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I went to the luncheon, I was in his line briefly but gotten out for something. I guess I should had stayed in line and met him. Later that night I had my chance again but didn't take it. (I wasn't at Nuke after party) I seen him at Martini's for Henry. He didn't stay too long just long enough to say hello hang out for a little while take pics with fans who haven't met him yet or have and wanted another round lol.

I couldn't really get the chance because the room wasn't big enough and everytime I wanted to say something more people jumped up in front of me so I just left it alone. I'll post up what photos I have from the luncheon and Martini's with Henry. (At the time I didn't know anything Luke and Noah having a group fan club online)

The softball ones will have to wait until I get them on CD. My scanner glass is broke.

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