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Tony greeves
Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 05:11 PM (269 Views)

Name: Tony Greeves
Age: 16
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Height: 5'1
Weight: 11 stone
Physical Description: Greesed hair made up into a 50s style quiff with spotty pubesent skin and stringy prepubesent facial hair on his chin. Wears scruffy white siirts under old biker leathers that are too big for him.
Personality: Self assured gang member that would mock and tease over the shoulder of stronger people. He loves trying to prove how tough he is by bieng around other gang members and carrying a flick knife to school. in actuality hes just a dim witted loser with no direction desperately looking for a place to fit in no matter what he has to do. He was brought up in a small town at first but after his mother and father split he was constantly moving with his mother never settling in any one place. this made it harder for him to fit in on his own merits so he adopted the style and attitude of an americano punk and sought out any gang to antagonise with and ultimately be a part of. This often lead him bieng the desperate loser of the gang always boot licking the tougher members.
Personal History:His mother is a divorced artist renown for her molly codderling and fits of anger. His father was a profssor of geology at alocal university until his fits of anger and love for the bottle drove him from his family he now works as a caretaker in colorado hotel and hasnt seen the family in 6 years.
Other: Despite what he has boasted he is a virgin.

Personal items: Comb, gel and a copy of asian fanny fun magazine.

Y'all seen my writing before. :)

Edited by Tony, Feb 15 2010, 08:35 PM.
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