Saw's Juke Joint is at 1115 Dunston Ave. in Crestline Park.

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50 Things You Simply Must Do In Birmingham

Community of Buzz Feed :

1. Watch fireworks at Vulcan

Vulcan is Birmingham’s famous patron god (Iron City, anyone?) whose statue overlooks downtown (and moons Homewood). It’s by far the best place to watch fireworks… except for those who get queasy from heights.

2. Attend a baseball game at Regions Field

Birmingham’s newly-built baseball stadium has helped revive downtown and Birmingham’s love for the sport. It features a beautiful view of the city (perfect during a sunset) and is conveniently located across from Good People Brewing Company- Birmingham’s famous local brewery!

3. Enjoy a sunny day at Railroad Park

And attend one of their free exercise classes while you’re there! And be sure to check out the “You Are Beautiful” graffiti nearby- part of a campaign to uplift Birmingham and its citizens.

4. Get some local coffee at Urban Standard
This cool spot on 2nd Avenue North also has some delicious sandwiches, local brews, and some of the best cupcakes you’ll find in the city.

5. Or enjoy coffee and catch up on your reading at Church Street Coffee and Books

Local coffee, great books, delicious baked goods, and an awesome staff, this is the best little nook to study or catch up with friends. (Be sure to try the Breakup Cookie, their claim to fame).

6. Explore the treasures at What’s On Second

This little antique shop (next to Urban Standard!) is home to some of the weirdest and coolest little knickknacks in town.

7. Dine at the award-winning restaurants

Hot and Hot Fish Club is home to the world-renowned chef Chris Hastings, famous for beating Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America (yes, really). Other award winners include Highlands Bar and Grill (featured above), Gianmarco’s Restaurant, Avo, Ocean, Bottega, and more!

8. Breakfast at Bogue’s
This local treasure features some of the best southern breakfast foods in the city.

9. Or, if it’s a Sunday, grab some brunch at Trattoria Centrale

You may have to wait a while, but it will all be worth it when you get some of their French toast.

10. Have (at least) one crazy night at Zydeco

Regrettable? Maybe. Worth it? No doubt.

11. Attend a concert at Iron City

This new venue in Birmingham is already making huge waves. With bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Local Natives, Trey Anastasio Band, Neko Case, and Arctic Monkeys, this is becoming the new hit venue in the city. Other venues to check out include Workplay, BJCC, Boutwell Auditorium, and the Forge.

12. Or, if you’re feeling indie, catch a show at Bottletree Cafe

Last June, comedian Rob Delaney praised Bottletree in a tweet, saying, “No offense other venues but I think I’m gonna marry @BottletreeCafe in Birmingham. If you’re a performer, get here. It’s NUTS”. This cool venue showcases comedians, spoken word poets, well-known indie bands, and local performers, as well as the best vegan food in Birmingham.

13. After your show, grab some late night at Al’s Deli and Grill
Located in Five Points and next to UAB, Al’s is another beloved local treasure. Open 24 / 7, you can always count on Al’s for some delicious Mediterranean-American food (be sure to try the Baker!).

14. Watch the sunset from Red Mountain near English Village
Watch the sunset from Red Mountain near English Village
This spot is somewhat hard to find, but any true Birmingham native will know how to find it- and once you do, it will take your breath away.

15. Grab some delicious bbq at Saw’s
Posted Image
Grab some delicious bbq at Saw's
Whoever said Alabama wasn’t home to the best BBQ clearly never ate here. Whether at Saw’s BBQ in Homewood, Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale, or Saw’s Juke Joint in Crestline, your whole world is about to change. I recommend the smoked chicken sandwich with white BBQ sauce.

16. Spend a day at McWane Science Center
Spend a day at McWane Science Center
Experiment with weight, sleep on the bed of nails, play with optical illusions, or enjoy an IMAX. One of the best places to get kids interested in science.

17. Marvel at the Satanic Fountain in Five Points
Marvel at the Satanic Fountain in Five Points
One of Birmingham’s weirdest features, this famous fountain in Five Points is still the object of great speculation. Some people claim the fountain, which features a ram-headed storyteller, to be satanic, while others say it’s just art. Have no fear though- I’m pretty sure the church behind it negates any evil it might emanate.

18. While you’re there, veg out at Golden Temple
While you're there, veg out at Golden Temple
This health foods store and cafe in Five Points is home to Birmingham’s only exclusively-vegetarian menu as well as some cool purses, jewelry, and clothes.

