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Hi I am new to the MB. Came across it while browsing around in the Van Hansis.net board, Billy Magnussen section of the board.

Honestly at first when I seen Billy's first appearence as the new Casey Hughes, I wasn't all that thrilled because at the time I was really fond of Zach Roerig's acting. Every new actor who comes in place of one who leaves before. Takes me awhile to get adjusted.
Billy's voice blew my mind because he sounded so much like the other Casey when I heard him speak his very first lines on the show. Well I grew to liking him alot being Casey after a awhile of getting used to seeing him more and more.

First time seeing/almost meeting him in person was during this year's ATWT Fan Luncheon, then later that night I ran into him again. Recently I went to the charity softball game and had the chance to meeting him there. (I don't follow actors around from one event to another lol, I never been to any of the softball games and I realy wanted to check this one out so I did really had fun too)

I had to dodge Billy a bit because there was so many people around and he decided to play "Tattoo/give a mustache to Dylan" with the black permenant marker. Of course Dylan got him back for it by using his then Billy came back for more and Dylan went to get back at him then he ran off laughing. I should had took a picture of that but didn't.

Well thats all. Look forward to meeting new people and chatting online.

Take care.

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