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Tony greeves
Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 05:11 PM (268 Views)
Tony, Tony, Tony. Where do I begin?

Sooo, he's a tall kid with a 50's haircut and facial hair? Right now I'm picturing Kevin Jonas, which I'm SURE you're not thinking of. Put in some more detail and fix this please.

He's a "too-cool-for-you" gang kid who brings a knife to school? Could be interesting, but I'd like to know more. Did something happen to him to make him this way? Is he ever not so tough? Elaboration, please.

Personal history needs to be totally reworked. We're in Japan, not the US. Therefore, Colorado doesn't exist in this universe. PLEASE read background info posts.

Your personal items are fine, just work on what I mentioned.

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