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Official Round 3 Map; This is what sets us apart from other RPGs. =)
Topic Started: Feb 16 2010, 03:10 PM (175 Views)

The following is your official map for the new round of BRR! Please read this post in its entirety, as it contains all the necessary information on how to use this map.

Welcome to Ankoku Island. Ankoku is a small isle off the coast of Japan that only contains one building: The Ankoku Island Establishment for the Insane. Up until the early 1940's, the building was used as a facility to house, educate, and cure any individual deemed to be "insane." After several mysterious deaths were reported as a result of the establishment's "caretaking," it was forced to close down and was immediately bought by the BRAC (BR Act Committee) as a place to hold rounds of the game. Inside you will not only find an entire enclosed community, but also a few old torture devices and some hidden passageways.

The establishment is seperated into several distinct sectors:

These are the two basic residential areas of the establishment. Each of these wings contains 6 bedrooms which individually contain 2 beds per room, a sink, and a toilet. The plumbing is still in tact, so feel free to use these hygienic devices to your advantage. There is also one steel-enforced window which provides a beautiful view to the island's beach. These bedrooms CANNOT be locked from the inside, but CAN be locked from the outside, but ONLY if you have the corresponding Northwest or Northeast key.

Useful items: bed sheets, fresh water, curtains

This wing was used for the most insane patients. This wing contains 6 rooms used for solitary confinement. Similar looking to a jail cell, each room has one small cot (with no blankets), a sink, and a toilet. Please be aware that the plumbing DOES work in the North Wing, but unlike the Northwest and Northeast wings, the North wing's plumbing is below par. Turning on the sink will yield dirty water, unhealthy for personal use. There are no windows in the North cells. These rooms can only be locked from the OUTSIDE with the North key.

Useful items: N/A

This wing contains "operation" (torture) devices. K-16 contains an electric chair. K-18 contains a "sonic boom" machine which raises magnetic frequencies to unnatural levels in the room- eventually leading to the victim's death. K-20 contains a standard operating table with an IV machine and several syringes. N-20 contains a guillotine. N-18 is a gas chamber which will release deadly gas when activated, killing any victims inside. Lastly, N-16 contains an X-ray machine. Without the proper safety equipment (the lead apron), this machine will expose victims to extreme radioactivity, making them extremely sick. All of these rooms can be locked from the outside by ANYONE. Make sure you don't get trapped inside one.

Useful items: wheeled supply carts, safety goggles/masks, rubber gloves, scrubs

This room is a large dining area filled with plastic chairs and tables. There are also cafeteria-style counters, but do not be fooled- nothing has been served here for decades. The mess hall is completely open and cannot be locked.

Useful items: cups/bowls, plates, trays, napkins, plastic silverware (including plastic knives)

The lobby is a large, wide open space with wooden floors and beautiful portraits covering the walls. Styled after a medieval ballroom, large columns appear every 20 feet or so. Even though these columns may seem perfect for hiding, the grand lobby is the most open area in the entire establishment, making it very easy to be seen. Passing through this lobby is essential to getting to any other part of the building.

Useful items: tall candle sticks/chandeliers

[to be continued- check out the map for now]

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