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Alexander Largo
Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 03:23 PM (336 Views)

Name: Alexander Largo

Age: 16

Eyes: one large, round, brown eye and he carries a monocle for reading

Hair: black and slicked back

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 190 lbs

Physical Description: He is caucasian and for his age he is fit, muscular, slightly pale, and handsome even with a scar across his face, the scar goes down one side of his face and over his eye socket. He has semi thick eye brows and is clean shaven. small mouth and he usually has it closed so nobody ever gets a good look at his teeth that he take meticulous care of. Usually wears blue jeans and t-shirts, His nose is straight.

Hobbies: Cooking, jogging, working out, paintball, playing some video games, movies, and the occasional book.

Personal History: He has lived in Greater East Asia for most of his life. His parents immigrated here from Italy. When Alex was a young boy he was attacked by a dog and lost his eye. He uses some make-up to cover up the scars. He wears an eyepatch and usually carries a monocle for reading. He isn't what you would call rich but his family does have some money. He works out and jogs often but he also enjoys a good movie every now and then. When he goes on his jogs, he takes along his dog, Spaz. Its a short little pug. He is very friendly and tries to hit on girls allot. He fancies himself as a ladies man but isn't always lucky and sometimes over confident. He is fairly new to the school and hasn't made any friends yet but has already started hitting on some of his female teachers. He has some trouble every now and then with things because of his impaired vision. He used to hang out gamers and hackers at his old school but hasn't met any kids like that in this new school yet. The reason he had to move in the first place is because of rumors of an affair between him and his mother. He is a momma's boy, yes, but some kids at school took his affection towards her as something perverted and soon she was being spat at in the store and at work. She decided not to drop him off on his first day because they feared the same result. He hopes this school will be a fresh start for him.

Others: He has brought some cans of ravioli and small plastic containers of pre-maid pasta noodles and a manual can-opener for so he can cook his own food instead of eating hotel food. he heard from someone that there is going to be paintball so he also brought some camouflage clothes.
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yeah, i was just seeing if it was possible to have this kind of character, im gonna make more because i know he probobly is too creepy, not entirely unrealistic though in my oppinion.
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flatrate and im gonna edit him abit, but i added the video game part because i dont realy know anyone who doesnt play video games at least once in a while, video games are mainstream i think. anyways that will probably go out of the hobbies
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