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The HP System; Please read.
Topic Started: Feb 15 2010, 12:24 AM (193 Views)

BRR runs on a HP (hit point) system which uses a combination of luck and hard work. A player's HP determines which player will survive and confrontation and also, which one will die.

In order to accommodate to some user requests from last round, this round will allow 2 ways of gaining HP, but it is up to the individual player to choose which HP option they would like. This CANNOT be changed once the player has been approved and added to the roster. Choose wisely.

If this option is chosen, each one of a player's posts will be put through a standard word counter. 1 word = 1 HP. Granted that a player writes about two 300 word posts per day, a player could potentially gain about 600HP per day*.

*{Note: Due to thousands of words of useless, non-story content posted by powerplaying students last round, players who choose the word count option will be limited to a daily cap of 1000HP per day. If a user writes more than 1000 words in a 24 hour period, any leftover words will not be added for extra HP.}

This option is new, and it is for users that value quality over quantity. This option is ideal for users who make 200 word (or less) posts. Flat rate posts are NOT put through a word counter, and the rates are as follows:

  • 2 daily posts = 250HP
  • 3 daily posts = 500HP
  • 4 daily posts = 700HP

    -Flat rate users have a daily cap of 700HP
    -Repeat: Flat rate posts ARE NOT put through word counters. If a flat rate user posts two long daily posts, they will STILL recieve only 250HP.
    -The flat rate plan is NOT recommended for advanced roleplayers. Designed for beginners only.

    The main point of HP is to determine who wins a confrontation battle. When two players move into the same map square, Tara will post up a "CONFRONTATION" notice (and send PMs to both confrontees). The confrontee with the greater amount of HP at that time will be the winner of the battle. Regardless of who wins, both confrontees MUST write up a battle/death post. This post will NOT count towards either player's HP, but is essential for the plotline.

    After the battle is complete, the winner (who, might I remind you, is PREDECIDED. No "sparring" here) must subtract the loser's HP from their own in order to simulate damage. For example:

    PLAYER 1: 500HP
    PLAYER 2: 250HP
    PLAYER 1 wins, PLAYER 2 dies.

    PLAYER 1: 500HP - 250HP
    PLAYER 1 now has 250HP left.

    Any questions? Contact Tara.
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