19. Go hiking at Ruffner Mountain Park
Go hiking at Ruffner Mountain Park
This serene haven in the city is home to some beautiful trails and even more beautiful cliff views.

20. Zipline at Red Mountain Park
Zipline at Red Mountain Park
This park offers a beautiful zip tour of the local woods as well as beautiful hiking and biking trails- and soon a dog park!

21. While you’re feeling outdoorsy, picnic at Oak Mountain State Park
While you're feeling outdoorsy, picnic at Oak Mountain State Park
Hike, run, bike, swim, canoe, and geek out when you find some of the spots Marble Hornets was filmed.

22. See a film at the Alabama Theater
See a film at the Alabama Theater
Built in 1927, it’s one of the most beautiful structures in Birmingham. It’s also the best place to catch movies not in commercial theaters. Come by for their Christmas movie series, Harry Potter marathons, summer movie shows, and the annual Rocky Horror Picture show (and the pre-movie singalongs, of course!).

23. Go to Secret Stages
Go to Secret Stages
Secret Stages is Birmingham’s new music festival. Hosted downtown over a weekend in August, attendees can see up to 80 bands from all over the US (including Birmingham!) in the Historic Loft District.

24. Float down the Cahaba River
Float down the Cahaba River
Grab a tube and some friends and float down the Cahaba River on a hot summer day. You can also canoe, kayak, swim, and, if you’re bold, jump in using one of the rope swings.

25. Stock up on some fresh food at the Pepper Place Market
Stock up on some fresh food at the Pepper Place Market
Birmingham’s biggest farmers market is held on Saturdays in Pepper Place from mid-April to mid-December. Come by for fresh food from local farms, music, clothes, jewelry, pottery, and good company.

26. Support local artists at Art Walk
Support local artists at Art Walk
Art Walk is an arts festival held in September on 2nd Avenue North. Shops open their spaces to local artists, and attendees can purchase any available art, meet the artists, listen to good music, or just enjoy the local art scene.

27. While you’re feeling artsy, visit the Birmingham Museum of Art
While you're feeling artsy, visit the Birmingham Museum of Art
The museum is free to the general public and includes incredible exhibits, including an outdoor sculpture garden.

28. Attend Art on the Rocks
Attend Art on the Rocks
While you’re at the art museum, stay for Art on the Rocks, a summertime series featuring the best of local art. Drinks, food, music, performances, activities, and features of local artists are available to attendees (of legal age, of course).

29. See a play at Virginia Samford Theater
See a play at Virginia Samford Theater
This theatrical treasure showcases the best of local theater- from comedians to musicians to dancers to actors. Summer classes and workshops are also available for those hoping to express themselves with a little more flair.

30. Climb at First Avenue Rocks
Climb at First Avenue Rocks
First Ave is Birmingham’s indoor climbing gym- one Birmingham natives have embraced fully. Learn to boulder, buy climbing supplies, or bulk up in their gym.
31. Or, if it’s just too pretty outside, climb at Moss Rock

Or, if it's just too pretty outside, climb at Moss Rock
Moss Rock Preserve is home to some beautiful trails, creeks, and boulders, just ready and waiting to be explored.

32. Attend the symphony (like the royal you are)
Attend the symphony (like the royal you are)
Alabama Symphony Orchestra is the state’s only full-time professional orchestra. Though they usually play at a few select indoor venues, they’ve been known to play a few outdoor concerts in local parks- perfect for a summer night.

33. Participate in the Mercedes Marathon
Participate in the Mercedes Marathon
Run the marathon or the half marathon and get some free beer and massages. Running not your thing? Come out and cheer your fellow citizens on- and discover some beautiful parts of Birmingham you haven’t seen before.

34. Pig out at one of the food festivals
Pig out at one of the food festivals
The Greek and Lebanese Food Festivals are two of the biggest food festivals in Birmingham and are sure to leave you happy, full, and wishing you were Mediterranean. Be sure to check out the students dancers, the Lebanese family tree, and grab some of that Greek coffee while you’re there.

