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Daphne Kawahigashi
Topic Started: Aug 23 2010, 06:26 PM (128 Views)

Name: Kawahigashi, Daphne
Age: 15
Eyes: a stunning, deep green color
Hair: Dark brown. About to the middle of her back in length with choppy layers around her face
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lbs
Physical Description: A very beautiful girl, Daphne is half Caucasian and half Japanese. She is tall and slim and well-developed for her age. She is considered one of the most if not the most attractive girls in her class. She has high cheek bones, long eyelashes, and lips that always seem to be in a slightly downturned position. However, she has a brilliant smile. She is somewhat of a fashionista and takes careful consideration unto her appearance/image. When she has to wear her uniform, she usually hikes up the skirt to make it more high waisted and to show off her long legs and she also wears a diamond pendant necklace and a silver charm bracelet with an American flag charm to remind her of her father. When not in uniform, Daphne wears the most expensive and stylish brands and maintains a chic, slightly understated style. Her wardrobe consists mainly of high waisted mini skirts, skinny jeans, flowy tops that she usually belts to accent her small waist and wedge heels.

Personality: Thought of as snobby by many of her classmates, Daphne has a slightly cold personality. She is a very smart, academic girl but has very few friends, and even fewer girl friends. She is well-meaning but can be brutally honest at times. She has been known to use her beauty to get her way. Daphne is very squeamish is frightened easily. She can be a very sweet girl, but her social awkwardness/aloofness sometimes hinders that.

Personal History: Born out of wedlock to a Japanese mother and a wealthy American, white industrialist, Daphne has had everything she could ever want in life...except a whole family. Her father chose not to be in her life personally but instead just support her and her mother financially, allowing them to live in a beautiful home complete with staff to cater to their every whim. However, Daphne's mother struggles with debilitating depression and does not spend much time or attention on her daughter either. This has lead to Daphne being somewhat cold and distant with others. Daphne excels acadmeically but not so much socially. Her best friend is a boy named Eiji Ikeda, the son of one of her maids. She has many boys who like her, but she rejects all of their advances, however she does not disregard them, as she could use her charms and feminine wiles against them later.

Other: Daphne always has perfectly maincured nails. She has a perfect complexion. She usually emits a high pitched yelp whenever she is startled or frightened.

Personal items: She always keeps a purse that is equipped with nail polish, a maincure set (files, clippers, etc.), a compact mirror and makeup, her cell-phone, a wallet in which she keeps her IDs, about $100 cash and an unlimited spending charge card, a change of clothes (a flowy, short dress), feminine items, and designer sunglasses.

Daphne sat on the bus, quiet admist the rowdiness around her. Her legs crossed out into the aisle, she kept her gaze forward but could feel him looking at her. She turned abruptly towards him.
"Can I help you?"
"Uhh...no...sorry..." the boy said and turned around.

Daphne looked down at her delicate, perfectly manicured hands, Apologize, go ahead...say it! Say sorry! She thought to herself.
But she just couldn't bring herself to say it.
I am so awkward.
"Hey, just relax, huh?" Eiji said to her. His white, but slightly crooked smile thawed her.
Daphne scoffed, "Easy for you to say Mr. No Worries." But she smiled back to her best friend.
"You should have no worries! You're rich, smart, beautiful..." He trailed off and blushed, turning in his seat. "Just...relax" he said, softly this time.
Daphne looked down again. Say something!! Say what you've wanted to say!
Daphne took a deep breath and turned towards Eiji, but at that moment, she felt very weak and hazy. She could hear a few cries and moans from her classmates around her, but she couldn't discern who was saying what.
What she did hear was Eiji. "Daphne..." he slurred.
Then everything went black.
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