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Kuronawa Sato
Topic Started: Jul 8 2013, 06:18 PM (69 Views)
Sato Kuronawa

Name: Kuronawa Sato
Age: 16 (he redid ninth grade)
Eyes: Deep brown
Hair: Dark brown, buzz cut
Height: 6,2
Weight: 102 kg
Physical Description: For a 16 year old boy, Sato is VERY big. He has always been a big kid, and gained muscles from working out every day. He's got heavy facial features and small eyes - he has been nicknamed "Grizzly" because of his size and small eyes.
Personality: Before the Program, he was very "tough" and intimidating on the outside, but very vulnerable on the inside. Now, in the program, his vulnerable size came out - he's constantly stressed and will pull the trigger in one of said stressing moments. He's also not very bright and easy to manipulate. He also enjoys video games.
Personal History: Sato has always been a big kid, and since his dad encouraged sports, Sato became a bodybuilder. However, his abundance in muscles compensate his lack of intelligence - he is kind of dumb, and because of this, he has been manipulated by the bullies to became one. Even though he was love by his parents, he became one of the school bullies, but on the inside he's vulnerable and very scared of being in the Program. He'd kill anyone out of terror.
Other: He has a habit of flipping coins - which is why he put a single, large replica of a sci-fi movie coin in his bag.

Personal items:
-4 sets of clothing - because he engages in a lot of physical activities and sweats a lot, his mother thought it would be better for him to take more than two sets of clothing.
-A replica of a sci-fi movie coin - just a coin for him to flip; he has a habit of flipping coins all the time.
-A pair of fingerless gloves - he plays baseball as pitcher, and he prefers wearing these gloves when throwing the ball; he thought they were going on a fun trip after all, and that he would be able to play baseball and work out as he always did.
-A dog tag necklace - for the simple purpose of wearing them as an acessory.
-A baseball cap - to play baseball, as he had thought he would during the trip. He wears it backwards during the Program.
-Cell phone - not that it'd be of much use in the island, but he uses it anyway during the Program to play games when bored, and mostly to calm himself down.
-A pair of sunglasses - he doesn't use them much in the island.

ROLEPLAYING SAMPLE (Tsuminato is just a random character I created for the sole purpose of this RP sample):

' "Damn it, Kuronawa, throw it slower!" Sato couldn't help but laugh when he heard his colleague, Tsuminato (who was the hitter), complain. Sato had apparently thrown the baseball ball too fast for the wimp to handle.
"What makes you think I'd throw slower, Tsuminato?" He shouted back, smiling.
"Maybe, I don't know, but just maybe it would be bad if you accidentaly tore my damn head off with one of your throws!"
"Sorry if you can't keep up with me, dude." Sato teased. This caused Tsuminato to become red with anger.
"Yeah well, most people can't keep up with someone who throws like a high Superman!" At this, Sato raised his eyebrows in fake flattery.
"Superman? Thank you, Tsumi." He laughed. "Listen, if you can't handle that, you shouldn't be playing baseball."
"Yeah, well I didn't want to, you made me play to train with you! I don't like baseball!" Tsuminato adjusted his helmet angrily.
"Okay, okay, you're a train dummy. Sorry, I keep forgetting that." Sato teased his colleague again.
"Oh, that does it! I'm done, Kuronawa!" Tsuminato threw his bat and helmet to the ground, as Sato just laughed more.
"And you're not the only person in the entire city I can train with!" The big guy shouted back.
"Then don't bother calling me again!" Tsuminato said, while walking away from the "Grizzly", who just kept laughing like a dummy.'
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