35. Attend a music festival at Avondale Brewery
Attend a music festival at Avondale Brewery
We love our festivals in Birmingham, and luckily for us, Avondale Brewery does too! This local brewery and restaurant hosts several family-friendly music festivals over the summer. The day-long festivals have featured some great local artists, including up-and-coming St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

36. Cool down with some Doodles
Cool down with some Doodles
Doodles is Birmingham’s beloved homemade Italian ice and sorbet provider. Located in Cahaba Heights, there’s nothing better on a hot day than one of their treats. But be sure to stick around during the fall to grab some of their delicious Great Pumpkin sorbet.

37. Not a fan of Italian ice? Stop by Steel City Pops instead
Not a fan of Italian ice? Stop by Steel City Pops instead
Steel City Pops is Birmingham’s gourmet popsicle store. With various locations throughout the city, it’s the best place to indulge on handmade, all-natural popsicles and show your love for the city.

38. If you’ve got a major sweet tooth, stop by Savage’s Bakery
If you've got a major sweet tooth, stop by Savage's Bakery
Seriously, do you see all that icing? Nom nom nom nom nom.

39. Or grab some cupcakes with your lunch at Olexa’s
Or grab some cupcakes with your lunch at Olexa's
Olexa’s is an adorable French restaurant in Mountain Brook Village that also happens to have some of the most delicious treats in town.

40. Burn off those calories with a run on Jemison Trail
Burn off those calories with a run on Jemison Trail
And be sure to check out the historic Old Mill!

41. Get scared at Sloss Furnace
Get scared at Sloss Furnace
Sloss is one of the oldest and most famous structures in Birmingham- and one of the coolest. It’s now a sort of interpretive museum of industry and is home to a bunch of awesome metal artwork. It’s also a cool venue and, near Halloween, a haunted house. Furnaces were dangerous back in the day, and there are a bunch of ghost stories surrounding the site, making it one of the most haunted structures in town.

42. Learn about Birmingham’s history at the Civil Rights Institute
Learn about Birmingham's history at the Civil Rights Institute
Birmingham was at the center of the Civil Rights Movement, and its history is riddled with stories of triumph and stories of deep discrimination and violence. The Civil Rights Institute is open to the public and has incredibly moving exhibits- by the time you see the 16th Street Baptist Church, famous for the bombing and killing of 4 little girls, you’ll be speechless.

43. Picnic at the Botanical Garden
Picnic at the Botanical Garden
The Birmingham Botanical Garden is located in Mountain Brook Village and is home to dozens of gardens, secluded little nooks and crannies, and beautiful trails. It’s also a popular wedding destination.

44. Go to Zoolight Safari
Go to Zoolight Safari
Each December, the Birmingham Zoo hosts Zoolight Safari, which is basically when they cover the zoo in thousands of beautiful twinkle lights. Few things were more magical as a kid.

45. Go to a race at Barber Motorsports
Go to a race at Barber Motorsports
Barber Motorsports hosts dozens of races a year and also happens to be incredible beautiful and cool (yes, those are giant spiders). While you’re there, be sure to stop by the museum and check out some vintage motorcycles.

46. Attend a UAB Blazers basketball game
Attend a UAB Blazers basketball game
Some people are Auburn fans, some people are Alabama fans, but in Birmingham, everyone’s a Blazer fan. Cheer on the Blazers to a win- but maybe leave the paint at home.

47. Host a party with some Ousler’s sandwiches
Host a party with some Ousler's sandwiches
Ousler’s sandwiches are basically mini celebrities in Birmingham. There are few parties you’ll go to where you won’t find some of these incredibly delicious (and addicting) delights. Just make sure to pace yourself- it’s way too easy to scarf down a whole plate.

48. Visit some of the incredible churches
Visit some of the incredible churches
Whether or not you subscribe to any Christian beliefs, if you love architecture, you’ll love some of these churches. The Cathedral of St. Paul is one of the most famous Catholic churches in the south- and I think it’s obvious why. If you’re into a warmer feel, check out the Cathedral Church of the Advent for some insanely beautiful woodworking.

49. Stroll through the Color Tunnel at Night
Stroll through the Color Tunnel at Night
The Color Tunnel is new but was instantly popular. Tumblr is obsessed with this tunnel and so is the rest of Birmingham.

