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Kitano Nakomura
Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 06:00 PM (252 Views)

Name: Nakomura, Kitano
Age: 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 200 lbs
Physical Description: is fit, tan, some acne, wide nose, glasses, walks with a cane and a limp
Personality: He is quiet and talks to a few kids, but like his teachers more because they are more mature, being that they are adults. He is very friendly once you get to know him though.
Personal History: He has lived in the same town for all his life and has had mostly the same friends. When he was 9, he was hit by a car and suffered a broken hip and some muscle damage. Today, he still walks with a limp but he has a cane with him. His family is rich so his family can buy many canes made of metal. He has a crush on a girl but she doesnt realy notice him. recently he has taken up cooking as a hobby, the families personal cook teaches him how to make things for himself. He takes medication to help him stay awake during class, especially during the winter. he doesn't need them but they help him stay awake. He also has a interest in the new italian kid.
Personal items: 3 canes that he uses for walking, two of them are collapsible and has hidden some drugs in one of them, about 3 weeks worth of medication.
Other: He has a habit of twirling his cane with his fingers and likes to pick different styles of canes that match his clothing. He prefers the gun-grip style cane.
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What Ricni will probably end up doing is using this character instead of Alex, so if you could offer your thoughts on how to flesh out this character that would be great. Thanks Tara. - Junta
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