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Daisuke Mizushima
Topic Started: Feb 22 2010, 06:02 PM (310 Views)

Name: Mizushima, Daisuke
Age: 16
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black, Emoish Hair covering his eyes (I really don’t know the name…)
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160
Physical Description: Daisuke never shows emotion, staring coldly at the world. Pale skin covers his sprinter’s frame of a body. His face is almost always covered in five o'clock shadow, small strains of hair covering the many small scars across his face. Many people would consider Daisuke good looking if he smiled for once and stopped looking like a serial killer all the time. Is always seen wearing a suit or vest with a red tie outside of school.

Personality: Daisuke is a loner, no friends once so ever and he likes it that way. It is rare for Daisuke to talk at all, never saying anything more then five words to anyone. Personally hates eye contact and being touched outside of sports. People always get the idea that Daisuke is angry all the time, but in truth Daisuke is just extremely shy. Absolutely no one knows a thing about Daisuke and what he does outside of school, often causing strange rumors about him being a criminal of some type. No one has ever seen Daisuke smile, laugh, or even cry. Daisuke is secretly very artistic, always carrying a pocket note book and pen case, drawing small pieces of artwork as he walks around town.

Personal History: Daisuke was never normal, always thinking outside the box and separating himself from society. It’s not that people never tried to be his friend; it’s just that he always rejected people being too afraid to let anyone close. His father was an abusive drunk and his mother a housewife. He quickly learned the trick behind avoiding his locked door getting kicked down and the violent blows of his Father’s fist is maintaining his B+ average in school. Most days of his life are spent roaming around town or locked in his room reading his endless pile of books from the library. These small trips slowly turned from one evening to being gone for weeks from both school and home. This eventually forced the school to hold him back a year, followed by the beating of his life after the police drove him home.

Once every so often, Daisuke is asked about his facial scars. If he even bothers to reply, he always says, “Bike accident…” In truth, Daisuke never owned a bicycle. He really got those scars three years ago, on the day of his Mother’s death. His mother was injured in a drunk driving incident. Daisuke held her hand at the hospital until she finally pasted away. That was the only time Daisuke ever cried in public. When he returned home at four in the morning, he found his father sitting in his chair in the living room, bottles of alcohol surrounding him. His old man starting screaming at him, saying something about Daisuke saying that it was his fault. His father finally snapped, breaking a bottle of alcohol across his face and punching Daisuke, throwing him into the wall, breaking household objects against him. Daisuke never fought back or anything, he simple stayed quiet the whole time. His Father eventually stopped, leaning on the wall crying. Daisuke's face was bleeding heavily but he got himself up off the ground and walked over to his crying father, hugging him. Him and his father were a little closer after that, he gave up drinking and straightened himself out.

Other: EXTREMELY nervous around women. Is a hopeless romantic, secretly having portraits of every girl's face within his notebook.

Personal items: Pocket notebook, pen case, expensive watch, wallet, and a small bundle of books.
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Sorry about that...
I just threw in expensive in front of watch for the hell of it, his family isn't rich or anything. Their like Lower-middle class.

As for the grammar and spelling, I'm sorry but I can't really do anything there. My friends always yell at me for it but there's nothing I can do... I apologize for the Cereal killer thing... that was pretty bad...
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