50. Attend Sidewalk Film Festival
Attend Sidewalk Film Festival
The Sidewalk Film Festival is Birmingham’s annual local film festival, showcasing student and professional films downtown. Some of its most notable films include “4 Little Girls,” a film on the 16th Baptist Church bombing and “Our Mockingbird,” a documentary about the partnership between two schools and their production of “To Kill A Mockingbird”- one that even Harper Lee came out to see.
This post was created by a user and has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone can post awesome lists and creations.
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Alabama Food Blog

Best Bar-b-Que in B'ham

2014 Alabama BBQ Bracket kicks off March 17

March 12th, 2014 | By Alabama Food Staff

Posted Image

Posted Image

It’s back! The Alabama BBQ Bracket was a huge success last year, bringing in more than 80,000 votes for Alabama’s best barbecue. This year, we’re setting out to see which restaurants have the best pork, chicken, ribs and sauce and pitting them against each other to discover who will come out on top as Alabama’s ultimate barbecue champion. We narrowed down the contenders from a list of more than 200 restaurants submitted for consideration by our Facebook fans.
You’ll be able to vote for your favorite in each category at first, but the gloves come off in the Final Four as pork, chicken, ribs and sauce will all battle it out for the top spot. Choose wisely – a single vote can be the one that tips the scale.

Over the next few weeks, we will post matchups to our Facebook page for open voting.

Restaurants that make it past the chopping block will be added to the next round until an overall winner has been chosen. Good luck to all our competitors – and look for the announcement of our 2014 champion on Tuesday, April 8!

Voting starts Monday, March 17, so check back often to see how your favorites are faring as the competition heats up. We’re expecting a tournament full of fanfare and die-hard loyalty, so don’t miss a single round!

Here’s the matchup schedule for Round 1:


Monday, March 17, through Wednesday, March 19
Big Bob Gibson vs. Top Hat (ends March 19 at 10 a.m.)
Jim ‘N Nick’s vs. Dreamland (ends March 19 at 2 p.m.)

Tuesday, March 18, through Thursday, March 20
Saw’s vs. Bunyan’s (ends March 20 at 10 a.m.)

Full Moon vs. Whitt’s (ends March 20 at 2 p.m.)


Wednesday, March 19, through Friday, March 21
Big Bob Gibson vs. Saw’s (ends March 21 at 10 a.m.)Jim ‘N Nick’s vs. Dreamland (ends March 21 at 2 p.m.)

Thursday, March 20, through Saturday, March 22
Full Moon vs. Johnny’s (ends March 22 at 10 a.m.)
Miss Myra’s vs. Greenbrier (ends March 22 at 2 p.m.)


Friday, March 21, through Sunday, March 23
Dreamland vs. Rusty’s (ends March 23 at 10 a.m.)
Archibald’s vs. Full Moon (ends March 23 at 2 p.m.)

Saturday, March 22, through Monday, March 24
Smokin’ on the Boulevard vs. Big Daddy’s (ends March 24 at 10 a.m.)
Saw’s vs. Big Bob Gibson (ends March 24 at 2 p.m.)


Sunday, March 23, through Tuesd
ay, March 25
Dreamland vs. Big Daddy’s (ends March 25 at 10 a.m.)
Big Bob Gibson vs. Saw’s (ends March 25 at 2 p.m.)

Monday, March 24, through Wednesday, March 26
Archibald’s vs. Jim ‘N Nick’s (ends March 26 at 10 a.m.)
Bob Sykes vs. Full Moon (ends March 26 at 2 p.m.)


Big Bob Gibson vs. Saw’s (Winner: Big Bob Gibson – Final Score: 210 to 148)

Round 1: Ribs - Saw's vs. Big Bob Gibson
It seems that no two restaurants’ ribs are ever alike. Whose slabs will stand out as the be-all and end-all of Alabama? Round by round, your vote will help us determine the best barbecue ribs in the state, but don’t forget to check out our other polls to make your picks in the pork, chicken and sauce categories. For more info and a full list of competitors,

Saw's advances to the 2nd round of the PORK category in the BBQ Bracket-against the winner of the Full Moon vs. Whitt's voting-

Tuesday, March 18, through Thursday, March 20
Saw’s vs. Bunyan’s (Winner: Saw’s – Final Score: 389 to 259)



Wednesday, March 19, through Friday, March 21
Big Bob Gibson vs. Saw’s (Winner: Big Bob Gibson – Final Score: 239 to 168)
Jim ‘N Nick’s vs. Dreamland (Winner: Jim ‘N Nick’s – Final Score: 603 to 189)


Round 1: Sauce - Big Bob Gibson vs. Saw's

Whose sauce is boss? Whether you like a little spice or prefer something sweeter, choose wisely, because a single vote could be the one that tips the scale. Round by round, your vote will help us determine the best barbecue sauce in the state, but don’t forget to check out our other polls to make your picks in the pork, chicken and ribs categories. For more info and a full list of competitors.




