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Doctorate Degree with multiple majors
Topic Started: Jul 1 2012, 11:58 PM (122 Views)
Research have shown that many of Students have chosen online Doctorate Degree programs many universities nowadays systemize online doctorate degree program. Now we can simply get a Doctorate Degree in a field we desire, in which Doctorate Degree in Management Sciences (bachelors of Business Administration BBA), bachelor’s degree science, bachelor’s degree engineering, online Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and bachelor’s degree in nursing are most popular field.

Now the questions arise in your mind.
• How to get your own Doctorate Degree and it comes in which faculty?
• What are the requirements that make you eligible to earn an online Doctorate Degree?
• How many credit hours and semester will appear in your transcript?
• What will be your diction certificate and what award excellence certificate you will be awarded?
• And who will verify my educational documents if needed; presented at your employer?

The answers are simple.
• It is an undergraduate degree awarded for the completion of approximately 120 to 145 credits. These credits include the requirements taken for your major, general education requirements and electives.
• Your transcript may consist of 8 to 10 semesters.
• Your diction certificate and what award excellence certificate will be based on the major of your bachelor degree.

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