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Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 07:09 PM (225 Views)

Name: Ngata
Age: 15
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Physical Description:

Ngata is African, and has skin that is a deep hue of brown. Upon his body and face, he wears white and black tribal paintings that denote his heritage and the pride of his tribe. He has a slender build, lean and toned from years of near malnutrition combined with hard physical labor that has hardened him into an efficient hybrid of both a laborer and a modest human being.

Posted Image
(Ngata's face)

Despite the eccentric reputation he has gained at school, Ngata continues to wear a leopard skin sash around his upper body, as well as several handmade necklaces. Around his lower-body, he wears a tribal warrior's skirt.

Posted Image
(Ngata's clothing)

Personality: Ngata finds the culture around him to be alien, and responds to it with distrust and harsh scrutiny. Contrary to the simple nature of his tribe, the school he has been placed in is elaborate, technology driven, and socially open. Ngata is a closed book who not only can barely speak any English, but hates to talk about personal feelings. Above all else he treasures his spirituality, finding comfort in nature when all else fails him.

Ngata is quick to dislike people and reacts almost angrily to things that confuse him, which includes most technology and almost all social gestures like handshakes, waves, and so on.

Civilization as it is in Japan angers Ngata. His views on government are primitive - he believes that all people should live nomadically and with nature as his tribe does.

Personal History: Ngata was raised by the Shona people of Great Zimbabwe. He was born to the tribe, who stick to their roots and find technology as an abomination. Ngata was raised hunting his own prey and being schooled by the tribe's elders, until an exchange agreement between his tribe and a Japanese school sent Ngata overseas to Japan. The culture was foreign and scary to him, and Ngata took little comfort in the knowledge that he was sheltered with a host family. Most of his time in Japan has been spent holed up in his room, wishing he was back home on the rolling plains that contained the animals he voraciously hunted.

Other: Ngata cannot speak any language that another player can speak fluently, but can speak incredibly broken English.

Personal items: Ngata travels lightly. Very lightly, considering he does not like to keep personal possessions unless they have a sentimental or practical value.
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Yeah, I looked at it after I made the character. xD I'll get on that pretty soon.
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