Saturday, March 22, through Monday, March 24
Smokin’ on the Boulevard vs. Big Daddy’s (Winner: Smokin’ on the Boulevard – Final Score: 334 to 307)
Saw’s vs. Big Bob Gibson (Winner: Saw’s – Final Score: 182 to 165)


Round 2: Pork - Saw's vs. Full Moon How do you like your smoked pork: finely chopped or pulled and shredded? Drier and smoky or dripping with sauce? Choose wisely, because your vote could be the one that tips the scale. Round by round, your vote will help us determine the best barbecue pork in the state, but don’t forget to check out our other polls to make your picks in the chicken, ribs and sauce categories.


Round 2: Ribs - Smokin' on the Boulevard vs. Saw's
It seems that no two restaurants’ ribs are ever alike. Whose slabs will stand out as the be-all and end-all of Alabama? Round by round, your vote will help us determine the best barbecue ribs in the state, but don’t forget to check out our other polls to make your picks in the pork, chicken and sauce categories.

Smokin’ on the Boulevard kept pulling off the upset round after round to win the Alabama Tourism Department’s online barbecue contest -- beating Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Q in Warrior in the first round, Saw’s BBQ in Homewood in the second and Dreamland Bar-B-Que out of Tuscaloosa in the third.


Alabama Barbecue Bracket 2014: Meet the Florence folks whose ribs smoked the competition
Smokin on the Boulevard
April 09, 2014 at 8:00 AM

FLORENCE, Alabama – The folks who own Smokin’ on the Boulevard -- the little Florence roadside barbecue stand that just defied the odds to win the statewide 2014 Alabama Barbecue Bracket -
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Heads up Bham: Spring Fest! @SawsJukeJoint feat. @flowtribe @remedykrewe @SipseySlims & @PeteStein_TSC is on 4/12!

Fans in Birmingham: Don't miss Saw's Spring Fest at Taylor Hicks' restaurant, Saw's Juke Joint, on Saturday, April 12th! Bands will include Colorado's Pete Stein Music, New Orleans groovers Remedy Krewe, Muscle Shoals' Bad Brad & The Sipsey Slims, and New Orleans' Flow Tribe.
The gates will open at 2:30 PM, and the first artist will hit the stage at 3 PM. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of show. Visit
to purchase tickets online!

Posted Image


Saw's Spring Fest lineup this Saturday features some funk, a little soul, and maybe an unannounced guest

By Bob Carlton
April 11, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A couple of funk-rock bands from New Orleans, a retro soul troupe from Tuscaloosa, and maybe a surprise visit from a certain American Idol winner from here in Birmingham are on the lineup for the first Saw’s Spring Fest this Saturday afternoon and evening outside Saw’s Juke Joint in Crestline Park.

The music starts at 1:15 p.m. on the stage inside Saw’s Juke Joint and then moves outside at 3 p.m. and goes on until late Saturday night.

The lineup includes Colorado songwriter Pete Stein, Birmingham’s Mason Music Group, Tuscaloosa soul stirrers Brad Bad & the Sipsey Slims and New Orleans funk-rockers Remedy Krewe and Flow Tribe.


1:15-2:45: Pete Stein

3:00-4:30: Mason Music Group

4:45-6:00: Bad Brad & the Sipsey Slims

6:20-7:45: Remedy Krewe

8:05-until: Flow Tribe

Taylor Hicks, the 2006 “American Idol winner” and one of the owners of Saw’s Juke Joint, is back in Birmingham for a few weeks after a year-long run in Las Vegas and it’s quite likely he’ll get up onstage and play harmonica on a few songs at some point Saturday night.The lineup for Saturday’s festival came together pretty quickly, Saw’s BBQ founder Mike Wilson said.

“We talked about doing some kind of festival for the spring, and finally decided about a month and a half ago to go ahead and do it,” Wilson said. “It’s our first time, but hopefully, it’s going to be an annual thing.’’

Advance tickets are $12 and are available online here, or at Saw’s Juke Joint at 1115 Dunston Ave., Saw’s Soul Kitchen at 215 41st St. South, and the original Saw’s BBQ at 1008 Oxmoor Road in Homewood. Tickets will be $15 at the gate on Saturday.

