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Kitchen Suppliers Lancashire
Topic Started: Sep 8 2012, 02:42 AM (101 Views)
I am so happy with a kitchen company called http://www.the-kitchenfactory.co.uk/kitchen-suppliers.php that I found on Google. I do think that when buying a kitchen that you should try and buy from a local dealer so that if you do have a problem with missing items than you can just go and collect them rather than having to wait for the company to deliver them when it’s convenient for them to do so. If you live in Lancashire. Then you should try buy your kitchen suppliers from Lancashire. As well as safe guarding yourself against problems you’re also supporting the local economy.
I was selfish and went to a national company and I ended up with a kitchen that was 80% complete and I had to wait over a month for it to be finally completed. I had drawers missing and the wrong design of tap to the one I ordered. They delivered the items in three separate deliveries spanning a four week period.
I saved nearly £1500 by using the company. My full Kitchen cost £1100 and they recommended a kitchen filter for me who fitted it for £700. Tatal was £1800 fitted. The local company wanted £3295 for the same kitchen fitted. So you have to weigh up if you are prepared to wait a month and save £1500. If you are prepared to wait then http://www.the-kitchenfactory.co.uk/kitchen-suppliers.php is the company for you but if not then my advice is to buy your kitchen from local company.


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