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CBS.com Interview; Meet Billy!
Topic Started: Apr 20 2008, 12:15 PM (403 Views)

Meet Billy!

Casey Hughes was released from prison and returned home to Oakdale in late January. He's returned a changed man, literally, as BILLY MAGNUSSEN takes over the role (previously played by Zach Roerig). CBS.com caught up with this daytime newcomer and recent college graduate to discuss life in Manhattan, working at ATWT and taking over the role of Casey.

CBS.com: Tell us a little about yourself.
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: I was born in Queens then I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I lived there for 10 years. I went to college at the wonderful and amazing North Carolina School of the Arts. I have two little, awesome brothers. My parents are amazing and really supportive of what I do. Let's see what else. I was a jock growing up--football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball. My brother is unstoppable right now as a heavyweight. He's amazing and only in high school. I also play the guitar and I'm in a band. We are just playing around here but we want to go out. We totally rock out!

CBS.com: When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: I didn't pursue it when I was young. I was in high school and I was wrestling and I actually ripped a hamstring. I couldn't take any more gym classes so they were like, oh put him in a drama class and I went in and I thought, "This is awesome." Then I found out you can go to college for this and that was it.

CBS.com: When did you graduate from college?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: June 1, [2007]. I am pretty new at this whole acting thing.

CBS.com: Wow, you're pretty lucky! Most people work for many years before they get their big break.
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Since I've graduated I've already done a Broadway show and a feature film. "The Ritz" was the Broadway show I did. I literally did it two months after I finished school. The movie I was in was called "Blood Night."

CBS.com: How did the role on ATWT come about?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Actually when I was in college, I had auditioned through my agent and I had put myself on tape and then they were interested so I came up to audition. Long story short, I didn't get the character that I was auditioning for. But, then the recast of Casey opened up and they remembered me so I was brought back in to test. I tested with Marnie Schulenburg (Alison).

CBS.com: How has it been working at ATWT?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Amazing. Scott Holmes who plays my father and Ellen Dolan who palys Margo have been so nice and helpful and just truly wonderful to work with. It's been an incredible journey so far.

CBS.com: Were you familiar with ATWT before you started on the show?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: My Grandma is a big fan of soap operas so I remember her always watching them.

CBS.com: When you got the role did you do any research on the history of the character?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: I did, but you know the best part was listening to everyone's story of what the character is all about and of course I read background information. But sharing the stories, it was really good to hear them and it was also a good way to bond with the cast.

CBS.com: Tell me about Casey's return.
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: He busted out of the joint! [Laughs]

CBS.com: Did he bust out or was he let out?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: He was let out.

CBS.com: How are Casey's friends reacting to his return?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: I feel that Casey's friends are more than supportive of Casey. Casey is going to have to adjust to being out and it's terrific that he has that built in support of not only his family but his friends.

CBS.com: Would you want Casey to have a love interest?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Heck yeah! Have you seen the ATWT woman? There are so many beautiful women.

CBS.com: Any in particular?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Nah! I can't say that. They are all terrific. I'll be happy with anyone.

CBS.com: What's different about Casey now?
BILLY MAGNUSSEN: Well he's a changed man for sure. Actually he's a new man, me! [Laughs] Yes, but you'll have to watch to see.
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