In addition to the music, the Saw’s Street Kitchen food truck will sell pulled pork barbecue, smoked chicken, wings and cheeseburgers, and Red Mountain Crawfish Co. will sell boiled crawfish. Craft and domestic beers also will be available outside and in the restaurant.

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Another BBQ contest, this time sponsored by : BizTalk Birmingham

Apr 23, 2014, 3:10pm CDT UPDATED: Apr 23, 2014, 4:32pm CDT
Reader’s vote: Where is Birmingham’s best BBQ?

The May 2 edition will include a first-ever List of BBQ joints in Birmingham.

The owners and pit masters at restaurants featured on The List have been willing to share some pretty impressive stats with me about their businesses, sales and menu, but now it is time for you to chime in. In conjunction with The List, the BBJ added a new web poll this week, asking readers to share their favorite local BBQ joint. Vote with the form below and don’t forget to tell us why you love it.

We will include our reader’s poll question and comments in next week’s paper.

Questions? Comments? Want your BBQ restaurant to be added to the List? Contact me for more information.
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Travel Pulse Magazine has mentioned Taylor's Saw's Juke Joint in their Praise of Birmingham , AL.

How To Have A Four-Star Weekend On a No-Star Price in Birmingham, AL

TOM BASTEK | MAY 06, 2014

Birmingham, AL may not be at the top of your list for weekend getaways, but if you are going to do it, you are going to do it right. Right? You will stay at the beautiful Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spaon the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. You will eat at James Beard-award winning chef Chris Hastings’ Hot and Hot Fish Club and Chef Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar and Grill. Or if you are married to someone especially thrifty like me, you will settle for the next best thing.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to settle. Not in Birmingham.

Birmingham has come a long way in the last 15 years. The downtown has undergone a thorough rejuvenation and has some of the best offerings of nationally recognized and locally embraced fare and various entertainment options. Their green space is ever-increasing and the folks are just downright friendly. We are eternally grateful to our new friends, Paul and Brittany Yeager who helped send us in the right direction.

First stop was the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market. This is probably the largest farmers market in the state and we were only at the Spring Season market. This thing swells to almost three times the size during the summer and is THE place to see and be seen on a Saturday Morning.

Lunch was at Taylor Hicks’ Saw’s Juke Joint. He partnered with Saw’s other owners Mike Wilson and Doug Smith to reimage his original concept Ore. The deviled eggs were overstuffed and good. The potato salad and pulled pork sandwich was right where it needed to be. the real standouts here are the sweet-tea fried chicken sandwich, the sweet potato fries and the Homemade chips. the fried chicken is brined in sweet tea (and pickle juice, or so I have been told) and the homemade BBQ chips are spicy and stayed crispy in their bag for close to two days as we rationed them out one at a time. I don’t know why most restaurants can’t get sweet potato fries right, but Saw’s does. They have a great selection of local craft beer and apparently you can’t even get in the place on nights when they have live music. Meal and a craft beer each, out the door for $51.91 with tip and leftovers.

Birmingham is the Pittsburgh of the south and its history is as rich with the iron and steel industry as its land was with the minerals to make them. We headed over to the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. Best free tour you can take educating you not only on the industrial history of the area, but on the process of smelting and refining metals to produce pig iron.

Checked into the Hotel and drove back up to the Good People Brewing Company. $5 pints of craft brew in an old warehouse environment that sits right across from the New Regions Field, home of the Birmingham Barons. $12 tickets put us ten rows behind home plate in what was voted Best Ballpark of the Year in 2013. This is definitely a do-again.
We were looking for the next best thing to The Hot and Hot Fish Club after the game and were turned onto the casual dining experience that is The Fish Market. A huge menu, incredibly fresh fish and if anyone knows the Greek culture with their history of fare from the sea, then this is a no-brainer. Portions were tremendous, my wife’s alligator sausage and shrimp was “sop it up with a loaf of bread” good and my salmon was off the hook (did you see what I did there?). Chef and owner George Sarris certainly knows what he’s doing because the place seats 400 people and for an app, 2 salads, 2 entrées, and a beer we were out of there for less than $70 including tip.

