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Jun 11 2008, 10:39 PM
It'll be cool, and now that I know he's going I kind of wish I could be there. But I feel like we had the better events, cause I doubt they would be able to get as much interaction time as we got at events like the luncheon and Soapfest.
Emmy awards I don't think you get much interaction time with the stars as much as you would at a private function like the luncheon and soapfest. Because the Emmy awards you have the photographers following them around constantly yelling (For example 'TOM TOM CAN I GET YOU AGANST THIS WALLL FOR A PHOTO?" and it can be annoying. I never been to one but from all the photos you see in magazines you can probably tell the fans aren't gonna get much time with the stars afterwards. Now if the fans are allowed to attend the after party and pay a huge price then yeah interaction with the stars might be allowed.

The softball game this past weekend was a good time to be able to interact with the soapstars. there was only one photographer around taking pictures of the stars on the field off the field and during the fan interaction. Wasn't too bad but the heat was just too much and the fans and the actors were trying to get as much in to spending time together as they could but the photographer kept interupting a bit here and there.
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