On the way out of town, we had three more stops to make. Owner Steven Jackson and his wife Ashley Andrews Jackson (daughter of the famous go-to Tommy John Surgeon Dr. James Andrews) have put together a breakfast concept that is over the top. Over Easy is where they greet you at the door and feed you their bespoke blend of coffee for free while you wait for your table. A drawer full of toys for the kids, a neat, clean and modern décor, and stylish diner-style bar round out this experience. on the recommendation list here: banana oatmeal pancakes, the Italian eggs benedict (the wife’s choice) or my cream cheese stuffed French toast with blueberry compote.
Don’t miss the McEwen & Sons Stone Ground Organic Blue Grits. They ARE blue and they ARE great. After that meal I have to call Dr. Andrews for my brunch elbow issues! With coffee, OJ and extras we spent just over $35 with tip.
Working off the meal we walked around the Railroad Park (free), a beautifully reconditioned area in the heart of downtown affectionately referred to as Birmingham’s Living room. Then it was off to Vulcan Park and Museum($6) for a bird’s eye view of the city and the Roman Deity’s effigy that symbolizes it.
All in all, we may not have eaten or stayed at official four-star establishments, but the next best thing was a “better than four-star” experience for a portion of the price.
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Birmingham Business Journal

May 9, 2014

Birmingham's Best BBQ joints and their must-try dishes

This is a slide show from # 11 to # 1

Posted Image
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Alabama's Best Cheeseburger: Help us choose the best burger in the Birmingham area

It's time again to find out once-and-for all who makes the best burger in Bama.

By Bob Carlton |

May 28, 2004
Alabama's Best Burgers 2014

Step 1 of our search for Alabama's Best Cheeseburger is completed, and boy, did y'all come through.

We received nominations for cheeseburgers throughout the Birmingham area -- more than 130 different restaurants -- and now we need your help to come up with three finalists for us to visit in our quest to find the best.

Our poll below has the top eight burger joints mentioned as favorites by you, plus the opportunity to write in a vote if you don't agree with the list. You can vote once an hour from a valid email address until the poll closes on June 3 at 5 p.m.The top two finishers in the poll will be guaranteed a visit by David Holloway, who will be picking Alabama's Best Cheeseburger. A third "wild card" will be picked by us.

So go out and try as many of these as you need to, and then cast your vote for the Birmingham-area's best cheeseburger:

Pick your favorite Birmingham/Central Alabama cheeseburger
J&J Grocery, Bessemer
Otey's Tavern, Mountain Brook
Tony's Hot Dogs, Pelham
Green Valley Drugs, Hoover
Saw's Juke Joint, Birmingham
Chubb's Grubb Station, Alabaster
Chez Fonfon, Birmingham
On Tap Sports Cafe, Birmingham

Results as of Sunday 8:00 AM EST

On Tap Sports Cafe, Birmingham 4.88%

Otey's Tavern, Mountain Brook 7.08%

Saw's Juke Joint, Birmingham 9.87%

Chez Fonfon, Birmingham 11.02%

Tony's Hot Dogs, Pelham 7.8%

J&J Grocery, Bessemer 15.39%

Chubb's Grubb Station, Alabaster 16.03%

Green Valley Drugs, Hoover 6.76%

Other: 21.17%


Monday June 2, 2014 5:00 PM EST

On Tap Sports Cafe, Birmingham 4.73%

Otey's Tavern, Mountain Brook 6.89%

Saw's Juke Joint, Birmingham 10.04%

Chez Fonfon, Birmingham 10.84%

Tony's Hot Dogs, Pelham 7.88%

J&J Grocery, Bessemer 15.16%

Chubb's Grubb Station, Alabaster 17.65%

Green Valley Drugs, Hoover 6.94%

Other: 20%

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This is NOT Taylor's Saw's Juke Joint, but a Saw's owned by the same person.

Saw's BBQ in Homewood is No. 1 on Paula Deen magazine's list of 10 best barbecue places in America

By Bob Carlton

June 19, 2014

Posted Image

Saw's BBQ is a hit from the start in HomewoodBarbecue and soul food at Saw's Soul Kitchen in AvondaleTaylor Hicks teams with Saw's founder to open Saw's Juke JointSaw's food truck ready to hit the streets of BirminghamSoul Kitchen makes Parade's list of best new barbecue placesundefinedBIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Saw's BBQ is No. 1 with Paula Deen, y'all.

The popular Homewood barbecue joint tops the list of "The Best Barbecue Across America" that appears in the July-August issue of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine, which is available on newsstands now.

Saw's BBQ founder Mike Wilson said Wednesday afternoon he was pleasantly surprised when he learned his place was first on Deen's list.

"To be named No. 1 in something like that is kind of what you do it for," Wilson said. "I couldn't believe it at first. It pays off, all of your hard work."

Here's what Deen's magazine had to say about Saw's BBQ:

"The focus of Saw's BBQ is simple – good ole Southern soul food. Pioneered by Mike Wilson, Saw's has taken Birmingham by a smoky storm. First opening in a residential area of Homewood, the venue has expanded to three locations where they serve classic pulled pork, chicken smothered in a distinctive white sauce, and barbecue-topped baked potatoes. Dubbed an 'upscale dive,' this barbecue joint is one both family and friends will enjoy."

Since opening the original Saw's BBQ in Homewood's Edgewood neighborhood in 2009, Wilson has teamed with other partners to open two more Saw's locations in Birmingham – Saw's Soul Kitchen in Avondale and Saw's Juke Joint in Crestline Park – and this spring, he started a Saw's Street Kitchen food truck.

Last summer, Parade magazine included Saw's Soul Kitchen on its list of the 17 top new barbecue places in America.

Saw's BBQ is No. 1 with Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.Here is Cooking with Paula Deen magazine's Top 10 list:

1. Saw's BBQ, Homewood.

2. BB's Lawnside Blues & BBQ, Kansas City.

3. Live Oak Barbecue, Austin, Texas.

4. Wexler's, San Francisco.

5. Pappy's Smokehouse, St. Louis.

6. Skylight Inn, Ayden, N.C.

7. Snow's BBQ, Lexington, Texas.

8. Feast BBQ, New Albany, Ind.

9. Peg Leg Porker, Nashville.

10. Mighty Quinn's Barbecue, New York City.

Cooking with Paula Deen is published by Hoffman Media, which is based in Birmingham. Deen, the Savannah, Ga., celebrity chef and cookbook author, is the magazine's editor-in-chief.
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Alabama's Best BBQ Ribs Final 15: Vote for the Readers' Choice winner This is NOT Taylor's Saw's , rather a sister establishment in Homewood

Bob Carlton

September 15, 2014

Finals week is here, and we're psyched.

Starting today and continuing through Friday, the BBQ Express is hitting the road to visit the Final 15 barbecue joints in our search for Alabama's Best BBQ Ribs.

As you may recall, 10 of the finalists were selected by readers and the other five were chosen as wild card entries by members of the staff.

Our statewide quest this week will take us from Birmingham to Montgomery to Tuscaloosa to Mobile to Decatur, as well as several towns in between.

Five days. 15 barbecue joints. One winner.

While we're on the road, though, we need you to help us choose our Readers' Choice winner.

In the poll below, you may vote for your favorite from the Final 15. If you want to make a write-in vote, click on "other" and enter your write-in choice there.

You may vote one time per hour between now and the time the polls close on Friday at 5 p.m.

We will announce the Readers' Choice winner next Tuesday, Sept. 23, and reveal our choice for Alabama's Best BBQ Ribs on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

Who makes Alabama's Best BBQ Ribs?
Sam's Smokehouse, Fayette
Saw's BBQ, Homewood
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Decatur
Archibald's BBQ, Northport
Fat Boy's Bar-B-Que Ranch, Prattville
Big D's Butts 'N Stuff, Monroeville
Sweet Tooth BBQ, Daleville
Big Boyz BBQ, Ashville
The Brick Pit, Mobile
Jim 'N Nick's Bar-B-Q, Montgomery
306 Barbecue, Athens
Smokey C's BBQ and Wings, Decatur
Dreamland Bar-B-Que, Tuscaloosa
Jim's Highway 82 BBQ, Billingsley
Local Joe's Trading Post, Rainbow City
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wsLast night in Bham: Celebrity chefs @MARTIEparty & @altonbrown made pizza...w/ @sawsbbq sauce! Cheers, @taylorhicks!

Martie Knows Parties

Big night last night--Reunited with Alton Brown on stage for his Birmingham stop. We made pizza in a giant Easy Bake oven. He cheated. He used Saw's BBQ on his and if you've had it-you know how good that is. Here's the photo. Great to see the old "Good Eats" Alton again. Have missed him! Epic night/ only thing missing was Justin Warner. One little scar.. happy Friday! On my way to the Jack Daniels BBQ Championship in Lynchburg! Xox
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